Rockay Flare Running Socks for Men and Women, Cushion, Quarter Cut, Arch Support, 100% Recycled, Anti-Odor (1 Pair)


  • QUARTER LENGTH PERFORMANCE RUNNING SOCK - It’s all about balance, breathable mesh to regulate temperature, plus arch compression for keeping your feet stabilized. With additional length to keep you warm on a cooler day. All this in a sock, just high enough for a feeling of protection and performance.
  • WE OFFER LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We stand by the quality of our all our running gear & take care of our customers.. This is not the kind of sock you replace after 10 washes! Every inch of this sock has been tested for maximum durability in extreme conditions like ultra-marathons & obstacle course races
  • 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS - We produce our products from 100% recycled materials. By purchasing our products, you help to upcycle marine waste from our oceans. Our Partner Econyl collects old fishing nets and other Nylon waste from the Oceans, and produces a premium regenerated Nylon yarn, enabling us to create our high-end running socks.
  • ANTI-BLISTER - Say goodbye to blisters and chafing. Our Flare socks are made with ventilation zones, that wicks away sweat. Enjoy a super breathable sock thats built to last mile after mile whether you are running, hiking or walking. Keep you feet bone dry and blister free no matter what you are doing.
  • ANTI-ODOR & PERFORMANCE CUSHIONING - Our socks are treated with Polygiene Stay Fresh Technology and are odor-free! This means you can wear them more and wash them less. The socks comes with cushioning in the toes and heel areas. We have designed them with a compression arch & a tight elastic at the top of the cuff to prevent dirt & reducing the chances of irritation through dirt and grit. This sock was tested to excel for all running, walking and hiking activities.



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help clean our oceans

Recycled Waste

Waste into Nylon

Our Designers

100% Recycled

Recycled Waste

The majority of waste that enters the ocean each year is plastic. So we aim to do something about it. We collect and reuse this plastic waste and give it a second life

Waste into Nylon

With our partner Econyl, We collect and reuse the Plastic waste from the Oceans. Where a unique process produces a 100% regenerated, first class, nylon yarn

Our Designers

Our designers then start the extensive process of designing, testing and prototyping our Performance wear. Putting thousands of miles of testing on each design

100% Recycled

Our sock range encompasses Performance, Comfort, Quality and 100% recycled fabrics

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The Rockay Team

Our Team comes from all over the planet to bring their unique skills to Rockay. Our Designers and Athletes, never stop developing, perfecting and repeatedly field testing our products. Each person involved in our process, works with relentless determination, to ensure our products fulfill our core values.

acc Agile 20four7 flare flare Vigor Accelerate Agile 20four7 Flare Razer Vigor Anti-blister Seamless Knit Compression Arch Arch - Arch Arch Graduated Calf & Arch Compression, 16-23 mmHg Cushioning Level Medium No High Medium High Medium Sock Height No-Show No-Show No-Show Quarter Crew Knee 100% Recycled Anti-Odor Technology Prevent Blisters
  • Department: Womens
  • Manufacturer: Rockay
  • Package Dimensions: 6.6 x 4 x 1 inches
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: December 9, 2019
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #14,153 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #105 in Women's Athletic Socks
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    • #32 in Women's Running Socks

    A big part of what interested me about these socks is the fact that they're made from materials diverted out of the waste stream, some of which is collected right out of the ocean. The material Rockay makes is called regenerated nylon, and it's just a great idea. Because the company is taking an approach to their product with an eco-responsible approach, I paid particular attention to the packaging that socks came in (see photo). I think the company could reduce the total number of pieces from 3 to just 1: The info on the little slip of paper could be incorporated onto the cardboard sleeve, and the plastic baggie for the socks should just be eliminated, though at least it is 100% biodegradable (but nothing biodegrades properly if it ends up in a landfill). But now for the socks: In short, they're great. I have already walked more than 100 miles in them and they have held up great. They are durable and have a very snug fit, which I like. They've been laundered three times. There has been a bit of pilling with them, and I realize now I probably should not have tumble-dried them with my other laundry. Then again, as my go-to exercise socks, I honestly don't care so much about what they look like -- they're basically hidden inside my sneakers while I'm using them! I give this company's mission and product a top rating.

