Wacoal Women's Underwire Sport Bra


  • 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Hook and Eye closure
  • Hand Wash
  • 0.7" high
  • 14" wide
  • Maximum Support for high impact activities.Great choice for full busted and full figured women



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Sport bra offers great control, support and comfort for workouts or as your everyday bra . Care- Hand wash warm, Wash colors separately,Use non-chlorine bleach only when needed, Hang to dry, Do not iron, Do not dry clean.

Wacoal Underwire Sport Bra

  • Department: Womens
  • Manufacturer: Wacoal
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.5 x 0.75 inches
  • ASIN: B001T6EIEI
  • Item model number: 855170
  • Date First Available: December 21, 2002
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,921 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #5 in Women's Plus Sports Bras
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    • #13 in Plus-Size Everyday Bras

    This sports bra is outstanding. I am a 32H, which is an exceptionally difficult size to fit for a sports bra. Or any bra for that matter. I own 10 of these, not joking. They are worth every penny.

    - The sizing is exactly like a regular bra.

    - The exoskeleton type underwire seems strange, but they truly serve their purpose. You are totally supported. No slipping out the bottom and you are perfectly separated. No sweaty uni-boob.

    - Perfect lift. If only all my bras had such a beautiful silouette. In fact, I often wear this sports bra as a t-shirt bra. As other ladies here have mentioned, it lifts and shapes so nicely, you find yourself kind of living in this bra. And I wear the heck out of these when I'm menstral and my breasts hurt with every movement. It's then that I send a little prayer up to the bra gods to give the designer of this bra their place in the heavens!

    - The strange straps annoyed me at first. Then I realized that the reason this bra functions so beautifully is because it doesn't have the usual type of sliding adjustable straps. My lady bits would just pull those out of place during my workout. The hook keeps those straps exactly where you want them and they don't budge. I learned to take my time when I put it on to neatly tuck the ends under the straps (I use the shortest setting so I have the longest amount to tuck away) but once I tuck them under the strap they no longer trouble me. Someone left a review here that they hated the bra because of that. I think that reviewer missed the whole objective of the bra when they made that judgement call. Taking a minute to tuck your strap ends is a very small price to pay for a sports bra that functions so well.

    - I am finally able to engage in high impact workouts. The total full coverage, stay put straps, exoskeleton underwire, and sturdy construction all serve to prevent bounce. I have run a 5k, do bouncy spin cycling, and high impact plyometric workouts and am totally satisfied with this bras performance. Which is why I now own 10.

    - These bras breathe very well. I have done seriously sweaty activities in this bra and I have been very happy with its ability to handle the moisture and retain its excellent support. Really impressive!

    - Have I mentioned what this bra does for your figure?! It's akin to spanx for your breasts. Perfect perfect perfect shape, exceptional lift, perfect spacing, smoothing and firming. I literally get 2-3 inches height on my waistline, making me look slimmer! Woohoo! As other ladies here have mentioned, this sort of shaping when you have large breasts is like gold in your pocket.

    1. Wash in a mesh bag and line dry. That being said, I have washed and dried the piss out of several of these bras and they did pretty well. But the dryer does weaken the strength of the stretchy bits over time and will eventually result in a less supportive bra. The mesh bag serves to protect the underwire from going awry and the hook and eye closures from getting messed up. These bras are not delicate princesses, but to make them stay in great shape and enjoy a long and productive life in your wardrobe, it's worth the extra effort so buy a mesh bag with your bra if you don't have one already. It's worth the investment. They do dry very fast.

    2. Get the right fit. This bra only does its job well when you get it in the right fit. The underwire should be flush against your chest under your breast and especially between your breasts. The back should be very snug. The cup fabric should cover your entire breast all the way, no breast tissue out the sides or over the top. Especially if you do moderate to high impact workouts, you will want to get this fit right. But when you do, the heavens part and the angels sing!!

    This bra is $20 more at Nordstrom. But seriously, if you're staring at this bra at 3AM with a glass of wine and wondering if you should get it... GET IT. Also, stop drunk shopping online. It's not good for you. But buy this bra then start exercising again. That way you won't be up at 3AM with insomnia. AND your boobs won't hurt. I'm very happy with this bra and am considering buying another in a different color. It lifts my girls up and SEPARATES them witch is amazing and makes me feel like a super hero.

    ( current bra size 34H / 8-10 pants / 5’7 or 170.18 cm)

    Anyone looking for a sports bra that is a 34H buy this bra today.

    **There’s NO UNIBOOB!!
    ** Entire breast is encapsulated into the bra, this includes breast tissue that is around arm pit area in front.
    ** SUPPORT!! No bouncing, adjusting while working out, etc.
    ** Yes, it’s a bit pricey at $65.00.
    However if you consider that you’ll waste more money on buying cute sports bras at Target / Victoria Secret, etc...
    Any where from $22-25.00 per bra. Which no doubt will end up sitting in your closet unworn d/t improper fit. Trust me on that one.
    I’ll try and report back after giving this one a few weeks at the gym, washings, etc and see how it hold up,

    The bra doesn’t have the traditional sports bra crossed back, so you could ideally wear this as a regular everyday bra as well.
    It also has a four row hooks for back closure.

    I have purchased at least 12 of these bras over the last couple of years. The quality control of the sizing is terrible! Some bras have varied at leasr 2 " smaller in the band measurement and the straps are likewise much too short. I have written Wacoal twice, but they have not addressed the problem. This is a very well made, high quality bra, but the irregular sizing is causing me to look for another brand. They also need to increase the band sizing and offer a 42 inch band as well. I hope they read this. It's a shame!

