Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks for Men and Women, Cushion, Crew Cut, Arch Support, 100% Recycled, Anti-Odor (1 Pair)


  • ULTIMATE TRAIL RUNNING SOCK - Our Trail sock provides the perfect balance of protection and performance, A snug fit with carefully placed mesh zones, to keep your feet cool and dry. Extra high cushioning on the heel and Achilles to prevent blisters and protect the back your foot. The right height and a firm elastic at the top to keep them from sliding down. A Trail running sock that allows you to keep going, mile after mile...
  • WE OFFER LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We stand by the quality of our all our running gear & take care of our customers.. This is not the kind of sock you replace after 10 washes! Every inch of this sock has been tested for maximum durability in extreme conditions like ultra-marathons & obstacle course races
  • 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS - We produce our products from 100% recycled materials. By purchasing our products, you help to upcycle marine waste from our oceans. Our Partner Econyl collects old fishing nets and other Nylon waste from the Oceans, and produces a premium regenerated Nylon yarn, enabling us to create our high-end running socks.
  • ANTI-BLISTER - Say goodbye to blisters and chafing. Our Razer socks are made with ventilation zones, that wicks away sweat. Enjoy a super breathable sock thats built to last mile after mile whether you are running, hiking or walking. Keep you feet bone dry and blister free no matter what you are doing.
  • ANTI-ODOR & PERFORMANCE CUSHIONING - Our socks are treated with Polygiene Stay Fresh Technology and are odor-free! This means you can wear them more and wash them less. The socks comes with cushioning in the toes and heel areas. We have designed them with a compression arch & a tight elastic at the top of the cuff to prevent dirt & reducing the chances of irritation through dirt and grit. This sock was tested to excel for all running, walking and hiking activities.



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Save our Ocean

Recycled Waste

Waste into Nylon

Our Designers

100% Recycled

Recycled Waste

The majority of waste that enters the ocean each year is plastic. So we aim to do something about it. We collect and reuse this plastic waste and give it a second life

Waste into Nylon

With our partner Econyl, We collect and reuse the Plastic waste from the Oceans. Where a unique process produces a 100% regenerated, first class, nylon yarn

Our Designers

Our designers then start the extensive process of designing, testing and prototyping our Performance wear. Putting thousands of miles of testing on each design

100% Recycled

Our sock range encompasses Performance, Comfort, Quality and 100% recycled fabrics

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The Rockay Team

Our Team comes from all over the planet to bring their unique skills to Rockay. Our Designers and Athletes, never stop developing, perfecting and repeatedly field testing our products. Each person involved in our process, works with relentless determination, to ensure our products fulfill our core values.

acc Agile 20four7 flare flare Vigor Accelerate Agile 20four7 Flare Razer Vigor Anti-blister Seamless Knit Compression Arch Arch - Arch Arch Graduated Calf & Arch Compression, 16-23 mmHg Cushioning Level Medium No High Medium High Medium Sock Height No-Show No-Show No-Show Quarter Crew Knee 100% Recycled Anti-Odor Technology Prevent Blisters
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Package Dimensions: 6.69 x 3.78 x 1.38 inches
  • Date First Available: November 20, 2019
  • ASIN: B081S46HFQ
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #13,469 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #98 in Women's Athletic Socks
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    • #29 in Women's Running Socks

    These socks are quite possibly the most comfortable socks that I have ever worn. I wear a size 7 in shoes and I ordered the size small and they fit perfectly. They stay in place without slipping down or bunching up while walking and running. The seamless design also prevents the friction that you would sometimes get when your socks rub between your little toe and your sneakers and so I really liked that. As a someone with high arches, I absolutely love the arch support that these socks provide. The quality of the fabric is impeccable and it's hard to believe that these were made from recycled materials. I'm not sure just how they got recycled materials to be so comfortable, but they did it. I would highly recommend these socks to anyone looking for a terrific pair of running socks. Not having to wash them all the time due to the stay fresh technology is also a huge plus! With these socks, you can enjoy a great run while helping to save the planet all at the same time.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the material. It far exceeds most clothing items and lifestyle gear I’ve purchased on Amazon. As someone who wears Bombas daily, my expectations are set high when it comes to socks. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect the product to meet my expectations. I was wrong.

    The material was durable, soft, and a perfect fit for my foot. These socks were much more comfortable than I could have ever expected. After washing, the quality didn’t falter like you normally see with socks. It stayed true to its original size and looked like new.

    One thing I noticed right away was that the material held in any moisture or sweat after my workout. Normally I’ll see sweaty footprints on the floor or mat when I take my shoes off and this was the first time I didn’t. Because these are made from Polygiene treated material, I didn’t have to wash the socks after each use. With an investment like this, that’s a huge selling point because I can still get multiple uses without having to do laundry after every workout. They also didn’t hold on to any odor or moisture when I laid them out after my workout.

