ICOM M424G 21 Fixed Mount VHF Radio with Internal GPS


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  • Ma-500tr AIS Transponder compatible
  • Aqua Quake draining function
  • IPX7 submersible protection (1M depth for 30 minutes)
  • Weather channels with alert function
  • Dual/tri-watch function for monitoring to charge 16 and/or call channel


Brand: Icom

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Vhf, Compact, w/Hailer & GPS, Black

Product information Product Dimensions 9 x 8 x 3 inches Item Weight 1.2 pounds ASIN B00SXH8DP6 Item model number M424G 21

I've had nothing but good experiences with iCom products. When my Standard Horizon VHF died, I was happy to upgrade to the 424G because of its built in GPS and updated DSC messaging features. I didn't anticipate how much better the actual sound would be. I'm hearing transmissions from much farther away, with significantly more clarity and less background noise, through the exact same antenna. I hope to use the DSC output to display DSC alerts on my MFD one day. I mistakenly thought the "foghorn" feature would play pre-programmed fog signals at regular intervals, but it only blasts a horn sound through the PA or you can talk through the PA; I blame that on my own misreading of their advertising literature.

Update: Since writing this, I have sold the sailboat it was installed in and my new boat came with a B&G branded radio with a wireless remote handset. Definitely not as good as the iCom. I had the iCom remote handset wired into the cockpit, and could always hear radio calls over the noise of the diesel or windy sailing. With the B&G wireless remote I struggle to hear if anything is coming in over the radio, much less what they're saying. I'm hoping to ditch the B&G altogether and get a new iCom and wired cockpit handset somewhere down the line.

Really like all the features of this radio. Easy to operate. Finds and locks in coordinates quickly. Speakers are clear and clean sounding.

good item

Excellent performance transmitting and receiving. The features I like most is the speaker integrated in the microphone that allows me to hear the radio in noisy surroundings. And the integrated GPS works very well.

Unlike almost all other marine electronics this unit flush mounts with a bracket not supplied and is 35 dollars and is back ordered. I was able to use my old icom bracket after cutting of some parts of the bracket. The bracket is a stupid design. If you mount the radio near to the side of your panel, as most people would do so the mic cord is not lying across the panel it’s almost impossible to mount it. You can’t get even a stubby screwdriver between the radio and the inside of the console. They should at least provide holes in the radio so it can be through bolted like 90 % of all other marine electronics!!

I needed to replace my Raymarine Ray 55 radio, which had lost its front-end amplifier. This Icom fit the slot in my panel with only a little widening, so installation was easy. Icom does not supply a rubber gasket for panel mounting, but fortunately the gasket from my Ray55 stretched enough that it fit and will keep any spray from seeping behind the radio. (Would be 5 stars if they supplied the gasket).

I LOVE THIS RADIO! Crystal clear. Sturdy. Solid. Very easy to view and read. Too many features to count. Highly customizable. Thick manual, think it could be written better.
Five stars. I strongly recommend.

We needed a bridge located VHF and this one was the perfect size and features. Reasonable for what it offers, it installed easily and worked well.