Lenco 15001-101 Electric Standard Mount Trim Tab Kit Without Switch - 9" x 12"


  • 12-Gauge Blades
  • 12-Volt Actuators
  • Suggested boat length: 16' - 25'
  • Size: 9" x 12"
  • Switch kits sold separately



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Size:9" x 12"

Lenco Electric Standard Mount Trim Tab Kits make your boat ride smoother, drier, faster and with increased safety whether on a small skiff or a large yacht. The Lenco ballscrew design is more reliable, three times more powerful and features an instant response, which makes them very user friendly compared to typical hydraulics. Lenco fast response electric actuators are fully submersible with all Plug and Play waterproof Deutsch connections. Trim Tab blades are 12 Gauge - 304 SS with a 5/8" flared trailing edge and 1/8" diameter hinge pin. Kits include standard actuators with 5/16" SS bolts.

Product information Size:9" x 12" Product Dimensions 12.75 x 12.75 x 5 inches Item Weight 5 pounds ASIN B00DHRIPW8 Item model number 15001-101

I've had these on my boat but after 14 years they had finally frozen up. I researched Lenco styles and found my style and wanted to replace like for like. I didn't really need the blades as mine were fine but they came with the kit. I had to remove the older ones before I could begin which took some time. My boat had the mountings at an angle which made the attachment to the blades at an angle; there was no angle cushion in the kit so I used the old ones. This made the bolts too short so I had to use the old bolts but I replaced them with ones from West Marine. Then I had to install the new switch which was apiece of cake as my boat had a wire tube installed for doing this. It the better part if two days, mainly because I had to remove the swim step to get to one of the activators and this required another person to hold a wrench on the bolt inside the engine compartment while I unscrewed the bolt on the transom. Finally done, TA DA, Looks great. Took it out next day and all wen beautifully---more speed and more control than I've had in a while. GREAT PRODUCT>>>>>>>>

Having a flat bottom boat I deal with some ride comfort issues like porpoising, etc. These Lenco trim tabs have been a wholesale improvement. Less spray (depending on wind you can never avoid this entirely on most all boats), takes waves smoother, faster hole shot in shallow water. In short, well worth the money.

These are much easier and cheaper to install than hydraulic tabs like Bennett. The hydraulic tabs do have other perceived benefits but sticking to the product at hand I can tell you they are a great solution.

You really don't need the LED switch in my opinion. It's easy to sense where they are. Plus the regular switch has the automatic retract when you turn the key off and that is the main feature you need to avoid damage to the tabs.

I highly recommend this product.

I installed these on a 2007 Key West 186CC to allow me to keep trimmed with non-boat-smart folks on board. They worked excellent. I would note that these were some of the only ones that would fit on my boat, considering the swim platform interference. I ended up cutting up through the platform, which is pretty tricky, but the final product came out great. Easy to hook up and work as advertised. I would only note that the reaction speed is VERY quick. Bumping the switch is all that is needed for a notable response. I went with the basic switch as well, with no position feedback. Much less complex, but a visual position indicator would have been a nice upgrade. Overall, these are well made and do the job very well. Highly recommend for those fussy captains (like me)!

I waited to make sure they followed through before I wrote this ; My purchase arrived quickly, but was incomplete. I contacted them, through Amazon and they acknowledged the error and sent the missing items via federal express. I am very pleased with them and will definitely purchase from them again.

I have installed these before and it's a snap. The connectors are great and there's zero guesswork. These tabs are fast to respond, unlike the Bennett's which I am replacing.

I highly recommend these.

very easy to mount ..hook up wires piece of cake..works like a champ...fast shipping

these do a great job on my boat and were easy to install everything was plug and play, and they react quick

Quick response to changing sea conditions. Greatly improves stability of my deep V hull.

1) They sent the wrong size.
2) The correct size was not available.
3) I had to return at my expense $35
4) They charged me a $100 penalty (re-stocking fee)
5) I had to contact them about the refund because it was taking too long.
I was so excited about buying trim tabs for my boat... :0(