    These are the best workout socks on the market. The fit and construction were perfect: tight around my heel, fantastic arch compression, plenty of room for my toes, and not too thick. The socks offer plenty of arch support and don’t slip even during longer runs. They wicked sweat away and were comfortable even throughout extended hikes. I wore the socks with both good running shoes and older, worn shoes. My feet didn’t blister in the older shoes, which is unprecedented, so the anti-blister sweat-wicking design worked perfectly for me. The seamless toe was an especially nice touch. Better yet, these socks are made from recycled ocean material, and since non-traditional material was used, I was surprised by how comfortable they were.

    The Flare socks are great. Very comparable to other performance socks at this price point. They were very soft and held up well to a constant week's worth of wear without washing. Just hanging them up overnight was enough to prevent any smells from lingering. I had no issues with blisters or movement within the sock and I think the compression points were just right.

    In terms of fit, the large fit was perfect for me, being a size 9 shoe and at the top end of the size range for that sock size. I tend to prefer no show socks so I was a little concerned about the ankle height, but the fit for me made them pretty close to no shows.

    Overall, I can't think of a single negative thing about the socks and the company seems to be doing the right thing in terms of their mission statement. I'd be happy to recommend them to anyone that was asking.

    Great sock and great cause with helping to deal with our plastics issue but they are pricey! Just know that pretty much any other running sock will give you a better bang for your buck. You can even make a better effort to recycle your plastics in your everyday life.

    I have worn these socks for several activities and I love the fit and feel of the socks. I prefer tight socks, as I hate the feeling of my socks slipping down my feet. These socks never slip and fit tightly around the ankle.

    These socks are excellently designed for active people, as you barely notice you are wearing socks. The breath ability these socks offer is nothing I have ever encountered before. I know my feet sweat, but these socks never leave your feet feeling sweaty or gross. Even better is the socks don't stink even after being worn and only rinsed in cold water.

    At first I thought the cost was too much for a pair of socks, but my mind was changed after I started wearing them. One of the positives is the fact that they are made from recycled materials from ocean waste– which is really important in this day and age if we are going to take care of this planet we call home.

    They are well-constructed, and I could feel the benefit of the support in the arch. At the end of a long day wearing these socks doing a wide variety of activities, my feed did not feel “tired”.

    While not a normal 'use case' I also wore these socks under another pair of thicker socks when the weather was colder. Because of the thin design and snug fit (with no bunching), this was actually very comfortable. More importantly, my feet were warm and did not sweat – which is what usually happens when you have to wear 2 pairs of socks at the same time. Because these were ankle/quarter cut socks, this was a great layering scenario for warmth and comfort.

    One of the features of these socks is that they are promoted to require less washing. While I probably would not normally test this out by not washing socks between wears, but I wanted to see if it was true. I actually took the chance of going 3 days wearing socks without washing them (my inner me screams EWWW) and was actually quite surprised that they performed as promised and did not smell!!

    This benefit would make these socks a great option for hikers and trekkers who do not have as much access to running water on the trails.

    I can't say enough good things about this company! First of all, the socks I ordered arrived several weeks before the estimated date, so that was a nice surprise. Then, there's the actual socks. I love that they're made of recyclable materials, anti-odor, and come with a guarantee. I have to admit that the material wasn't what I was expecting at first, but as soon as I put them on, I noticed how perfectly they fit my foot. The material is fitted and comfortable so it made my shoes feel like they fit better, too. Hiking, biking, and walking were all easier in these socks, which may sound strange, but they seriously increased the support I felt in my ankles and feet. They also don't slip down, and not having to stop repeatedly to pull my socks up was an incredible bonus. The shape, fit, performance enhancement, and support are all outstanding. I've never been so excited about a pair of socks before!

