Futurepace Tech Best Stainless Steel Insulated Sports Water Bottle - Large Silver - 25oz- BPA Free Hydrate with Double Wall! for Office, Gym, Running, Cycling, Hiking


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  • SO EASY TO HYDRATE ON THE GO!! Super durable, high quality, lightweight stainless steel flask. Stands up to frequent use at work, around town on a trail, bike or hike. Ultimate thermos protection. Leave it in a hot car in Summer heat for hours and still have chilled water. You'll be Amazed!
  • EASY CARRY! NO SWEAT! Ergonomic Design, Convenient Size, Loop Lid. Carry in the crook of your finger for ease. Narrow mouth for spill proof drinking. No puddles on desk or wet gym bags. Just the Way you Like it! DON'T WAIT, GET YOURS TODAY!
  • SAFE, HEALTHY, ECO, REUSABLE! BPA and PBA FREE! Ditch the chemical concerns. Odor and stain resistant. Same pure taste as glass but more durable. MEGA SAVINGS for you and the Environment! Click the ADD TO CART Button Now!
  • SO MANY USES! Super easy for hot or cold liquids - Tea/Coffee, Lemon detox, green juice or smoothies for gym or office. Keep wine or vodka super cool for a party. Safely carry milk for toddlers. Increase water intake for medical purposes. Prevent water from freezing in the snow. Refill inside airport security. You'll love it! GET YOURS TODAY!
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Do you want to be able to leave your drink bottle in your hot car all day and come back to cool water to drink?
Do you need to carry water when you are in the outdoors working, walking, running, biking, hunting, fishing or playing your favourite golf, tennis or volleyball?
Do you have a medical condition (diabetes, kidney) and have been told by your doctor to increase your water intake?

É.then this is the most indispensible Water Bottle you'll ever purchase!

Futurepace TechÕs Refillable, Reusable Bottle is a simple, functional Water Bottle that helps everyone keep drinks cold for a very long time in any weather.
Sports people can easily stay hydrated on the go.
Those with medical conditions can safely and dramatically increase their water intake.
Anyone can safely carry hot tea or coffee.
Moms can safely carry milk for toddlers.
Healthy lifestylers can safely carry green juice or smoothies and enjoy a fresh crisp taste with no chemical leaching concerns.
And, we can all reduce plastic on the planet.

Grab yours today and see how many practical uses you can find for this no nonsense, all-purpose bottle!
Get ready for Spring and Summer with one for everyone in the family.
stock up on Ôready to goÕ gifts by taking advantage of our discounts on multiples.


Product details Color: Charcoal | Size: 25oz
  • Product Dimensions: 3.1 x 3.1 x 11.1 inches ; 12.8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
  • ASIN: B015H9AB0W
  • Item model number: COMIN16JU021414

I'm pleased with this water bottle. I bought 2 large Hydroflask stainless steel water bottles last year. I bought them at the same time which was dumb. I never would have bought a second. It seems all stainless bottles have to have a seam and they all seem to have some degree of off-gassing. It took me forever to off-gas my Hydroflasks - leaving them out in the sun and repeatedly filling them with hot water and dumping it out. And they still have a slight odor 9 months later. A Nissan stainless thermos I have is the same way - still an order after a few years of use. This water bottle has off-gassed SOOO much more quickly. It really only took a few washes and is completely odor free after just a few weeks of use, even if I leave the water in there overnight!! The other top-rated stainless water bottle on Amazon had a reviewer complaining of the off-gassing of that bottle so I went with this one and I'm very glad that I did.

I really love this bottle. I did get a hint metallic taste the first time I used it, but it could have been psychosomatic. Anyhow, I filled the bottle up with ice and added water to it, 8 hours later, I went to take a drink, The ice level had not dropped much and I had to shake it to loosen up the ice cubes that formed a frozen ice cube block! Have not tried anything hot as of yet.
I did have one complaint, but it is minor which is why I still gave it 5 stars. I wish that Futurepace Tech would make a cap that flips open to be able to drink. I don't like the "sippy" cap it comes with as I have to draw on it too hard to get liquid out of it, especially when its filled with ice. Also I work in a very dusty environment and I wear gloves, so taking my glove off wiping the sip stem off and then trying to drink is a pain. Other than that the bottle is great!

