EVERNEW Water Carry System, 2000ml


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  • Capacity:  2000ml (2000)
  • 1.5 oz (2000).
  • 13" x 8.3" (2000)
  • Country Of Origin : Japan



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Evernew water carry bags.  Built in shock cord to keep the bottle rolled up for storage.  Three-layer system with low order polyethylene.  Gusseted bottom.

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  • Product Dimensions: 14.6 x 4.2 x 1.3 inches
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  • ASIN: B000AQYY5Q
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The Evernew soft bottle has an edge over the Platypus soft bottles in that the cap stays attached to the bottle when you drink out of it, or fill it. I own most every type and size of the Platypus soft sided bottles - from the 16 oz to the 2 Liter versions, including the Plus bottles! I also own both the Push / Pull and Closure caps on the Platypus - and the issue with both is that it is possible to lose them - especially the closure cap, as when you take it off to fill or drink, it can get misplaced. The push / pull cap at least stays on when you drink,but it has to be removed to fill it.

That is where these Evernew bottles shine - the cap stays attached, and it is virtually impossible to lose it! But there are other nice features to the Evernew bottles that make them shine over the Platy bottles IMHO. For instance, the shock cord that is attached to the bottle - this allows you to roll up the bottle and secure it for portable storage. With the Platypus bottle, you need a rubber band, or a separate cord, or you have to supply your own shock cord (if you have it). The shock cord coming attached to the Evernew is a nice touch.

Another bonus - the Evernew bottle threads directly on to the Sawyer Mini Filter, or the Sawyer Squeeze Filter! This means that when the crummy Sawyer bottles break (and they will), you can employ these as either your dirty reservoir, or clean reservoir. These bottles come in sizes up to 2 Liters, so if you need a bigger container, you can get one!

In addition - I like the feel / durability of the Evernew bottle more than the Platypus. They stand up on their own better with liquid in them, have a stiffer feel, and for some reason they seem to dry faster than the Platypus when empty.

And finally, and most importantly - these are priced well for the different sizes if you shop around. Considering I got this size for $8, and the 2 Liter size for $10, it would be tough to beat those prices for the quality you get.

I would recommend these bottles to anyone looking for something compatible with Sawyer filters, or for just a standalone soft drinking bottle.

Thanks for reading!

Lightweight, durable, and most importantly, a 28mm standard screw top to fit on my sawyer mini. Sadly I had to cut a hole in the bottom to put in water when I used it for a gravity filter with the sawyer. At least it was cheap. It need a bottom like the Cnoc Outdoors Vecto 2L Water Container that I'm upgrading to. The Evernew does make a good water container. FYI the platypus does not have the standard cap thread and will leak or break when used with most filters.

Update: Just got the Cnoc water container. Most of the 2.6oz of weight is in the slider seal. The Evernew is only 1.5oz. This can be reduced by changing out the heavy duty cap with a regular water bottle cap. I'm using it as the dirty side of a gravity feed system so I cut a tiny bit of weight from the bottom as well. I prefer the Evernew over my Cnoc or my Platypus.

I've used this on a few trips now and feel like I can review it pretty well. I use it with a sawyer squeeze water filter as a dirty water bag. So far it has held up great to all the abuse its seen on the trail. I absolutely love that the cap is attached and that it stands up. This fills up with water much easier than the bags included with the sawyer, it stands up on its own when fiddling around and stays rolled up really well because of the little piece of cord attached to it. I also like the little reminder to hold under the cap while opening so it doesnt tear eventually, I ripped a cheaper bladder that way. If you use a sawyer mini or squeeze you really cant go wrong with this bag. Just dont pay too much for it, the price fluctuates like crazy on here, try to get it around 10 bucks.

Excellent carrier. I like that it paired perfectly with my Sawyer squeeze and that it could stand on its own. I found the small opening frustrating hard to fill in shallow, small springs and streams. I ended up using my coffee mug to dip water and fill it (which worked out fine because I only used it in the AM for coffee and washed it out at night). It seemed very durable and would use it again.

In added a string to hang it for a gravity feed system that worked well for me.

