GULE GULE Unisex Warming USB Charging Heated Vest Adjustable Size with Zipper Suitable for Outdoor


  • 60% Polyester, 35% Rayon, 5% Spandex
  • Zipper closure
  • Recommand Hand Wash with Warm Water, Hang or Line Dry, No Bleach
  • Powered by any 5V/2.1A power banks, USB plug compatible with most power banks in the market. The time of last heating depending on how many areas and the heat levels you are using. With all areas on and set on high, it lasts 4+ hours. With less areas and lower heat settings used, it can last 10+ hours
  • 5 heating zones: front 2 zones, back 3 zones, 3 heating levels from preheat to high. Connecting your power bank, then press the switch last 5 seconds, the button lights, it is Red (high temperature, 52℃/125.6℉, ), press again, it is White (Medium temperature, 47℃/116.6℉), last again, it is Blue (low temperature, 43℃/109.4℉)
  • USB chargeable heatedvest size adjustable: One size fits most of men, women, boys, girls ( from M~XXL ). Side body with side panels zip, Each side with 3 adjustable zippers can change the size to fit the body
  • Wear heated vest under your winter coat, jacket to enjoy outdoor activities like motorcycle riding, golf, camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, working in constructions or watching football game in fall or chilly winter
  • Garment Care: wahsed by hands, not machine, not wring, not iron, not twist, not overexposure


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For All Occasions: Perfect for the daily commute, walking your dog in the brisk fall air, tailgating for your favorite football team, wearing underneath your winter jacket or even in a way-too-cold office! Ideal gift for family members, friends, employees, to enjoy motorbike riding, hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities in fall and winter.

Product details
  • Package Dimensions : 12.91 x 9.21 x 2.28 inches; 11.99 Ounces
  • Item model number : Unisex heated vest
  • Department : Womens
  • Date First Available : July 16, 2020
  • Manufacturer : Unisex heated vest
  • ASIN : B08D3HP3TY
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #284,202 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #285603 in Women's Shops
    • #149 in Women's Outdoor Recreation Vests
    • #652 in Women's Outerwear Vests

I like this product overall and I really like the fact that it has zippers on the sides to adjust your overall comfort. I already had a battery pack so I bought mine without it wasn’t an inconvenience for me. I work in a warehouse so I have a jacket to put over and retain the heat. But during the winter time it’s gets colder so I invested in this vest. It actually looks better in person than the pictures I’ve seen on here. It was a goody buy for me

This will keep you warm, but you’ll need something over it to help retain the heat. It

This vest is a heaven sent. I am always cold. It keeps me warm me matter what. I was worried about the size but it is completely adjustable. The only down side is it doesn’t come with a battery.

It's pretty thin fabric.

It was very thin more then expected and looked cheap

Haven't got the battery pack yet for it to work but I like the look of it I like that it's not super thick.

The one thing I wished was it was rechargeable

Tried several different methods of powering the vest, but received very little heat.

I have wanted a heated vest for years but they were previously much more expensive than this so I never bought one. Now the price has come down and the technology is available to everyone.

I photographed this with my thermal camera to see just what was going on and was a little disappointed to see that the heating pads are very small - nowhere near as large as the marketing images show. Nevertheless, it turns out these 5 little heating pads are actually enough to warm up my whole torso on a cold day. Once the heat builds up I feel warm and cosy when out walking in near freezing temperatures. It's amazing.

My only gripe is with the pocket that holds the USB power bank. It's just not deep enough for any power bank of a sufficient capacity to last a few hours. As such, the power banks I have don't fit in there deeply enough to be secured in place by the pop fastener. This results in the power bank falling out when I lean forward to pick something up. It needs to be deeper, or to have an elastic strap that can stretch to fit common sized power banks.

I still love it though. And it's quite smart in how it's designed to be adjustable for fit. I highly recommend this for those who hate the long winters and want to be able to press a button and warm your body up in a few minutes. The future has arrived.

I really wanted this vest to work better than it has because the potential for it to be quite nice is there, but it would need a small redesign.