As everyone knows, there are tons of options out there to chose from. Before I bought this product, I read most the reviews and the experience they all shared was just what I was looking for. Upon receiving my bottle, it was exactly as pictured. It doesn't sweat and leave water everywhere when you have ice cold water inside. I put ice in it every morning and at the end of the day there is still plenty of ice. The double insulated walls really does keep the ice cold drinks ice cold all day long. However, I was so excited with the bottle at first, that I didn't even notice the sport lid wasn't included. It wasn't until I received an email from the company asking how I liked the product was and if everything had shown up that I actually realized the second lid wasn't included in the package. Within minutes of notifying the company, they informed me a replacement was in the mail and they apologized. It was great customer service and if they hadn't been so diligent checking up with me, I would have gone a few months without even realizing I was missing a lid because the bottle was perfect. 5-star product and 5-star customer service. I will definitely be buying from Futurepace Tech in the future.

I bought this water bottle to have something that would stay cold for hours, out in the California sunshine. This does it, spectacularly. Ice water will stay cold all day, in it. My daughter loves having access to cold water, the whole time we are outside, away from the house. I've taken to using it, whenever I can, for her and myself. Since the outer layer is steel, do not leave it out in the sun, or that surface will get quite hot. Futurepace Tech's customer service department even followed up on the order, to ensure that I was satisfied. It's a little pricey for a water bottle, but it is worth it, for the bottle and the customer service.

What can I say, I really like it! No chirping, no leaking, no playing with the cap to stop leaking and chirping. This is a winner. Oh yeah, I'm talking about the sport drink cap. I have no idea how the other cap works. I haven't had a chance to use it in the summer, but it still keeps the water cold, with half-a-dozen ice cubes in it, for six or more hours. Highly recommend

This bottle claims to keep liquids at a desired temperature (hot or cold) for hours -- this is somewhat misleading. Yes it will keep things hot or cold, but not for very long. An example: I poured hot coffee into the bottle before leaving for work, a mere 40 minutes later it was warm/lukewarm. I got this bottle because it came with two caps (I broke the cap on my favorite water bottle) so for that I don't regret the purchase. This bottle will now only be a backup or when I know I will drink the contents immediately. As for the eco claims, those seem to be legit. I'd spend a little more and get a properly insulated bottle.

Love my Futurepace Tech water bottle! It doesn't leak, not even on airplanes (with odd air pressure) or in my purse (next to electronics is always the test). The sport cap is great, it is quiet, it makes no weird squeaky sound. It insulates well, keeps my drinks cold. It holds a lot of liquid too. I'd like it better if the sport cap option was available on a smaller sized bottle, this one is a bit big for some uses. I'd also love it if it came in different colors and/or patterns. Nice job, finally a water bottle I love!

Good water bottle. I've been using it daily for the past month, and if I fill it with ice in the morning, there will still be ice in it 24 hours later. I like the color, the size is very convenient (fits in most car holders), and seals well. The little carabiner style clip is kind of junk, but I never planned on using it anyway.

Overall, very happy with this water bottle.

Come on guys? 4 hours till my first trip using your bottle and the travel lid broke while I was closing it? I did not even put much pressure on it. This is really unfair, £16 for a bottle with a cheap plastic lid. I am posting the pictures on the product review for proof.

The problem is with how the plastic travel lid is designed; It is extremely weak. Not the thing I would trust while hiking.


Update: The seller had sent me a replacement for the lid. I am updating my review to be less biased:

I had this bottle for a while but I have started using it for about a week. The bottle itself is great & sturdy. It keeps cold water cold, hot water hot. However, on the other hand, the plastic lids quality can be greatly improved as noted with my previous experience.

Great product, kept my ice ice, and i tested it overnight in the crazy heat we had recently.
Large and STILL fits in my bike bottle cage.
I've only used the sports cover as the other one i feel is a bit too exposed when i've had it on my bike. The same could be said about the sports top, but its easier to clean and carry on.
Would have been nice to have the key ring attachment on the sports top as well.
PS i have dropped mine do many times. Not fallen out, dropped. I can honestly say due to how it handled the first fall, I was slightly lazy in trying to catch it during its subsequent falls.

