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Humminbird 710211-1 XI 9 20 ICE Transducer. OVERVIEW: Get a deeper understanding of what's below the ice. The XI 9 20 features include Single/DualBeam Ice Transducer, 20/60 Degree, 200/83 kHz, and an 8-foot cable. COMPATIBLE with: All 100 and 300 Series (EXCEPT DI Models), All 500 Series (EXCEPT DI Models), All 600 Series (EXCEPT DI Models), All 700 Series (EXCEPT DI Models), All 800 Series (EXCEPT DI Models), All 900 Series (EXCEPT DI and 3D Models), All 1100 Series (EXCEPT DI Models), ICE 385ci Combo and All HELIX Series (EXCEPT DI Models). Does not work with the PMax or Fishin Buddy systems

Product information Style:XI 9 20 Product Dimensions 15.1 x 7.3 x 8.5 inches Item Weight 12.8 ounces ASIN B000N2Y86W Item model number 710211-1

Stopped working after only 4 trips on the ice. I ordered the transducer at the end of Oct 2018 for a Christmas gift for my dad. Before he even got to use the transducer the return window was closed. Transducer broke at the end of January 2019. Very disappointed since it was somewhat of an expensive item. Expected better quality from Hummingbird.

Used to convert my boat locator, humminbird 788ci to an ice fishing flashers. Could not be happier. I love it. For under a hundred dollars I have an ice fishing flasher WITH GPS and lake maps. It does make tick sound that I can hear out of water but fish don't seem to mind, and I think all units make some type of tick sound.

Connected this to my 688 Down imaging unit! Works good but had to sacrifice a few functions. I had to go into the system and switch the unit over to single beam. This will not work as a dual beam transducer For the 688. Also they don’t make an ice transducer That is capable of doing down imaging.

For those that have a Hummingbird unit on your boat, just detach it, get a power source and add this to create a heck of an ice machine! Love my Helix 5 DI with this. Works slick!

The start of ice season the transducer worked great on my Helix 5 and the I started having all kinds of issues. I like to hole hop and I was not able to get any bottom readings at all. The entire graph was reading all kinds of weird interference. I had to finally factory reset and the transducer still didn't read right all the time. Very disappointed. I bought the Helix so I could jump from boat fishing to ice fishing.

The cable rubber coating is cheep, in comparison to a vexillar, additionally, the cable plugs in, which seems to be a probable point of failure compared to the vexillar which is thread in place via a screw in plug.

Overall setup, compared to a conventional flasher, provides significant technological advantages. What you give up in robustness and durability is made up in significant superior sensors and data acquisition.

I picked up a Humminbird 160 pirhanamax portable fish finder this year and tried to use the original transducer for ice fishing. It did work without too much trouble, but I didn’t like the weight of the transducer pulling on a signal cable that wasn't intended to suspend the transducer in water. I also had a couple instances of my finder "fuzzing" when the temperature got around -20. I Googled an ice fishing transducer for my unit and was pleasantly surprised that Amazon had one. I ordered it and got it two days later and it was in the ice four days after order. We fished in -20 all day with no problems whatsoever. I was surprised with how much more sensitive it was to a smaller jig and really happy with not having to keep adjusting the transducer in order to keep it parallel with the lake bottom. I think that Humminbird did an excellent job at making sure all the necessary parts were provided. The transducer came with a support cable that removes any tension on the signal cable by caging around the transducer and hooking to the unit for support. It was easy to adjust for ice thickness and I liked that the cable was much shorter for ice fishing purposes. Taking your transducer in and out of the ice checking for fish all day has to take its toll on your unit. This provides the answer to that problem and more.

Ordered 1, returned it and ordered another...both were missing the transducer clip, tether, and line clip. very frustrated. Called Humminbird and they no longer use the tether or transducer clip so you hang it by the signal cord...what? that doesn't sound very smart to me just so they can save $.50 by not including it in the package. hopefully it doesn't pull the wires out and ruin the transducer.

Works well with the Helix 7 G2 DI GPS, I find the transducer has to be out of the water when it is turned on or the unit will come up with no transducer found and go into demo mode

This is a factory humminbird ice transducer,
The only thing I would change is the cable. It feels kind of soft and cheesy. Maybe it’s like that for a reason. All around good piece

It came in a brand new box but the wire was cut in half!? I fixed it because I'm good like that and now it works like a new one that wasn't cut in half.

Installé sur mon humminbird piranhamax 4 fonction bien mais doit reprogrammer a chaquw utilisation car le sonar ne la reconnaît pas parfaitement

Works great with my piranhamax 197c. When it says no transducer connected and tries to go into simulation mode just set it to normal mode. Then have the finder set to 200khz.

works as good as original

As Advertised

I ordered it in the fall, and it doesn't work with my Humminbird 788 ci.

Works great.

Works great! A+++

Works great.

Perfect ducer for mega imaging units

Works great with the helic models!

Can now make use of all my unit’s features.

good quaity