Shock Doctor Adult Gel Max Strapped Mouthguard (Blue/Black)


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Shock Doctor

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Gel Max Mouthguard is a Gel-fit liner that custom molds to teeth for a tight, comfortable fit. It has a triple layer design with integrated breathing channel creates maximum protection, fit and comfort. The Exoskeletal shock frame is made from a heavy-duty rubber with integrated jaw pads provides maximum impact protection for the teeth, jaw and brain.

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I bought this for an entirely different reason than most; not for sports but for sleeping. My dentist said I had been grinding my teeth at night judging by the wear on my teeth. They said they could fit me for a night guard for about $80- I asked what if I bought a molded mouth guard and used it, and the dentist said it's basically the same technology. So after looking through some reviews I bought this one.. It works GREAT!! It was easy to mold to my teeth, it didn't mold the bottom surface any only where my teeth are inside. The strap was nice because I was afraid I might swallow it, but this thing doesn't move all night- I don't think I need the strap but it's fun to flap around on my wife's head while I'm lying next to her!

First, it fits well but then it starts to fall apart after 4-5 games...

We're on year two or Shock Doctor Adult Gel Max Strapped Mouthguards (and youth as well), and I can't see ever buying another mouthguard brand again.

After a horrible experience with inexpensive mouthguards sold at supergroceries, I found Shock Doctor at Dick's. The strap version is great for football and lacrosse, because it keeps the guard from being lost in the grass on the field if it's dislodged/spit out, and the gum protector makes it comfortable to wear (or so my boys tell me).

It also seems to do a decent job of protecting their teeth -- or at least from biting their tongues -- as (knock wood) we've had no mouth injuries.

What I hate about these mouthguards is the fitting process. It's so exact I have to break out the timer on my smartphone (90 seconds in water that boiled and was let sit for X minutes, then you have X amount of time to fit it) and especially when fitting on children, it's a frustrating experience, to say the least. We started using these when my younger son was 9, and we blew through one guard before we figured out the process, because you can only try it twice before you've ruined the mouthguard.

Still, it's been the best so far, and the fitting process is worth it for comfort and protection. I definitely recommend replacing them often (at least once a year or one per sports season) to adjust for kid growth, wear, and teeth shifting.

No complaints: this mouthguard covers my son's teeth, it is durable (he has not chewed through it) and holds up to repeated washings (given the evidence that mouthguards get covered in all kinds of nasty bacteria, etc., I would love to be able to change the equipment out every week or so, but that is cost-prohibitive).

I bought this for my friend's son and he used it and he did not complained this item.

easy to set up come with a paper saying how to make it fit to you. feels fine but i would have like a bit more cover on the bottom teeth.. string is a hard but bendable plastic.. have not wore it in a game but im sure if feels good.

He chews on his mounthguard, unfortunately, but this holds up as well, or better than, other brands we have tried. The strap is important. Otherwise, I'm sure I'd be replacing a lost mouthguard every week.

Not the most attractive thing in the mouth, but is that really what a mouthguard is for? NO! Does a nice job of protecting LAX players from jaw damage.

Great Product, my son plays American football and says that it is really comfortable, the clip and strap are great to attach to his helmet.