Garmin 010-01500-00 Fusion Entertainment 4-channel Marine Amplifier


  • 2-Ohm stable stereo provides the option of connecting an extra pair of speakers in parallel, 2 per channel at 2-ohms (a total of 8 speakers
  • Marine grade connections nickel plated RCA connectors and stainless components improve signal flow for optimum output
  • Class-a/b design the 500 Watt 2-ohm stable (per channel) design ensures clean and powerful amplification of the input signal, enough to rock the boat
  • Conformal coated circuitry provides added protection from Salt air and moisture to ensure maximum product life.
  • RCA line out aand Pass through RCA output enables linking of multiple amplifiers for enhanced system performance 2 channels capable of powering 2 speakers, a sub (bridged) or 8 speakers in parallel


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The Fusion am Series marine amplifiers are purpose built for the marine environment, boasting some of the most impressive environmental protection available, to deliver performance on the water like never before. Incorporating heat-tempered and conformal Coated pcb's for maximum product life and Gold Plated connectors for improved signal flow - the result is a clean and powerful reproduction of the Input signal, delivering enough power to rock the boat. The 4 Channel 500 Watt (peak) ms-am504 will drive a pair of Fusion speakers Plus a 10" subwoofer, or up to four pairs of Fusion speakers (2 speakers in parallel each Channel at 2 ohms), to help spread the sound arround your vessel

Product information Product Dimensions 2.09 x 9.02 x 11.65 inches Item Weight 8 pounds ASIN B0142BXLP8 Item model number 010-01500-00

2 years in very easy marine conditions and the device is dead. From the beginning, I have had nothing but problems with a full Fusion Marine speaker, sub and amp system. I have had the system installed for about 2 years, but honestly the amount of hours used is pretty low because the first year, was a lot of trouble shooting the systems.

My system includes this AM504 as well as their 2-channel amp. Recently this amp has gone into fault and I have tried everything to get it out of fault and working again. Customer Service is always very helpful, however Fusion's 1 year warranty is pathetic. This amp looks like the day I took it out of the box except now it's going in the trash. The amp went into fault randomly, then after pulling it all apart and putting it back together came back online...then a day later went back into fault. I followed the steps provided by Fusion to test the unit...but nothing came back other than stuff can happen to these units. My 2-channel amp unit works fine, but honestly I am just waiting until that it too has an expiration date. I will be doing more research and will not be buying anymore Fusion products from here out. If a product like this cannot last a minimum of 5 years trouble free, honestly more like 7-10, I have no need for it and will not support the company.

This device was store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and could not be safer marine conditions. The entire system going in was all brand new including all wires, cables, speakers and power source. This product was either too delicately designed and made, design to expire after it's warranty, or just a fluke failure, regardless, I will no longer be a Fusion customer. I hope this helps other folks out there looking to spend their hard earned money on a good, reliable, quality oriented company. Good luck and do your research.

This is a very disappointing purchase. It work for all of 8 months.

This is a great amp. I replaced my older Clarion APA4203 with this and even though I used the same speakers, the sound is sooooo much better. Very easy to install and Fusion has great tech service if you need help

Stopped working after 2 years. Both selector switches are faulty. If I wiggle them just in the right spot I can get it working but the slightest vibration on the boat makes it stop again.

(Update). I have replaced this amplifier TWICE. I am getting about 2years out of each unit. It’s junk.

Very nice amplifier. This replaced my Fusion Fm-504 (which rusted out and stopped working in 3yrs). Time will tell regarding durability in a marine environment but so far this is working and is nice and loud.