FUTURO Custom Pressure Knee Strap, One Size


  • Applies firm, consistent pressure on your injured tendon to help relieve symptoms of patella tendonitis
  • Soothing gel pad delivers targeted pressure
  • Zoned pressure can be easily increased or decreased without having to adjust the whole strap
  • Smooth edges feel soft against your skin
  • Dial feature maintains your desired level of pressure until readjusted
  • Intended for injuries like Runner's Knee, Jumper's Knee, patellar tracking and knee tendonitis
  • Supported by our expert panel of engineers and medical professionals



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Tame your tendonitis with the help of the FUTURO Custom Dial Knee Strap. Designed with an innovative dial, this knee strap lets you find your level of relief with a simple turning motion. A gel-cushioned pad applies targeted, pin-point pressure for comfortable compression and the convenient hook-and-loop strap lets you customize your fit. When you're sidelined from an injury, there's nothing you want more than to start feeling like yourself again–so reach for the FUTURO Custom Dial Knee Strap and lace up your running shoes.

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I don't expect a pain free run due to increased arthritis in my knees, but these bands give stabilizing support enough that I can complete 4-5 miles at a jogging rate. I always wear them over my capris, so I don't have the complaints of raw skin that several people complain of. They also do not slip and slide as others have complained about. Maybe my calves are large enough to keep them from sliding. Without knee surgery, I will not have a pain free lifestyle, but these straps are just enough to ease current runs.

This strap provides me with excellent knee support. You can adjust the dial for the proper fit. Great product!

Works very good actually getting relief and support for my injured knee

I get the idea and the Knob does since it down, but it didn't work as well as I expected. Maybe there's a smaller size I should've used. Knees are so mobile that it's hard to keep it in the right place without feeling too tight or too loose

me quitó el dolo de la tendinitis

Decent product....sometimes I find myself adjusting it too many times throughout the day.

the plastic part snapped

It is not able to secure the patella well and is uncomfortable. Found another more suitable used, if used on the muscle above the patella it works well.

Seems OK to me. Have not used it to its full potential yet, but can defiantly feel the benefits.

Highly recommended for those active Fittness people with knee injuries

I have had a dodge-y knee for years, nothing seems to work right, the pain is always there at a low level. I've tried everything and this little product is the best yet.

It sits just below the knee itself rather than covering it like most straps do, therefore bending and movement of the knee joint isn't at all restricted by the main belt strap itself. The strap is velcro but is very strong and will not come loose while walking.

The positioning of the belt makes it possible to tighten the knee joint without affecting that joint motionwise but what really makes this belt wonderful is the tension dial on the side.

The tension dial mechanism fits onto the curvature of the knee joint itself and whoever is wearing it can control the tension to suit them, obviously the tighter the more restrictive in movement but the great the pain reduction, I tend to have it three quarters way, this stiffens my knee and allows as little movement as possible while in use but does not affect my walking, it keeps my knee joint straighter at all times, thus reducing pain.

It doesn't remove the pain entirely of course but even a lessening of the discomfort makes it a worthwhile purchase.

The one downside is that it will show through tighter fitting clothing but if it eases pain who cares?

A great medicinal product then and one which does work exactly as it was designed to, I wouldn't recommend using it 100% all the time but on those long walks it's invaluable.

A winner!!!!!

This product is a new kind of knee support that applies pressure on the affected knee tendon without increasing the pressure on the whole leg. This makes it a far more comfortable strap to wear.
I expected the gel pad to be helpful as I am very fussy about anything that touches my skin. .
I have discarded neoprene supports in the past as irritating. This strap is minimal and therefore less to annoy.

I was wearing it hoping it would help with chronic arthritis and also an acute muscle strain.

Does the support help the arthritis issue ? I can only say my leg did feel better but I think perhaps it is less help with arthritis and more help with the muscle strain.
Then I tried it on my other leg where the arthritis is more severe and I felt the support was good.

Unfortunately after an hour the strap began to irritate my skin and then the tissue underneath. I think it gives support but then becomes uncomfortable. At least it did for me.

I think this would be a better product for another person, I just don't think it suits myself. I can't say it is a rubbish product either. I think it is well made and probably one of those items that everyone needs to try for themselves.

I have arthritis in one knee and tried this product to see if it would help me when it hurts. Somewhat surprisingly perhaps, it does seem to help a little bit. I normally put on a neoprene knee support but this is less hot to wear and does seem to offer some relief for my particular problem. My son has tendonitis in his knee and he says it is quite helpful for him. He needs a smaller size though as he can't adjust it since it just fits him on the tightest setting. Our mistake though as the size it suits is clearly stated in the description. Just make sure you order the correct size for your knee. I've taken two stars off because it really isn't very comfortable after a while wearing it, half an hour is enough for me at a time. I wouldn't recommend this.

Updated May 2017 - exercise (min 3 miles a day) has helped me enormously, and five stone weight loss! I don't need these sort of supports any more.

A small and marginally effective knee strap.

The velcro securing tap is small and can easily come loose.

The dial is probably more of a gimmick - you can easily adjust the tightness of the strap on most knee spports just as well.

Instructions are very poor - not at all clear.

Not a knee support I would recommend.

