Ace Select 3 Pieces Adjustable Leg Correction Band for O Type Leg and X Type Leg - Black - X-Large


  • Thigh supports are designed for correcting O-type legs and X-type legs; Leg correction tape will turn the legs into a straight line; This leg corrector is made of neoprene
  • Size M for children (cm): Calf: 33-38; Mid Thigh: 35-40; Thigh: 40-47; Recommended Weight (kg): 12-25 (26.5lb-55lb)
  • Size L for teens (cm): Calf: 35-40; Mid Thigh: 40-47; Thigh: 47-56; Recommended Weight (kg): 25-40 (55lb-88lb)
  • Size XL for adult (cm): Calf: 40-47; Mid Thigh: 47-56; Thigh: 56-65; Recommended Weight (kg): 40-60 (88lb-132lb)
  • Package includes: Leg Band x 3


Ace Select

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These 3 Pieces Adjustable Leg Correction Band for O Type Leg and X Type Leg are made of neoprene. Adjustable belts play a good protective effect for correcting O-type legs and X-type legs. This leg correction belt will make your legs straight and look more beautiful.

Product details Size: X-Large
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I wanted to use any of these straps to keep my legs together for when I ride in my off road wheelchair, to keep my legs from flopping all over the place. The "largest" strap was way too small and couldn't even fit around both legs. My wheelchair width is 16". Disappointed that I can't use these straps like I wanted to. It would have been nice if they made the velcro strips longer so that a person could hook two straps together or something.


Bought this to correct my kid bow leg problem.
The length of the size "L" does not work with ease.
The design can be change/improve to a one size fit all easily.
Recommendation: Don't buy

The bands are comfortable on your legs. They do run small so make sure you order up a size!