Jomi Compression, Unisex, Thigh High Stockings Collection, 30-40mmHg Surgical Weight Closed Toe 340 (Large, Black)


  • Firm Support, Unisex Surgical Weight Thigh Highs, Standard Length, Silicone dot top band, Reinforced Heel and Toe, Closed Toe, 1 Pair.
  • Made in USA. Certified medical grade compression garment. Approved for Class III Gradient Compression Therapy.
  • Medical weight is often recommended for patients in need of durable gradient compression garments. These unisex thigh highs, crafted of a durable fabric made up of Nylon and Spandex are knitted so that they stretch sufficiently to be easy to don and remove and wear comfortably.
  • 30-40 mmHg Compression is typically reserved for advanced conditions and should be chosen upon physician recommendation.
  • PERFECT FIT: JOMI is a Medical Quality Brand, commonly purchased in surgical supply stores where they are professionally fitted. To fit them yourself we have provided detailed instructions. Please see sizing instructions in the Images section.



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jomi thigh high compression stockings 20-30 10-15 30-40 8-10 mmhg women socks hose  tights toe less

JOMI Thigh High Collection

Jomi Compression Thigh Highs are unisex, they can be used by men and women. Jomi Thigh Highs are made of a strong Nylon and Spandex material. Our products are divided by two factors; Style and compression levels. Our different styles contain varying levels of thickness. Sheer will be the thinnest but with no compromise on compression strength. Then opaque is the next level of thickness. And last is our surgical/medical level of thickness. We offer compression levels 8-15mmHg, 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg, and 30-40mmHg. MmHg stands for millimeter of mercury, which is a unit of pressure. The higher the number, the greater the compression level is.

Other JOMI Collections

Jomi offers a variety of styles to fit your preferences and needs. Our Knee-High Collection contains unisex style knee high compression stockings. Our Pantyhose’s are made of a strong Nylon and Spandex material. Our Maternity Collection includes specialty pantyhose’s which are meant to help control the baby bump. Also, many of our other products that are not pantyhose or exclusively men’s can be included for maternity purposes. Our Sock Collection includes Cotton, CoolMax and Microfiber socks. Cotton is the thickest and desired for its warmth and softness, CoolMax is desired for its moisture wicking capability and Microfiber is the lightest and most dressy. Our Men’s Collection of Socks and Leotards, are made of a comfortable dress sock material and are designed specifically for men.

About the JOMI Brand

Our compression garments are all made with high quality material here in the USA. These medical quality garments have been sold in select Surgical Supply stores on the East Coast since 2011. They are in demand because they are made to the highest quality standards.

jomi thigh high compression stockings 20-30 10-15 30-40 8-10 mmhg women socks hose  tights toe less jomi thigh high compression stockings 20-30 10-15 30-40 8-10 mmhg women socks hose  tights toe less
Product details Size: Large | Color: Black
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I am 5'2" & wear size 7.5 shoe. I went by the measuring chart and ordered up to a L since I was so close to the M and L sizes. Most of my height is in my legs. I'm pregnant and needed these to help with varicose veins and swelling. I am happy with the purchase. I wore them yesterday after a long day of standing/occassionally sitting. I was worried they were too tight & the crease behind the knee, that I would fix after sitting, would cause issues. After taking off, my veins were not bulging and the swelling was very minimal, I could actually see the tendons in my feet again. Because I ordered a L, I feel the foot part is almost too big. There was extra material at my toes and if I had stretched it, the heel would have been on my leg. The thigh part had nice grippy dots to keep from sliding. They were so long, they came up to my groin. Your legs will have imprints of the grippy dots and texture from the material but they work and were not uncomfortable.

I am 6’6” and have had problems with other brands not being long enough. This brand was about 2-3 inches longer than the other brands.

Follow Up. All elasticity is gone in six months. They were way too tight, to begin with. which I stated in the first review, now even after always washing in cold water and letting them dry on a hanger, there is no compression at all. I still am wearing Jobst socks that are three years old. I will now go back to them, even with the higher price.

What is it about support stocking sizes? I'm a pretty tall person, and knee-highs don't quiiiiiite come high enough to go (and more importantly, stay) over the knee, so I tried some thigh-highs, but they're WAY too long. Like, if my legs went high enough, these things would be up to my mid-section. It seems like there could very much be a happy medium. But as far as I can tell, there ISN'T! The compression seems to be firm, at least, but I can't see these getting much use just because they're WAY TOO LONG.

This was my attempt to switch from TruForm (for no reason, just wanted to try something new), so I tried Jomi Compression for the first time. One of the compression stockings that I received was damaged: I found at least two holes which I'm sure will develop into bigger holes over short period of time. This is frustrating and I could've returned it, but I didn't bother just because of one stocking (and I was too busy at the time). This kicked off one star. Another star off is for overall quality. I got a (apparently subjective) feeling that analogous stockings from TruForm are more solid, durable and provide more compression. Again, this is likely subjective but at least honest opinion of someone who've been using compression stockings for many years! So I'm sticking to TruForm for now.

Compression stockings are not my favorite thing to wear, especially in the hot summer. However, they’re necessary following the leg vein treatment I recently had. The Jomi thigh-highs, though fairly difficult to put on, due to their high compression, are really quite comfortable, and they stay in place, up high on the thigh, very well. There is also a very roomy toe area. I found these to be much better than some other brands I tried.

I loved everything about these stocking. I have had to wear compression stockings for over four years and these are the first stocking that made my legs feel great and with the new toe design it gave my wide, size ten feet, room to move. my toes have not once been painful or cramped. With the stockings i used to wear, the toe-less version, it always moved up my foot where it became uncomfortable and then painful. These new stockings design and comfort makes my feet and legs sing praise to Jomi. I love them and will buy two more just to have extras.All I can say is WOW, I don't even feel like I'm wearing stockings and that alone is miraculous.

I was told that I should purchase a size small hose., so I purchased this first. They fit me well in the ankle area and behind my knees. The top were too tight and a bit short but I got used to this. For my second pair purchased the medium size. They are longer in the foot area and I have to fold the end underneath my toes. I like the way they fit in the thigh area. I feel like I’m a small from my toes to my knees and a medium from my knees to my upper thighs. Regardless I like the support these hose give me.