Balaclava Ski Mask - Windproof Winter Face Mask - Fleece Thermal Breathable Mask for Men Women - Skiing Snowboarding


  • ●Superfine Fleece: We choose superior polyester to make this balaclva face mask for cold weather. The most important is that it can offers extra warmth and protection, even when temperatures are freezing. Protect your face from the cold and breath in the cold air.
  • ●All-around Design: According to daily requirements, the front part is made up of two kinds of fabrics. Insulated mesh fabric prevents fogging up your glasses or goggles. Windproof fabric are effective against cold winds. Enhance the pleasure of outdoor activities.
  • ●Full Face Coverage: This ski mask can cover the whole face, and the long part of the neck can better protect against wind and cold. It will make you feel more warmer when you are in skiing, motorcycling, cycling, fishing, snowboarding and other activities.
  • ●Use It in Different Ways: 5 in 1 multifunctional design meet your different requires. You can wear this balaclava as a full face mask, open balaclava, half ski mask or neckerchief on its own, under a helmet, with glasses or goggles.
  • ●Crafted to Fit: Stretchable fabric to fits most heads, it is a good winter gear for men and women. The unique design also allows you to tuck behind your ears for locking in the heat and securing it. It has a long enough lower part to tuck it into your shirt or jacket as well.


Brand: Irzaki

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Particular Balaclava Face Mask

Exquisite Workmenship

  • This ski mask seams use four needles six lines.
  • Lines sewing craft makes it stronger.
  • Flat-sewn seams for all-day comfort.

Breathable Design

  • Breathable net in front for breathe better, improved cut.
  • This mesh can reduce the blurring of your glasses.

Windproof Fabric

  • Block out all snow, sleet, rain, and more of nature's elements.
  • In cold weather, not much to wear more warm, can effectively lock the temperature to play the role of warmth.

Today's quality, Tomorrow's market

  • Through the analysis of market data, we use a variety of materials to make this ski mask.
  • Comfort and warmth have always been our focus.
  • We are also continuously optimizing products to make them more practical.
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Product details
  • Department : Mens
  • Date First Available : August 8, 2020
  • Manufacturer : IRZAKI
  • ASIN : B08FFK88B5
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #143,526 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #1390 in Men's Balaclavas
    • #37864 in Men's Shops

 We have HARSH winter weather in the Midwest. We also have a large family, so we need warm, durable winter gear for all of us.

We have a wide range of ages in our home. In order to save money & keep clutter down, I try very hard to purchase things that can be used/worn by MULTIPLE family members (the more the better), items that will LAST, things that will serve multi purposes, etc.

Recently I was looking for some winter masks/balaclava masks to add to the ones we have for this coming WINTER :(. It has already dipped down into the 30s, but will be much, much colder very soon. I want to have at least one balaclava mask per family member & maybe a few extras, if I can swing it, for when kids are playing outside, Daddy is shoveling, etc. and our masks get wet, but we are NOT yet done outside.

I saw this balaclava mask while scrolling through Amazon pages & decided to try it.

I LOVE the SUPER soft HIGH QUALITY fleece & the BREATHABLE FRONT/ MASK/ MOUTH & NOSE area this one has to offer. It helps prevent the front of the mask (by the mouth & nose), from getting wet from breathing through the mask, especially when doing outdoor activities in very cold weather, which makes you breathe heavier. That allows longer wearing time before we have to switch out our masks for dry ones. It is also more COMFORTABLE having a DRY mask on, of course, & the kids don't have to waste snow time, to come inside for a dry mask.

The stitching on the mask is WELL DONE. The shape of the mask HOLDS up WELL & does NOT sag or droop when wearing it, like some of our other masks do.

The OPEN eye area is great for being able to wear the balaclava mask with glasses, sunglasses, & goggles.. or just to let your eyes breathe.

A HUGE plus is that it fits KIDS through ADULTS, very well. Some of our other masks are droopy on the kids, but this one fits equally well on all ages in our home, which is a HUGE PLUS for us.

The models are 56" tall & 54#, and 5'2" & 90#.

All of our kids like wearing this balaclava mask. They say it is comfortable for playing outside, tending to critters, etc. and keeps them WARM.

I may order some more of these masks for Christmas since all of the kids like it so much & want to take turns wearing it... they like the fit & feel of this one better than the other ones we have that are all fleece & tend to sag around their faces after wearing them for a bit. Can't say that I disagree with them. It is a GREAT mask.

We are PLEASED with this balaclava mask & RECOMMEND it.

Pleasantly surprised that the material is thicker than expected. Nice neutral color. High quality stitch. Will keep me warm in the mountains. Got the 2 pack in case one gets dirty on the same trip. Slight middle pinch up in design helps cover the nose by caving the fabric in. Black piece in front is made of smooth, easy-to-clean material. Mouth covering right below the nose is made of softer, more breathable fabric. Bottom wrap stays up only because of thick fabric weight, otherwise it's fairly loose (not enough to use on its own during a pandemic if unable to socially distance). From the picture it looks like the hood would cover the forehead. I wish the hood came down a bit more (it only covers up to my hairline and I have a relatively small head), but I was planning on wearing a beanie under it anyway. TIP: Make sure you wear a scarf/nose/mouth piece under the balaclava to keep warm since it's more of outerwear than innerwear.

I bought this in preparation for winter, and didn't know that we were getting snow yesterday. Good old October making us think. The Balaclava Ski Mask is super comfortable and able to be adjusted to have the top on or not. Plenty of coverage for the neck, and keeps you warm. I'm able to breathe easy through it, as well, which is sometimes hard with other ones. I love the colors, and can't wait to enjoy it more during this cold. One thing that I wish it had, was a tag with washing instructions, etc. There's nothing on there to let you know how it needs to be cleaned, but that's the only negative thing. Otherwise, it is perfect.

This ski mask is lightweight but provides good coverage. The sewing seems to be good quality that will last for many seasons. It is also stylish in that the fabric has a subtle, unisex black and charcoal grey design. I have a big head and a lot of hair and I was easily able to stretch the material to comfortably fit on my head because it stretches very well. This is a really nice layering piece that I look forward to using both for walking around this winter and for winter sports.

I wish the top half was removable, other than that I think it'll be great on the slopes. I love that there is a little vent over the mouth so moisture doesn't build up. I haven't been able to use it yet, but will update once I do.

Perfect for Fall Motorcycle rides! My husband loves the new balaclava mask! It fits perfectly and is very comfortable.

Excellent material, works great for riding motorcycle or the now pandemic of covid.

Highly reccomend the baklava for all seasons.

Breaths well.

My husband used it when it was 17 outside, he said it was PERFECT. Kept his cheeks and most importantly to him, his ears warm.