    I usually buy 34G bras but, since they didn't have a G, I went with the 36DDD. It fits perfectly and provides great support. Only little issue is that there is no padding so beware of your niblets poking through!

    I love this bra as it lifts and separates as the old commercials used to say for a different brand. It pulls my breasts further inward as all Wacoal bras do. This has a slimming effect if you are a bit chubby or older. When I was young and shaped perfectly, I did not like Wacoal at all because I wanted to look BIGGER and older! LOL

    I love that I can cross the straps in the back to better hide the straps.

    Only four stars for the hideous connector for the straps that bunch and is a pain to get smoothed out. It is highly annoying.

    I am a 38H in most bras, very wide and heavy breasts, and I'm about 5 foot 6 and 160 pounds. It has been nearly impossible my whole life to find a bra that lifts, minimizes, shapes, and is comfortable. This bra covers all of those, minus the comfort, but when you're my size, nothing is comfortable. I own twelve of these, now. It's THAT good at what it does, people, and the uncomfortable shoulders are worth it at the end of the day. Shirts fit better, there's almost no backfat, no dreaded uni-boob problems, it's cut high enough so I don't need to worry about spilling out of it, and you can breathe while wearing it. The only issues I've noticed is the fabric tends to hold sweat, and the top of the bra wire near the cleavage sticks out under your shirt, but given the massive pros, it's worth it. If you are large chested and looking for a magic bra, ADD THIS TO YOUR CART. I hope it works for you as well as it's worked for me.

    I already had two of these bras in the neutral colour, and they fit like a dream. Today, I received the above bra in black, and to my dismay the fit is totally different. The underwire extends almost an inch further under the arm making it uncomfortable, and furthermore it distorts the fit of the cup which now feels too big. I haven't washed it yet, and I'm hoping it will fit like the two bras I already own when I do wash it. Why can't the manufacturer be more consistent with the sizing when making these items. This is supposed to be a high quality product, and but it doesn't fit like a high quality bra, it fits like a bra you can buy at a fraction of the cost. I will keep the bra because I'm tired of going through the hassle of returning items especially when there are inconsistencies as far as sizing is concerned, but I'm not happy about keeping it, and will take more care in future before I purchase an item.


    Very nice item thank you

    Love these bras! Nice and tight so the girls don't move as much. I do find it quite tight, but I like it better - feels more locked and loaded! I use this type of sports bra to run and it is very difficult to find sports bras in Canada that go up this high of a cup size but have the band size! Love it.

    This would be perfect if only, it fit nicely in the cup area and bandwidth, only issue I have is the underwires, that is why it gets a 4 only. I am not a tall person, only 5'4" and for me the underwires go up too far under the armpit, gets irritating for me after awhile. If they could shorten the underwires rise under the arm by 1/2 to 3/4 inch I think it would be a dream bra for me. This bra may fit better, as far as the underwires go, on a taller person, I am unsure.

    The only sports bra I have ever liked. Being a DDD, sports bras typically give me instant uniboob. This bra is comfortable, lifts and separates, and minimizes bounce. I love this sports bra! It is a little pricey but worth it. I'll definitely be purchasing more of these.

    I had to change sizes, this bra is well made, extremely comfortable for wearing at home. Wide, adjustable straps comfortable. Even with underwiring no binding. Washes well and does not ride up in back or gap in front. Since it is spoerts bra had to go up one size, usually 32 had to purchase 34. With no seam cup can be worn under tees. It is higher cut but it makes it fit better. Worth the money, good make

    Having a bigger chest meant I needed a good bra for work and working out. Wacoal is my go-to and fits me perfectly compare to other brands. This bra looks a little unordinary as it has a heavy duty wire like support that goes all the way up in the middle of the chest. This bra is tighter than a regular bra and reduces bounce. Straps are wide and they have a hook adjustment that prevents them from getting loose. Also like how the tightness helps my posture

    I have never done a review on here before but I just had to in this case. This is the holy Grail of sports bras. So comfortable, doesn't ride up, slide down, pinch, chafe, the girls are lifted and seperated. I have been searching for this bra my whole life. I am finally comfortable running. The underwire on the outside is weird at first BUT absolutely genius. You cannot feel it at all. The straps don't lengthen on their own with movement, which always happens with my old sports bras. I may consider wearing it for every day use because it's that great. My only tiny tiny dislike is that it is unlined so nipples can be visible when you are cold. But small sacrifice to make for the perfect bra.

    Good support and coverage. Good thing the product description mentions the external underwire...for a second there I thought that I had received a product that had been made inside-out. Only real issue for me comes when I want to wear it with the straps crossed (e.g, under racerback tops)...have to be a bit of a contortionist to be able to get in and out if it by yourself...but it does still fit well.

    This is a comfortable sport bra, that provides very high support. I like the shoulder strap size adjusters. This would be good for high impact sports. I used the sizing guide at the Wacoal website and the suggested size based on my measurements fits me perfectly. For the quality I feel that this was worth the price.

    This is the absolutely the best bra for bustier women. It is so comfortable and completely natural looking (it doesn't create a "uni-boob" like some sports bras, nor is it conical). I use these as my every-day bras. It was delivered a little later than estimated, but I'm just so happy to have it.

    As a 36G I've always dreaded buying bras...until I received my Walcoal sports bra. The fit is PERFECT and unlike other 'specialty' bras there is no pinching or uncomfortable scratchy seams. I love it so much I've already ordered another Walcoal bra!

    I have worn these bra's for along time, are a great fit and great for exercising. The only negative is the shoulder straps are too short. I would like to see 4 length adjustments on the straps instead of 3.

    I have been wearing wacoal for a long time. Although I have issues with some of their bras, this one is the best. Great fit, great support.