Julbo Vermont Classic Mountaineering Sunglasses with Spectron 4 Polycarbonate Lenses and Total Cover Eye Protection


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  • THIS PRODUCT IS DESIGNED FOR: Adventuring in extreme conditions. With a classic look and the high quality of Julbo’s historied Mountaineering sunglasses, these offer unparalleled eye protection for any activity
  • TOTAL COVER: Leather side shields and a design developed for use on glaciers provide complete coverage and protection from the sun
  • FIT AND STYLE: Round glasses and leather side shields offer a traditional and retro mountaineering look. Curved temple ends provide extra grip for a great fit. Multiple color options for versatility of style
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Julbo spent over 125 years building quality, performance products and stands behind them 100%. Julbo warranties all sunglasses and goggles for the original owner against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product



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Our traditional mountaineering sunglasses are timeless classics, and symbolic of our history with the mountains. Rock stars, mountaineers and Julbo fans from all walks of life have praised them to the skies. To celebrate our 125th anniversary and give our fans the sunglasses they expect, we have reissued the legendary Vermont. This is our traditional mountaineering model with round lenses and leather side shields

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Makes you feel like you're in the golden age of mountaineering without having to put fresh hobnails into your boots. I have worn them for 2+ years as my main sunglasses (I have another pair to fish with but I never wear them off the water) and they are still killing it. They've survived everything I have thrown at them. Ice, rocks, super glue (whoops!), constant abuse riding in pockets and backpacks before sunlit hours. They are comfortable enough to wear all day (and night, if you want). They kept my eyes safe on glaciers on bright days when my climbing companions complained how bright it was. The ear catch things and leather blinders are surprisingly comfortable. They will severely limit your peripherals so you have to move your head to look around, bummer, I know.

The pic is me on top of Shuksan. Yeah, I'm stoked, I know. Yeah, I look great, I know.

Only issue was during a blizzard (whiteout + 40mph winds) in the Cascades and they fogged up mercilessly but this was more of my fault than mine.

Your friends will make fun of you for the first couple weeks you wear them but then will wish they had a pair.

These are marketed as being some of the best mountaineering sunglasses around... maybe if you only intend to LOOK like you go hiking... I purchased these for a trip to Iceland I was planning and thought I’d give them a try. Boy was I wrong. These sunglasses are some of the most uncomfortable eyewear I have worn. The ear wraps dig into the back of your ears that after about 10 minutes they start to hurt. I was able to work with the positioning though so that wasn’t horrible. The main drawback is that these glasses fog up so easy that you can hardly see out of them. I’ve worn 10$ sunglasses while hiking that don’t fog up this much. I kept stopping during the hike and holding up the crew so I could wipe them. Eventually one of the leaders gave their extra pair. These glasses are too dark for everyday Wear and they fog up too much during activity that you should really just stay away from them. Pity too, they do look nice. That’s the one star...

This purchase turned out to be a real bummer for me. I have used the Julbo Glacier style sunglasses for longer than 4 years. This would have been my 3rd pair in this style. When They arrived They came in a bag while my previous pairs came in a hard shell case. The weight of the sunglasses was much lighter than the previous ones I own. The materials were much cheaper from the lenses to the "leather" for the peripheral sun block. The ear hoops were stiff and pushed my ears out while on my head. There was no way to adjust them like previous models. The ends of the ear loop rubber were cut off. The cuts were not even straight. There was no nose piece. The lenses are supposed to serve as the bridge which puts the lenses closer together. It was not a flattering look. I am sad because the previous models were my favorite sunglasses of all time! I will just have to stock up on eBay or something. They put very little effort into these sunglasses. I would not buy them no matter how much they cost. They should not have gotten out of the testing phase.

I'm writing this just so everyone can know that the side shields and nose piece are very easy to remove. The nose piece doesn't look the best and the side shields take away all your peripheral vision. Taking these components off make them look much nicer.

The nose piece comes right off after disconnecting the snap.

For the side shields there are two screws on top of the frame. Undo the screw (not all the way) and the shield pops right off with little to no effort. Tighten the screw back in and there you go.

side note- super comfortable even without the nose piece and you will never lose them off your face, they are on very securely.

Tl;dr if you are actually going to use these where they were designed to be used, buy them. If you want them for style only, read my dislikes.

Like: exactly as described. Super dark. Great for snow glare. Side light blocking works as intended. Looks fantastic. Huge attention grabber and icebreaker in Starbucks haha. They fit fine and I have a wide head. The ear loops work well when you're running/jumping about.