I purchased the Evernew Water Carry 2000ml when I purchased my Sawyer Mini water filter because reviews of the Sawyer bags was not so good. Apparently they had a tendency to rip at the seams when squeezes a little too hard. The Evernew had an excellent rating, and I wanted something l could depend on while on the trail for multiple days/nights.
I have used this bag for a total of 6 days on the trail so far, and have to say that it lives up to the ratings. It is a tough bag. The Sawyer Mine requires significant pressure at its input to get the water through, and this bag can handle that pressure. Roll it up as you empty.
I use this as my main bag, using the Sawyer that was supplied with my filter as a back-up.

I use these as reserve water. Lighter than a nalgene bottle, takes up less space, easier to pour.

Got the screw-on cap so it doesn't pop open in my pack. It's the same thread size as a 2-liter soda bottle. This makes it easy to screw on a water filter using a vortex adapter.

I used a normal office hole punch at the bottom (there are marks in the plastic you can follow). I put a carabiner clip in the hole and attach to my backpack when I need to refill my water bladder.

You can fill this halfway and lay it flat in the freezer overnight. Topped it off with water at 5 in the morning. It stayed cold, cooled down my water bladder too. By 2pm, it still had small chips of ice in it.

Rolls up nicely. You can carry an empty as a backup on a long trek, or as a dirty water carrier. Filter it into a clean bottle, and roll up the dirty bottle until needed again. Just make sure to mark it so you don't contaminate your clean water.

Great bottle, a bit heavier than the competition but it is nice to have the cap attached to the bottle so as not to loose it.

Excellent bladder, mates with the Sawyer filters 100% unlike the Platypus which can be a bit dodgy & prone to leaking.

The quality of this water bag is excellent and the design is fit for purpose.



A truly excellent collapsible water container. I now have three sizes and use them with the Sawyer Squeeze filter. The thread size is perfect and the quality is superb.

水筒として秀逸な商品。 この手の物はごく初期から使っているが、使い手を考えたいい作りをしています。中央部分がくびれて持ちやすい。口の径が大き目で、沢水なども汲みやすい。上部に十分なマチがあるので、コッヘルや他のボトルに移す際も楽です。キャップにも脱落防止ストラップ。小さく丸める時のゴムも標準装備。何よりちゃんとした三層構造で、やすりのような花崗岩の上を転げ落ちても水漏れは皆無でした。さすが日本製!!安心です。

I’ve only used this on one hike but it worked great. I was there with a large group so this pack was used a lot. It’s a little loud and rigid but it worked just as I hoped it would for the price. I used it along with a versa hydro flo filter which threaded perfectly as my clean water storage. I would suggest you get a squeeze style sports cap to make transferring water easier. Highly recommend though!

Son muy útiles para campismo ultraligero. Se pueden compactar en una bolsa de la mochila y ocupan poco espacio. La boca es del diámetro estandar de muchos filtros de campismo como el mini Sawyer por lo que la purificación de agua resulta más sencilla. De alta calidad y durable.

I picked this up as a second bag for my Sawyer Mini filter, after researching a few different options. It feels much sturdier than the Sawyer bags, and due to its construction, shouldn't be prone to the same splitting effect that the Sawyer replacement bags encounter (wherein the two sides peel back from each other when squeezing).
Compresses well, and 2L is perfect. I may end up picking up another for the wife.

Awesome Product! Bought it after the many positive reviews I saw online and on youtube. It is now part of my water purification system: Sawyer Squeeze +Empty Smartwater bottle + purification tabs (just in case). The thread on the Evernew bag and the Sawyer filter are a perfect match. I collect water on the Evernew, connect the filter and squeeze into my empty 1LT bottle in no time! It took a few weeks to arrive, but seller was very responsive to my inquiries. I highly recommend this product for any outdoor enthusiast!

These are the best collapsible water bottles I've used, including Platypus, Source, Nalgene. Durable, like that the cap is attached and threads connect with Sawyer filters.


Love the attached cap, and shockcord.
Use it for a camp gravity filter using sawyer mini
Like it better than the similar platypus.

Nothing but not five star like