Actifi II Figure 8 Ankle Support – Lace Up Brace Wrap with Straps


  • FIGURE 8: Actifi’s Figure 8 Ankle Support with Straps provides the benefits of taping while having the features of durable-nylon and figure-8 straps for the brace to help with injuries in men and women.
  • STRAP & LACE SUPPORT: The lacing provides an adjustable fit and ability to pin-point anterior compression with the straps adding more support and stability to the foot from the brace for inversion and eversion control.
  • COMFORTABLE: This Figure 8 Ankle Support fits easily into most athletic and casual shoes to stay comfortable while staying active or relaxing. The stockinette tongue and elastic posterior panel adds to the comfortable fit from this brace.
  • COMPRESSION: The design of the support provides stability and compression in the foot. It is meant to be adjustable in order to fit adult ankles. For an accurate fit, measure the circumference from the top of the ankle to the back of the heel.
  • RELIEF: This product is breathable to relieve pain and symptoms while going about your day. It promotes healing of the ankle during recovery for the right or left foot. It is a bandage treatment for extra aid protection.



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Actifi’s Lace Up Figure 8 Ankle Support with Straps provides a controlled support for the ankle that needs some extra care. It is a comfortable compression wrap accessory option to relieve stress for any injury or symptom that may need the help.  

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