Dislike: every day wear is not too great if you keep the leather on. Does not fit while wearing a full faced helmet. I would never wear these while driving with the side shades on due to restricted vision. Also, walking down the sidewalk I have to take extra time to look for traffic because of this restricted vision. Also, walking around Los Angeles at sunset I can't see if anybody is approaching from the sides. Lessens awareness overall. Did not include a hard case for storage, just a soft sock.

I had it for around two months and one day traveling in Perú, preparing equipment to go to a mountain, when I was putting me on in the afternoon before the trip Julbo brokes!

I don't like when big companies make big mistakes in their products, I think in bad faith, couse they have the knowledge, technology and experience, and their products don't cost just 20 dolars. I repeat, I feel that is a bad faith design of the legs of Julbo Vermont becouse I have seen many people with exact same problem time ago, and Julbo don't fix this design problem.

So I decide to solve my problem with the big help of an artisan that cut rubber, introduce 2 strong copper cables and then she sew it with a thin copper cable. After that she sew a beautiful yellow design and the glasses looks amazing

Is it programed obsolescence?
Is it a fail in the design?
Poor materials?

Now I'm very happy with glasses because I fix it, but I don't have any plan to buy another Julbo product

I bought a pair nearly thirty years ago and when I saw Julbo were making them again I jumped at the chance to buy a spare pair, my original pair are still in use today. They are definitely my favourites.
I opened the package with great expectations but I'm a little disappointed, they were not cheap but appear, to my mind anyway, to have been produced to a budget not a standard.
Unlike the originals it is not possible to remove and replace the leather side shields quickly and easily, it requires a small screwdriver now and lens loosening which is not the best idea especially as I'm now a 'varifocal' lens user, I bought them knowing full well I would ditch the lenses.
The leather bridge shield is easily removable but could have been made better as the popper sits badly on the bridge piece.
There are no nose pads, my preferred style but be warned it's only by chance and purchase I know this, none of the photos or Julbo website info made this clear.
All in all I'm pleased with them, but I am a little disappointed, but now I have a back up and I will make them work for me. I don't like modern sports styled sunglasses so these 'retro' style sunglasses work for me, I like how they work for me.

Look awesome, comfortable and blocked the sun out really well on my snowboarding trip. Got lots of positive comments too, don’t see them very often!

Not good

Love the sunglasses, very practical for long walks in sunshine

Lovely glasses if this is what you're looking for, very dark so great for snow and really bright sunshine.

Fantastic Sunglasses! Was using them for climbing Kilimanjaro. Life savers!!!

Lightweight and stylish! My partner wears them all the time and perfect for any job. Only down side is they steam up easily so needs removing to clear them.

they fit very well actually I have nothing to say they are great

Excellent product, a bit small but good for my size. The package could have been better. The glasses came in a paper box, no other protection!

As good as I hoped.

Best thing ever

Great quality, great fit!

Los lentes oscuros que Julbo produce son mis favoritos desde que los vi en mi tío hace más de veinte años. Mis primeros Julbo son los Sherpa, muy buenos, ligeros con Spectron 3+. Después conseguí los Julbo Micropore, metálicos, más pesados con Spectron 3.
Los Julbo Vermont son mi tercer Julbo. Su armazón es metálico, muy sólido y vienen con Spectron 4.

Los Vermont se han vuelto mis favoritos pues se sienten muy sólidos, por el diseño de las "patas" se ajustan de manera muy segura al rostro. El Spectron 4 es el cristal más oscuro que produce Julbo y es super comodo en un día soleado. Las "patas" son semicirculares por ello se ajustan fijas en las orejas.

A diferencia de los Micropore o Sherpa, no incluyen un estuche sólido. Por lo demás, son fabulosos.

The most fantastic steampunk style goggles I have ever bought. Five stars for sure.

Poco que decir de ellas. Un tanto llamativas si, pero cumplen una función muy buena.

Protegen como ninguna y con el tipo de patillas que tienen, imposible que se te caigan.

Por otra parte, la clásica pregunta de si se pueden quitar las partes de cuero: la respuesta es SI, pero... Para las laterales hace falta quitar un tornillo que abre la zona donde está el cristal (cuidado si lo intentáis porque puede caer), el problema que veo es que si lo haces mucho lo mismo el tornillo o la rosca se estropea y te quedas sin nada.

Destacar que las negras tienen un cristal que según ellos no es recomendable para conducir, supongo por la oscuridad, o porque tiene algún sistema antidestellos.