Have had this water bottle/thermos for about a month now and, so far so good. Bought it mostly for drinking water from but have found it useful for morning coffee at work as I'm always returning to cold coffee.
No leaks, nothing seems to be tainted in terms of taste. And it looks cool in the brushed steel!

I do have a couple of criticisms, both minor and one being of my own naivety.
Firstly, after a month the printing seems to be coming off. Whilst I wasn't fussed about the printing stylistically when it arrived, now it just looks messy and smudged. Maybe something for Futurepace to look into in the .. future... For now I'll look forward to when it's totally off. It doesn't detract from the otherwise sharp look of brushed steel so doesn't bother me a great deal.
Secondly, as I have already mentioned, is my own naivety. This being my first thermos, you really do need to check how hot your drink is before making. My morning coffee, if not paying attention, ends up remaining hotter than the sun for a good few hours. All whilst I crave for my wake-up hit of caffeine. I've learnt to switch the kettle off early now to avoid this and my coffee still lasts past lunch time (I make enough for two cups, can easily fit 3 in it if I needed). In either scenario (scalding hot or ice cold) you'll never guess the temperature of the liquid inside till it reaches your mouth as the outside remains room temp.

All in all, money well spent on a stylish and practical product that I'd happily take anywhere I need liquid refreshment. A great product I had little idea I'd use so much!

Excellent Gym Sports Drink flask,and cap.
Good capacity at 750 mls keeps chilled drinks cold throughout your Work Out.(fits the holders on Gym
Exercise Machines fine.) The Gym use cap is long lasting,and replacements can be obtained on Amazon.
The steel body should last indefinitely if looked after properly, and over time will be more cost effective than having lots of disposable short lived cheap plastic Gym bottles.
Keeps coffee hot for several hours using the standard cap.
Looks good in the steel finish,and is very easily cleaned.
The price is not cheap,but is competitively priced for such a good quality "double skin "flask with the two caps provided.
Also good for Hill Walking with quick access if suspended from a strap on your ruck sac.
A useful attractive and versatile drinks flask made in top quality non reactive stainless steel.
Speedy delivery,and well packaged.

At last, a stainless steel insulated drinks bottle you can clean inside and which offers either a sports top for use at the gym, or a more substantial stopper for expedition work. I've used their original version on expedition in the Himalayas at - 20C and it kept my water drinkable overnight as well as during the day. Now I can finally recycle all my plastic sports bottles!

One of the things I like about the sports lid is that you can either suck water out or shake it out, so it's as functional as my old plastic sports bottle if you just want to get some water out to wet a towel or something.

Excellent bottle. My last one fell onto a carpeted floor from a table. This caused the bottom part of it to shift slightly due to its method of manufacture. This bottle cannot do this as in the way it is made. The outer sleeve skin is one continuous piece. I also like having the choice of stoppers. Although, these could be made a little better, without the mold flashings. I've only used it for cold drinks so far, it seems to keep it quite cool. However, as the drinking pullout top is single walled, mine doesn't seem to stay cool for as long as quoted. To be fair, this doesn't particularly bother me as I was using an old washed out soft drinks bottle!

I bought this bottle to replace an aluminium one which oxidised quickly resulting in a build up of deposits which were very off-putting. This stainless steel bottle should not suffer from the same issue. There is a decent capacity and the bottle is supplied with a screw top lid and a sports type spout. My only issue with the bottle versus the aluminium one are that this bottle does not seem to keep the water as cool. I have no scientific comparison to back up my feeling and this may simply be down to the fact that the old bottle wasn't insulated and cooled the contents when left in the car overnight.

I've tried plastic bottles (always a real or imagined taste) and single-walled stainless (uncomfortably cold to the touch when first filled and condensation needing frequent mopping up until temperature of contents and ambient air become equalised.)