First off, this vest requires a power bank to use. A 10,000 mah or smaller power bank should work just fine, but keep in mind that there's a button in the power bank pocket that allows you to secure it in place and that button will only work with smaller power banks (under 10,000 mah). You don't have to secure it in the pocket, since it won't fall out, but it would be nice it the button accommodated more common sizes.

The vest itself looks quite nice and could easily pass off as a traditional outdoor fashion vest. The fact that it truly is a one-side-fits-most product does have its advantages.

You can adjust this vest in two areas: the shoulders and the sides. Each shoulder has button snaps that can have multiple levels of adjustment and you can adjust each one independently.

The sides are adjusted using a zipper, which can travel on different zipper channels to either give more material or less along the sides. This system works quite well, but I did notice that if I'm wearing this vest without a long-sleeved shirt underneath or a jacket over it, it tends to catch on my arms as I move. I do typically wear this vest under a jacket, so this isn't an issue when I'm outside.

There is only one pocket on the front of the vest, and that's only for the power bank.

The front zipper isn't very robust, and this might be a weak point for the vest in the long-term.

The vest attaches to your powerbank using a full-size USB, which is already wired in the pocket. There is no waterproofing on this plug, nor is the rest of the vest intended to be washed in a washing machine. Use with caution around snow and rain if you aren't wearing something over it.

There is a button on the left chest to turn the vest on and adjust the temperature. This button changes color depending on the temperature setting, and while I do find it pretty bright when I'm in low-light, it works fine under clothing.

I will add that I had concerns about this button interfering with my hiking backpack shoulder straps, but it does not.

There are five heat zones in this vest: the front left and right hips, rear left and right hips, and the upper back. The front hip heat zones are probably the biggest negative as they are poorly placed to deliver heat to make a difference when you are actually out in the cold. Not only that, but the heat under the pocket where your power bank goes will cause the power bank to get hot, reducing the life and potentially causing danger to the power bank. For that reason, I only use electric hand warmers that also work as power banks, since they are designed to handle the extra heat.

I have been able to get over 4 hours of mixed temperatures with a 6,000mah power bank.

Overall, this is a fashionable vest that does fit a wide range of body sizes. I like the convenience of using my own power bank to heat it, but the heat zones are not as effective as they could be.

It’s a plus size heated vest and it works well but I was a bit surprised that it doesn’t come with a lithium ion rechargeable battery to power the heating coils but it doesn’t state that one is included in the description so that’s on me. You have to provide your own power bank (5V/2.1A) and just connect the USB plug into the power bank to get warm!

As it’s designed to be accommodating for most sizes, it has expansion zippers along the sides to tighten or loosen the overall width of the vest round the waist. It also has overall style shoulder straps three rows of snaps to lengthen or shorten the vest according to your size.

I would recommend this only for adult men and women, not young kids since it definitely won’t fit.

On it’s own, it’s pretty warming but it’s best when used with a coat or sweater on top since that keeps the heat trapped against your body and really warms you up quickly or wards off the chill.

This vest works perfectly to keep me warm on cold days.

The shell is made out of great quality light-weight materials. It’s windproof, and fits comfortably under and over clothing. I usually put on a base shirt, then the heated vest, and if I need even more heat I’ll wear a jacket over the vest. The heating elements are placed in good positions and give off tons of heat. By using the side zippers and changing the position of the snaps over the shoulders, it’s possible to change the sizing quite a bit. This can be used to slightly alter the dimensions to accommodate different upper body sizes and shapes.

Overall, this is a comfortable and effective heated vest that is exactly as described.

XXL fits like an L, I wasn't able to even come close to zipping it up, and I'm only an XL top.

The first disappointment came is discovering I have to provide my own battery. At first I was just going to not bother, but then Napa gave me a free battery bank for buying brakes from them, so we were good to go.

The second disappointment came in discovering it doesn't even fit me, and the pocket for the battery bank was too small.

The third disappointment was in the heat itself. My son and I took turns trying it, but neither of us felt very warm. Even at highest setting, it was barely warm on the shoulders. Most of the heat went into he bottom front, which rests against your thighs.