This is a high quality knee strap designed to ease knee tendon pain.Once the strap is applied adjustment can be made to the gel pad inside the strap by turning a rotary dial.It is suitable for either knee and the strap can be hand washed when required.

Good active movement - no riding up and down, very good pain suppression. Particularly good for lateral movement. I have a weak knee that occassionally gives out horizontally. This has been very helpful.

Ouch , what form of torture is this device. This thin strap offered no support to my poor arthritic knee in fact it made it hurt so much with pressure of the dial I had tears in my eyes . I hated it.

felt comfortable when on and offered good support.

My wife suffers from a lot of knee pain and has found some relief using this to help manage the pain

Like many people, I have a damaged knee, from a bicycle accident about 20 years ago, and despite 2 operations, I still have problems, which means that I still use patella tape to this day.

Over the last 20 years I have used pretty much every type of knee support and tape, and most have there pros and cons. I have used knee straps many times, but they have simply been straps, nothing more.

This Futuro Adjustable Custom Dial Knee Strap is something new, and I was keen to try it. There is a rigid plastic piece that fits just below the knee joint, and this contains a dial. under this rigid section, there is a small silicon covered pad that applies direct pressure to the tendon, and this can be adjusted by the dial.

I have tried this whilst walking, and also on a fairly vigorous workout on my cross trainer, and found it to be both comfortable and effective, though I would probably not want to wear it all day.

The only con I can think of is that it is quite bulky, and is visible under jeans ... probably would not fit under skinny jeans!

If you have knee pain, this is an option worth considering. I found that having the pad on the minimum setting, and with the strap reasonably tight was the best option for me.

This Futuro Adjustable Knee Strap is a very useful item to have at home, especially if like us you have a house full of children who are well into their sports. We have a son and a foster son who play a lot of rugby and football, another foster son who is into more adventurous sports like canoeing, skateboarding and BMX biking and finally a seventeen year old son who is obsessed with boxing (running, training and boxing every day).

All of our boys strain or injure parts of their body at some time or another and we never have anything remotely useful for when such an incident happens, especially as usually they still wish to continue with their sport while their body heals. And that's where this Futuro Adjustable Custom Dial Knee Brace comes in.

This black knee support is made from breathable material, the brace stretches and adjusts to fit most size knees. The idea behind this brace is that it offers targeted pressures on the knee tendon to help relieve tendonitis pain or chrondromalacia, both of these can be due playing a lot of sport or from a knee injury.

One of our foster sons plays rugby and football twice a week, recently he feel rather badly and injured his knee in some way (doctor said it was a tendon injury and advised rest and warmth on the area). He also finds that by wearing this knee brace when he is walking around the house, he doesn't suffer with quite as much pain in his knee as when he is not wearing it.

This is a very well made knee strap that gives adequate support and relief when needed and I have no problem in recommending it.

I've used a variety of knee and patella supports on and off for the last twenty odd years due to being active in a number of sports that put stress on the knees in my youth, my particular problem knee is the left, which apart from the above competitive sports I also dislocated in my twenties. Every now and again I experience a lot of pain and this type of tendon support (a strap that goes under the knee joint) generally works well and gives some relief, so I was interested when I saw that you could adjust this one after fitting to specifically ramp up the pressure on the tendon. I know the strap works, but because this specifically puts pressure on the tendon, this one does work a whole lot better than just a Velcro strap. This will fit quite a wide range of knee sizes: when you measure yourself for it, or better still get someone else to measure it, measure just below the knee but above the calf. This will alleviate some of the discomfort that comes of having a dodgy knee and is a useful adjunct if, like me, you have a dodgy knee but still push yourself to vigourous exercise or do a lot of walking, due to a prevailing masochistic tendency. After a couple of weeks of use in supporting me in exercising I can thoroughly recommend this, particularly at it's current price as well, I've paid three times as much just for a patella strap.

Knee supports are funny things at the best of times; I’ve had the most benefit immediately following injuries with a thick neoprene & Velcro design that holds and warms the muscle. But I’d not be able to do much in the way of sporting activity with it on and most often the niggling pain I get in the outside of my knee responds well to a bit of pressure such as a foam roller or similar. Hence this little strap provides targeted pressure onto the tendon whilst leaving the rest of the leg muscles and joints to get on with their business. In that sense it is more for pain management and recovery than for full-on support and treatment in my opinion but it does a good job and at the current Amazon UK price is a real bargain if it can offer relief from tendon pain and allow you to continue with the activities you enjoy. It seems well made and the Velcro should last quite well. I’m not sure how often I’d want to put this in washing machine but otherwise it’s a well considered alternative device and time will tell how much it helps but first impressions are very good.

I have suffered from intermittent knee problems over the years, nothing ever diagnosed, but often having issues with soreness around my knee in the ligaments and tendons surrounding it. I have used one of the over knee white cotton braces from time to time which has helped, but this looked like something different so decided to give it a go.

This device is worn just below the knee, and contains an adjustable gel pad which applies pressure to sore tendons. The pressure can be adjusted to the required level, and still allows full movement of the joint.

I have definitely noticed a difference between this and the knee brace that I normally wear, with my knee feeling freer to move wearing it while having the pressure and support on the part of my knee giving me grief. For this price it is definitely worth giving it a go!