Wigwam At Work Quarter 3-Pack S1360 Sock


  • 53% Polyester, 46% Cotton, 1% Spandex
  • Made in USA
  • Durable. Cushioned sole.
  • No odor
  • QUARTER LENGTH: A sock that rests above the ankle bone and is seen outside of shoes. Typically 4 in. to 5 in. in length.
  • Midweight designs are constructed with dense cushioning in multiple areas of the sock like shins and soles or the entire foot of the sock.
  • Lifetime Warranty



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At Work Quarter 3 Pack Socks

Wigwam's At Work Quarter is a coworker you can rely on. Cotton, Stretch Nylon, Polyester and Elastic surround your foot in hard-working, long-lasting comfort.

  • No Odor
  • Durable
  • Cushioned Sole
  • White/Sweatshirt Grey: 77% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 1% Spandex
  • Grey: 70% Cotton, 29% Polyester, 1% Spandex
  • Black: 53% Polyester, 46% Cotton, 1% Spandex

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'Since 1905 Wigwam has been committed to our employees, our community and knitting fine quality socks just for you.'

Wigwam Mills, Inc. is proud to knit its socks in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, U.S.A., just for you because we care.

We care that thousands of manufacturers in this country sacrifice quality for less-expensive labor in other areas of the world, to increase the bottom line. We continue to lobby in Washington D.C. for programs that responsibly limit the quantity of imported products coming into this country while still pursuing a policy of fair trade with our many global neighbors. We care about the environmental, sociological, and financial implications of this policy.

We want you to feel good about buying the Wigwam brand because we've set a standard of integrity that we strive to live up to every day.

Our manufacturing facility is state of the art and getting more "green" all of the time. We have and are working with local utilities to improve our efficiency and limit our carbon footprint by installing solar energy panels to heat our water, motion sensory lights to limit wasted power, and responsible waste management to re-use and recycle as much as we can.

We support wool producers in this country by sourcing our wool almost exclusively from American yarn spinners who buy from American wool growers. And we support domestic yarn spinners whenever possible and work with them to get the best quality natural and manmade fibers and yarn for all of our products.

For over 100 years, Wigwam has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of our customers. We have done this not just through providing them the finest quality socks, but by providing them with the assurance that their purchase of Wigwam socks supports its reputation of honesty and integrity.

Innovate Create Rejuvenate

Innovate. Create. Rejuvenate

Wigwam’s corporate mission is to not only be efficient, but also sustainable. We’ve worked with local utilities to make sure that our plant’s water and electrical use are at maximum efficiency. We utilize solar energy to heat our water and motion sensors to brighten lights in the plant when needed.

Our most recent initiative is to keep our stray fibers out of landfills. Working with Martex Industries we’ve begun to compress and bale mounds of stray fiber and damaged goods which are then refinished to provide usable material for a multitude of other applications.

Our goal is to be a ZERO LANDFILL company. We want our tradition to be more than great innovations in socks, but also great innovations in preservation.

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  • Item model number: S1360

The description says 85% cotton. Upon delivery, they are 44% Polyester and 42% cotton. If I wanted polyester socks I would have bought polyester socks. I feel scammed.

Not too thick and not too thin. I bought the medium for my husband who wears a 9-1/2 shoe. I would say a size ten should order the large. My son who wears an 11 size shoe saw these socks and wanted some. I ordered the large for him and they fit right.

An oddity about these socks is that only one sock in each pair has the Wigwam name printed on it. It doesn't matter, but I find it interesting.

good quality
Too big, I wear 11 shoe and have a wide foot. I bought large and they are loose and sloppy fitting.
There is a seem near my big toe that hurts if I wear these socks for longer than 2 hours.
I wear them with high quality shoes: Salomon, Salewa and Danner.
They will only be worn as a last resort.
UPDATE 11/09/19: I can't wear these socks with shoes on even as a last resort. They are so loose and the seam is so big that they slide all over inside my shoes stopping only where the large seam hits a tight spot. This causes pain and discomfort. These socks are now slippers or will be used to wash my motorcycle. This is the first pair of Wigwam socks I ever owned that suck.

My husband wears a size 13 shoe, US shoe size and these fit perfectly. He is not a fan of the new trend coming out with ankle socks or as he puts puts it, barely ankle socks. I ordered online as most packages are sealed making it difficult to determine if they'll fit and forget about an accurate product description on store bought labels. Having these types of reviews made the decision to order this model was helpful. I have already ordered two more pair. The price is steep, but worth it if you're picky about the ankle length and lack of product description in stores.

I have large, wide, flat feet - these add an extra bit of comfort that is noticeable when I put on another brand. First tried out wigwam for work socks, loved them so much, tried these for athletic use. Love them! They do not add so much cushion that your shoes get tight (like some boot or hiking socks).

A Good fit for men's size 12. Comfortable, a great sock for walkers and hikers. Its my go to sock for hiking Yosemite trails. Long hikes 14+miles (clouds Rest). Work well with my trail runners ("walking"). I Compared this with Wigwam men's super 60, size large, and sent the super 60 back. If you want a made in USA cotton sock go with Wigwam Men At Work 3 pack $4.33/pair.
the super 60, 6 pack, at 3.46/pair are too small and seem cheaply made.

I just retired as a rural letter carrier, and this is the fifth 3- pack of these socks I have purchased over the past three years. I enjoy the feel, the comfort, and the cushioning of this work sock. Have worn well with tough use. I walked in these socks over a mile and a half 6 days a week and gave them a workout.

Made in USA quality. I used to buy socks at department stores, but I saw the made in the USA label on Wigwam socks about 5 years ago, so I dciaa to spend a little more money to see how they compared. I am a welder and wear these socks for 15 hours a day. I have a size 16 foot and used to have problems with getting holes in the toes. After 5 years, I have yet to get a hole in the toes of any of my Wigwam socks. The only thing you will notice is that after several years of wearing them, the top starts top loose is elasticity. Great quality!!!