Kenwood New KCA-RC55MR Wired Marine Boat Remote to KMR-700U KMR-550U KMR-700U


  • Controls Select Kenwood Marine Receivers
  • LCD 2-Line Display
  • Includes Anodized Aluminum Mounting Hardware


Brand: Kenwood

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Marine Wired Remote Control w/ 2-line LCD Screen for Select Kenwood Headunits

Product information Item Weight 10.4 ounces ASIN B013XR82N8 Item model number KCA-RC55MR

We ordered two of these for our boat to connect to our new KMRD765BT. Using the 7M extension cable, we plugged into the head unit, ran it to the location of the first remote. We then installed a CA-Y107mr splitter into the first remote and the first extension cable. Then plugged in a second extension cable into the "Y" and continued on to the transom of the boat for the 2nd remote.

What was not explained well upon hook up of the remotes is that they actually have to "register" with the head unit. We knew everything was hooked up well, but they were not even lighting up when the unit was on and working. So of course, we read the head unit manual to find out there was a "registration" section in the menu options we had to go thru. So we did this.....and waited....and waited. It never said it was registered, so after about 5 or so minutes, we turned off the head unit and turned it back on (you know like a computer!) and voila! our remote were registered and worked flawlessly. So far we are very pleased with the layout of the remote and the asthetics and functionality.

Do yourself a favor, if you really need a remote and separate radio head. DO'TN'T get any Kenwood radio and especially this remote head. It WILL get water, PERIOD. The lens is held on with thin double sided tape that comes loose in the heat. Go with another brand, period. Note, forget warranty, these sites and dealers are not Kenwood authorized. Period. Mine got water after 2 months. I tried it, removed the bad tape and glued it carefully with rtv clear. Lens bent in the heat and popped off yet again! Worthless. My option is to get rid of it completely , radio and all or try and dry it where it may/will work better, cut a small plexiglass lens and epoxy it without making a mess. I think I'll find another system.

Take a hundred dollar bill...walk outside and light it up to save yourself the trouble. Didn't even last two months, of course just past return date. Have moisture in the screen and quite working. Keep in mind boat is always covered and has not even been in the rain. Maybe it's better where there's no moisture in the air....great for Antarctica.

3 weeks past the return deadline, went through a small rain shower,.... Definitely not waterproof or even water resistant. So disappointing. Worked great til moisture hit it.

I got this unit with a new boat, worked great for a few months, now volume up is sketchy, hit it once and it goes from 1 to 15 or does not move the volume at all, the underlying radio does not appear to be marine quality either, the first radio lasted one season then locked up, since it sat all winter (in covered storage) it managed to go past the 1 year waranty, so I bought another kenwood marine radio, it lasted 2 months and also locked up! The bluetooth is a nightmare, yes it connects to more than one phone at a time but you will hat that, what happens is you can't tell which phone it is connected to and can't cycle them so you can spend no kidding 10 minutes trying to get music to play and asking everyone to turn off bluetooth but the one you want, also if you are listing to music on your phone and your wife gets a call or does vocie to text on hers is may switch over to her phone and kill the music or just randomly switch to her phone with nothing playing, you can't cycle it so you have to turn everything off reconnect and maybe you get music back!!

I installed two of these on my boat because my KMR-D768BT head unit is in the "glovebox" and my wife isn't the greatest of DJ's. I put one on the helm and one on the stern. They look great and they work ok although I've only had them about 2 weeks so far. Installation wasn't that difficult but make sure you order the connection cables long enough and the necessary "Y" cables if you're going to run multiple remotes. I install A/V equipment for a living and I'm pretty good at it but I had a lot of troubles getting the first (helm) remote to pair with the radio and thank you to Amazon reviews for helping me figure it out because the Kenwood instructions could be a little better laid out. I tried the pairing procedure several times without any luck but powering the unit completely off (not just "standby") and back on solved the problem and the unit was paired when the radio powered back up. When I added the second remote on the stern (there was about a week between the two because I had to order a longer cable) the pairing process worked right away although I had to re-pair the first remote. As far as functionality, I love that these remotes have a display but that's about it. The buttons are hard to push and often don't respond to your pushes. Often if I push the "volume down" a couple of pushes to go down 1-4 levels, the radio will go all the way or close to zero which is kind of annoying. It's tough to go through the different inputs because of the buttons not registering all the time so you end up skipping past the input you want. All in all, I like the way they look and I love having remotes around the boat for volume control and power on/off. If I ever have to replace them I will just go with the non-display remotes and hope they work better. I'm giving 2 stars because of frustrating functionality and installation instruction clearity.

Unit lasted just over 3 months before moisture entered the display... unsurprisingly the unit eventually stopped working. Not sure what MARINE environment this is meant for... maybe they meant the USMC. Don't waste your money - I now have a non-standard hole in the gel coat, and not sure how I can fix that. Sure won't be buying another one of these to replace it, though....

This unit linked right up to the Kenwood KDC-MP368BT stereo, clear to read and easy to use, good thing because the directions are not the greatest and the unit itself tends to be slow to respond to the buttons pushed, other than that, it works pretty good just be advised it does come with a 36" patch cable attached for connection to the receiver unit, if your farther than that you will need the extension cable.

Works fine for what I use it for but buttons seem to have a delay when pressed and need to be pushed twice sometimes. Seems like it could be made better. Also the plastic cover on the LCD screen pulled off when I removed the protective plastic film. Seems kinda low quality and cheap.

I like this unit because it is one of the few that has an info screen, and is multi-function, however the reviews on here are right about one thing: you have to press hard, and I mean HARD to get any button on this thing to respond.
After two years now, it is getting really annoying...and getting worse.
What a shame from Kenwood.

I read a lot of comments about having to push the buttons really hard to get them to work, maybe some of them are like that but mine is not like that.
So far I love it! Had no water issues either!

It was as ordered. Installed on my boat. Time will tell if it will last as some reviews indicate that they are not 100% holding up to water.

works great....a must have on the boat