    I'm not what you would describe as an ultra runner, but I do run to my office and home again a 3-4 times a week. Normally I use my old Rockay socks, but since I noticed they made a new (and even more sustainable) line I had to give them a go. And I would definitely recommend these running socks to everyone. There's two things that I appreciate the most. Firstly, the polygiene odor free technology is groundbreaking to me. I've already used my socks 3 times over the last week and they still smell like fresh new socks. I knew they would be great at this since i walked the Camino de Santiago this summer in my old Rockay socks and I didn't have to wash them more than a couple of times. But it's nice to see that the new socks also has that feature.
    The second thing that I want to emphasize is how comfortable these socks are. I must admit that I was a bit nervous about using socks made from ocean waste, but I was amazed when I felt how soft and comfortable the material is.
    Rockay has proven their worth again and is definitely my go-to brand when it comes to running socks.

    I have used these quite intensively recently on my 4 times a week light gym schedule and they have held up well. I have noticed no fraying on the stitching and the elasticity has remained as good as when I first opened the packet. In terms of the performance the arch support seems good although I haven't noticed it (which is a good thing, otherwise they would be uncomfortable running).

    Was planning on running my first half marathon.Thought it would be wise to purchase socks,that could possibly prevent me getting blisters.Having read the reviews,I decided to order a pair to try.Did all my training in them up to 10 miles and absolutely no blisters.
    Sadly have not been able to run my half yet,due to it being cancelled Amid the corona virus out break.
    Will update my review, after we come through all this.
    Keep safe everyone.

    Love the way these socks are made. The fabric is nice and I have no blisters after my marathon. Can recommend to any other long-distance runners!

    Following reviews on running sites I bought several pairs of highly rated running socks and these will probably become my favourites, they're just so comfortable. I'll never buy cheap running socks again.

    These socks are a great product in the Rockay range, and my second pair of Rockay socks. The material of the socks is really comfortable and feels great on your feet, which is even more impressive considering all of the fabric is recycled and ecologically friendly. Great design, and fit for purpose. I actually use them for long walks and hikes, and they work great.

    I am a UK size 8. I ordered 6.5 to 8.5. They fit perfectly. The socks are extremely comfortable. However, thinner than other sports socks.

    I used these sock for extra support when working out. There’s nothing I dislike about these socks. They’re very supportive and do what they say they they do. Really great product and will definitely be buying some more

    Used to get blisters around mile 8, have had a pair of these since January, run over 200miles and no blisters, so thought it was about time I invested in my second pair....would recommend to fellow runners....

    Excellent for stopping blisters! Considering I tend to sweat a lot these have been great for my feet.

    Comfortable. Can be used over more than 1 day without washing so good for travelling.

    Removed that hot feeling in the bottom of my foot, fit like a glove

    Comfortable, durable and fit well - great for running!

    My pros: It’s comfy to wear & it provides the compression you need on the appropriate areas of your feet (like arch/heels/toes). It also keeps moisture away even if I'm using insulated/thick shoes. My feet size is 7.5 and the socks I bought is medium—not too tight, not too loose. Aside from those, I like that there are no irritating loose thread/seams at the toes and it's made from recycled materials.

    My cons: It's only available in Ecowhite color.

    El producto llegó tan solo en un par de días. Todo muy fluido, ningún problema para la entrega y el empaque impecable. La presentación del producto es sumamente elegante, vamos, ideal para hacer un regalo (yo he comprado varios pares para el amigo secreto de mi grupo de jogging). El material se ve bastante resistente. Ya he lavado los calcetines varias veces y siempre como nuevos. Pedí una talla L (uso zapatos del 9.5) y perfecto. Al principio me asusté porque parecen pequeños pero son muy flexibles, con una gran capacidad de estiramiento sin que lleguen apretar. Vamos, el tándem perfecto, buen soporte y comodidad, incluso en la zona de los dedos. El diseño de los propios calcetines es también muy elegante. Lo del uso de materiales reciclado me flipa. Feliz de contribuir con el medioambiente.