Thermoskin Night Time Relief for Plantar Fasciitis Plantar FXT, Medium


  • Ideal alternative to cumbersome night splints
  • Pulls the toes back slightly and comfortably Stretches the plantar fascia so it may heal
  • May also be worn during the day (while seated) to provide longer per day treatment times, to help speed up the healing process
  • Added benefit of Thermoskin's clinically proven heat therapy.



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Don't lose sleep over heel pain and plantar fasciitis! Thermoskin keeps skin warm, helping to stretch out the plantar fascia so it may heal. Speed up the healing process of plantar fasciitis with this soft, low-profile, slim fitting bootie. Thermoskin Plantar FXT has a semi-rigid strap that pulls the toes upward and puts the foot into a slight dorsiflexion position. This gently stretches the plantar fascia so it may heal. The combination of Thermoskin's heat therapy that help reduce inflammation and the stretching of the plantar fascia help in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis. Sizing Guide by U. S. Shoe Size: XS for Men's 3-5, Women's 4-6; Small for Men's 5 1/2-7, Women's 6 1/2-9; Medium for Men's 7 1/2-10, Women's 9 1/2-11; Large for Men's 10 1/2-12, Women's 11 1/2-13; XL for Men's 12 1/2-14, Women's 13 1/2-15

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My opinion is complicated.

The pros:

1. The construction is solid. Very solid. The stitching is made to last and the materials themselves are clearly durable.
2. The sole is non-slip and walkable.
3. It's easy to put on if your hands are like mine and you have trouble with tight, knee-high socks.
4. It's the lowest profile of all the designs, from hard splints/night boots to knee socks to this. If you share a bed with another person, this thing is a godsend.
5. If you have circulation problems and edema in your calves (like I do), it doesn't trap blood or lymph as you sleep, which is again in contrast to the knee socks.
6. Because of the velcro around the ankle, any stretching of the material over time doesn't look like it would be a problem.
7. It leaves the heel free.
8. It's not a stupid boot. (All of the boots are stupid.)

The cons:

1. Unfortunately, it has the same problem every soft splint does: it pulls on the toes, rather than stretching the plantar surface of the foot. Because the base is a thicker, stiffer material than the sock-like ones (i.e., the Strassburg sock), I had higher hopes this time around, but it ended up being the same as the others.
2. In addition to that, the splint tapers from the heel to the toe (see photos). Given that the ball is the widest part of the foot, not only were my toes being hyperextended (because of the above), they were also crushed from the sides. I'd wake up in the middle of the night ripping the thing off because of it.

That said, this is still the best of the soft splints that I've tried thus far. (Damning with faint praise, I know.)

Here's what I would like to see:

1. Instead of the tension being applied at the toes, have a horizontal strap wrapping under the ball of the foot that then connects to the ankle. Since not everyone's foot proportions are the same, this could be done with velcro so users can adjust where exactly they want the pressure applied.
2. A wider toe box. I've included a picture of my foot: the ball and toes are the widest part. My feet are not unique; there are plenty of people with feet shaped like mine. The taper even without pulling on the toes is bad enough, but with it? Definitely not working for me.

Like I said, the construction itself is fantastic. This thing has the potential to last for years. It's the design that I have problems with. Make the changes - or offer a second product that incorporates them - and not only will I buy one for each foot, I'll sell them to all my nurses, doctors, and friends with foot problems.

This didn't work for my particular foot. I have a high arch, which may be why the configuration of this sock just folds my foot like an accordian without stretching anything. I don't see any reviews mentioning this phenomenon, so I came here to pipe up. I got rid of this thing immediately and did not follow up with a strassburg sock or anything else. I do not have crippling plantar fascitis; when it pops up I switch up shoes, mess with inserts, stretch and aggressively massage my feet etc. For those who get something out of this kind of contraption, I am happy for you. Myself, I belong to the camp who can instantly identify how the design fails for them.

Here's something to try. Have a seat and cross your legs so that one foot is on the floor and your calf is on your thigh or just behind the knee. Your foot is free and your ankle is in front of you. Now push your toes up with your hand. Use the palm of your hand on the ball of your foot and push your toes away (toward the shin) with your fingers. Doing this will give you a better effect than this sock will, but will give you a quick assessment of whether you are chasing the wrong rainbow. In my case, when I do this my foot folds up like the letter w and I get nothing out of it. If you feel some stretching happening, then maybe this is something to pursue.
Study the product photo-- you can see how the strap goes and it is only connected to a foam bootie. Reproduce how you think this will work. Look at the model there. You can see that this is a foot flexed in an upright position. This demonstrates how it fits but not how you will be using this. Pull on your toes for real. Become the strap. Put on a regular sock, hold the top around your ankle and yank on the sock toe with your foot fully relaxed. Do you feel a stretch? Will this sock thing work?

There are other design fails with this product. Still, some reviewers report that they get significant relief, and that these give a nice nightly stretch. If you can get a nice overnight stretch with these, I think these will work (There is always the boot to consider if all else fails. Thankfully, I myself have not needed to go this far). I think a lot comes down to your one-of-a-kind feet and your particular foot problem. This device's shortcomings for my feet were so obvious that I just thought to myself that I could make something better on my own. I didn't finish following up, because I discovered that mixing things up with shoes, insoles, and footrubs works to chase away the occasional plantar fascia grumblings. Even experimenting with different kinds of socks and shoe-lacing techniques have effects on how my feet feel. I would have rolled my eyes at this a few years ago, but that's where I'm at.