There are several twin-walled bottles available, but the majority are 'piddling' 300ml or at best 500ml, so when I found this 750ml version
I grabbed one immediately and I'm glad I did. I fill it from bottled spring water straight from the 'fridge and the fact that the contents stay cold for hours means that I'm drinking much more throughout the day, cold water being so much more appetising than lukewarm as previously. Yeuk!
I can't attest to how long the water will ultimately stay cold for...it doesn't get the chance!

Trying to think of a negative aspect, all I can come up with is that it doesn't fit my car's (Astra) cup holders, which is of no consequence to me - I tried merely out of interest - but it might be to some.

Definitely recommended.

I love this bottle but in my review I want to nitpick on rooms for improvement. The bottle itself is faultless - it's beautiful, rugged, has a wide mouth for easy drinking, keeps cold things COLD and hot things HOT for hours.

However, the lid is a little cheap and plasticy and feels like it won't last long, and the attached carabiner and metal ring don't feel that strong. I'm not sure I would trust leaving the bottle clipped on to the outside of my bag when full. For these gripes Futurepace lose a star. Hopefully they will take this feedback on board for version 2.

Well designed, useful to have the 2 options for the top. Stable when standing vertical. I bought one of these and also the Your Bottle by SHO stainless steel double walled flask at the same time also from Amazon. Both were filled with boiling water at 9a.m., capped, and left for 8 hours in a cold kitchen. After that time I could easily put my finger into the hot water of this flask, but the other make was still too hot to do that. I noticed after filling this Futurepace flask that the stainless steel body was quite warm at the neck end, so clearly there is heat leakage at that point. It's still ok and a hot drink would still be warm after 8 hours, but the other make is vastly superior. Steve Riches, Northampton, UK.

Due to the recent incredibly hot weather & out of desperation (the heat) I bought this water bottle as it screamed quality.I am not disappointed, it really does keep the contents cold.It's well made from quality materials. I went on to buy a total of 3 such bottles, one was of 600 ml capacity. I was surprised you couldn't purchase a sports/water spout for the smaller bottle, it may be a quality issue with a supplier/source they need to correct!
I am more than happy to recommend this brilliant product.

Mixed feelings about this drinking flask, Just used it for two weeks holiday in the sun and it kept my drinks wonderfully cool with ice cubes often lasting 3 or 4 hours.
I did feel that it was a little heavy and maybe not the easiest to hold with sun lotioned hands but the biggest issue I have is when using the sports top, unfortunately the liquid pours out when not being held vertically so would be no use to place in your bag whilst transporting it.
I will use it as a thermos flask but in this respect it is expensive and I wouldn't buy this again.
The company themselves are keen to make this product work and their follow up sales messages have been good but some work needed to get this flask more suitable for sports use.

I needed a large capacity with a drinking spout, while avoiding plastic and glass which leak, leech chemicals or break.

All the 1 litre bottles only came with a cap, no spout, and I wanted larger than 600 ml. This one has both cap and spout - it's perfect!

It's double walled so liquids stay hot or cold pretty much all day. I haven't tried any hot liquids as I'm on a water only diet, but my water is nice and chilly throughout refills.

The seal is excellent, as long as it's screwed on tight it won't leak. Make sure the spout is all the way down else it might drip.
Only fault I have is if the seal is too tight, no air gets in to fill the displaced water you're drinking. Which needs some fiddling to get right.

I used the original bottle daily.
, but I needed something bigger. This fits the bill! Love it!

UPDATE: After a few months of use. Thie honey moon faze has worn off. The main issue is that the lid covers the ENTIRE neck, compared to the original that had space within the lid. So, this water bottle really isn't that much bigger than the smaller version. I still think this is fantastic if this is your first bottle, it's a must buy. However, as a person who had the original version, I wasted £20.

UPDATE #2: the lid is VERY squeaky when applying to the bottle.

I looked and reviewed bottles for ages before going for this one. The main attraction was that it had a sports top. Of course there are always bad reviews but I took a chance. Delivery was very quick if not a tad expensive and the bottle is a great size for what I want (740). To test the quality is put 4 or 5 ice cubes in the bottle using the sports top, I set it beside our Aga and left it overnight, there were at least 3 cubes (smaller) but still there to see. I tend to keep the bottle in my car for water as required, even being in it all day the water was cool to drink.
I highly recommend this product.