    I would highly recommend these for anyone with an active lifestyle. They are extremely durable. Extremely! I was really surprised by this, as I mentioned above. Mostly because I haven’t had a lot of success with clothing items and fitness gear on Amazon when it comes to sustainability. Even after washing, the socks were just like new.

    I’m not usually one to work out in crew cut socks because they tend to roll, but I was surprised that they stayed in place during my whole workout. Whether I was running, doing HIIT workouts, or strength training, the socks didn’t roll down or bunch around my ankles. I have most muscular legs, so this fit isn’t the best option for me, but these were still comfortable and served a purpose during my workout despite that.

    Also, turn around time was impressive. Shipping was a lot faster than expected. Given the current COVID-19 crisis, I expected a lengthy delay, as I’ve experienced with most other products I received. Not only did I get this product quickly, but it arrived faster than I expected.

    Plus, the company focuses on selling products that are sustainable and good for the environment. I would like to see some new color options, but that's the only comment I have in terms of looking for more with this product. Overall, this company got it right. Sleek design, environmentally friendly products, great customer service with fast shipping times, durable material, and a great, supportive piece of workout gear that makes exercise comfortable and effortless.

    Razer has the feel and design to be your "all day" sock - looks good enough to wear to work or whatever else you do (and comes about 1/3 way up your calf), but also has the fit, feel and "tech" to withstand your run. I don't particularly care how my running socks look (most are various forms of white and gray), but it's good to have a running sock that actually looks good while still being a running sock. Or, to put it another way, an all-purpose sock that can go out on the run and be right at home in either place. Especially with some *other* fashion-performance sock companies jumping all sorts of sharks in their designs (they may actually have sharks jumping on a sock at this point), Rockay is hitting lots of sweet spots here.

    The material makes these very sleek - compared to the Rockay Accelerate you'll feel like you have more room in your shoe, so depending on your shoes, the weather, the run you have in mind, having a few options will keep you fully covered.

    You can easily wear this one a few days a week (sometimes a few days in a row) and it won't stretch or smell or anything like that. Summer was already over when I bought these so they didn't get the full stress test, but a couple weeks of regular usage approximates one summer day, I figure and I still haven't felt the need to wash them.

    These socks are very light but appear to be well made. Looking at the materials, you get the sense that high quality fabrics are being used. I also love that quality materials like these are actually made from upcycled materials (100% recycled)! Design is one area where these socks really shine. The black and lime combination I ordered is awesome. Great colors and great look. The back of the sock has a very sleek design, as well as a reflective sticker. I also love the #sustainablespeed in the inside top of the sock. A perfect extra bonus that shows Rokay going the extra step to make these socks special. I ordered a large size sock to feet my size US 8.5 feet, as indicated on the table on Amazon. These socks fit me snuggly but just how I would want them to fit. They stay up and seem to be constructed to last. Also the socks are very breathable and did not make my feet hot at all (I used these socks on a few quite hot days!). I would buy these socks again in a heartbeat!!

    These are a great thin running sock! I didn’t get any blisters at all while I ran, hiked and dancing in these socks over the last few weeks. I really liked that they were made from recycled plastic waste. The anti-odor coating works great, I tested this by doing 5 workouts without washing them. I think these would make great backpacking socks for a multi-day trip. And they will be great for traveling once we are allowed to travel again. These have earned a place in my bag on my next trip!

    The only down side is they could be a little thicker to cushion my feet better for running on pavement. And the thinness of the socks makes them less able to wick moisture away when you run through a puddle. Otherwise these are a great addition to my workout clothes.

    Being as active as I am, it's really important to have the right socks for my workouts. I used to think that there wasn't really much difference between everyday socks and sports socks, but I was very wrong. These socks are not only extremely comfortable but they are also very durable. I've been using them now for a couple of months and they are showing no signs of wear. They don't slip, they have sweat-wicking properties which means that your feet don't feel as though you've just walked through a river, and they also have and amazing echo-friendly aspect. I am very passionate about keeping the ocean clean and plastic-free. When I seen that these socks are made using upcycled ocean waste I was thrilled. My biggest issue with sports socks is usually the stitching starts separating, but so far this hasn't happened at all. Another great feature is the anti-odor tech that is used. Overall a great pair of socks for all types of sports and gym sessions and they are helping to keep our oceans clean.

    I’ve been looking for a good sock for a while and considered Injinji and Darn Tough. I’ve never used a fully synthetic sock before - especially for running. I’ve used the Razers now a few times for some short runs and intense Peloton sessions. I’ve found them comfy on the runs despite the lack of cushioning I’m used to in a running sock, though interested to see how they stand up when I’m running long distance again. Also interested in how durable they will be long term as they just feel a little flimsy - like I’m going to put my fingers through them when I pull them on!!