Whether or not this splint is for you, I encourage you to take a step back and look for the root or your troubles. There's a lot to read and a lot to try and of course plenty of elements to your daily routine to question. You will surely learn something and find something to improve. Have your favorite shoes turned traitor? Running shoes look fine but are in truth worn out? Could you use some arch supports? Are your calves tighter than piano strings? Socks too slippery? Have you tried lock-lacing? There's a lot to experiment with, which is cold comfort when you're suffering but in the end may be ok if you manage to cure yourself with some tinkering. For sure, start rubbing your feet -- it may be all you need!

Good luck out there!

I have been trying to wear a hard shell style night boot/brace for my plantar fasciitis for a while now, but with little success. The hard ones are very uncomfortable and I am unable to sleep well while wearing them. So, when my PT recommended another boot, I was skeptical. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the Thermoskin. Anytime, your foot is forced into a flexed position, it's going to be a little uncomfortable. But after about an hour, I got used to it, and once I fell asleep, I had no trouble sleeping through the night with the Thermoksin. Better yet, after the first few days of wearing, I could tell a difference. That sharp stabbing foot pain in the morning is now just a mild ache. After more than a year of extremely painful plantar fasciitis, I'm excited to finally have found a non-prescription, non-surgical treatment that actually has helped.

Update: After wearing these boots, doing my PT exercises, and wearing orthotics daily I am pleased to say that my plantar fasciitis is finally beginning to improve. Though I don't love wearing these boots, I know they have made a real difference. After a night wearing the Thermoskin boots, I can walk in the morning without that horrible stabbing pain in my arch and heel. I highly recommend.

This a very effective idea for stretching the plantar muscle during the night. You determine how much tension is placed on your foot with the long Velcro strap. Your foot will stay warm but it does help the muscles stay warm while gently stretching. You would use this for a couple of months to have a noticeable effect on the plantar muscle.

I tried the larger full calf rigid supports and just found them too painful and restrictive to sleep in. This one is comfortable and flexible so can move freely in the night without too much discomfort. Has really helped with the pain in the mornings and minimized the calf cramps.

If you are unfortunate to suffer from plantar fasciitis, this product will not help you in any way.
A complete waste of money.
I returned mine for a refund.
Once again a big tick for Amazon's customer service which is why I keep coming back

Arrived very quickly, has helped with my planter fasiitis, along with other treatments I would recommend to try this.

I suffer with Plantar Fascia so brought this to wear at night helped a little bit but still in agony

Probably did what it needed to , but was quite uncomfortable overnight, which was why I purchased it.

Don't waste your money!

This is the best product around for Plantar Fasciitis, I can walk as soon as I get up, durable and washable

if you have drop foot it may work , but not if you have hammer toe or claw foot, fit only for wear indoors.

it is not working as it should; tried many times, but it is very uncomfortable; would not recommend to buy

Impossible to keep on for long

I wore ill fitting old boots to cause this more, and was in so much pain I had to use a cane in the middle of the night to walk to the bathroom. Slowly by time my foot got more normal. During the day I could ONLY wear crocks as the thick rubber provided all the support my foot needed. I tried a few weeks ago to wear regular dress shoes and my foot still hurt, and if I skipped even ONE night it hurt but after the complete 8 weeks I could wear dress shoes, even walk barefoot in house and sleep without the night brace. I am thinking randomly I should wear it maybe 1 or 2 times per week for awhile yet to ensure total healing. Good luck this works.. I used the wood foot roller and prickly ball for the first couple of weeks, it seemed to help but then maybe not and maybe worse; same with small elastic wrap (like wrist wrap bracelet but meant for foot. The socks they say work but I can't wear them as I have also vien problems.SO i swear by this product it IS THE BEST AND WORKS.

This a GREAT item, but having said that, you are NEVER going to get rid of PF without stretching exercises. I orderd one for my Achilles tendonitis, and one for my PF in the other foot. Once all the stretching is done for the day, I wear these to bed at night to keep me from pointing my toes and un-doing all the benefits of the stretches that I did during the day. So to be fair to the buying public, this item is not a cure, but a compliment to whatever exercises you do to help your feet get healthy.

Buen acabado. A mi me está funcionando, como una parte más del tratamiento, que se había atascado. Respecto a las molestias en el dedo y demás que cuentan algunos decir que la tensión aplicada para extender el pie se puede regular y que no es necesario una extensión excesiva,basta con el que el pie no se flexione. No se trata de un estiramiento extremo de la fascina, es más evitar una flexión nocturna de la misma

Compre esta ferula ya que un amigo me la recomendo y al el le habia ido muy bien, yo no la uso ya que a mi me hace mucho daño en el dedo gordo y en mitar de la noche me la tengo que quitar. Yo no la volveria a comprar pero supongo que depende de la fisonomía de cada uno, a mi amigo le fue muy bien está misma.