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  • neoprene
  • Imported
  • Should fit snug, but not too tight
  • XSPAN TECHNOLOGY: Exclusive ultra soft material made with 4-way super stretch neoprene.
  • COMFORT: Carefully designed visor constructed as an anatomical fit for maximum comfort during diving and snorkeling.
  • DURABILITY: Spot taped at stress points and flatlock seams provide a smooth interior and exterior surface to ensure maximum comfort and durability.
  • COMFORT: Using lycra trimmed arm, neck and waist openings allow for extra comfort while participating in water sports like diving, windsurfing, paddleboarding, surfing, etc.


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Neosport Men's XSPAN 5/3mm Hooded Vest

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  • ASIN: B0876XSZFX

I bought this to replace a worn out 5/3 hooded vest from Xcel. This one is comfortable and will get me by until I switch to my winter suit, but it is inferior in several ways. Most notably, is the Neosport is not a true 5/3 vest. Whereas, the Xcel has a 5mm chest and back with 3mm stretch panels in the sides, the Neosport is 3mm throughout the entire vest area. As far as I can tell, the only 5mm neoprene is the center panel of the hood. The Xcel had a full 5mm hood with 3mm around the face. It will add some warmth, just not as much as I expected.

I've only used it once, so, I can't give a full account of durability. However, I do not expect it to last nearly as long as my previous vest. After that single use, there are already "runs" in the outer nylon covering. But, hey, for the price what can you expect?

On the positive side, it is soft and comfortable with a good amount of stretch. For what I paid (Warehouse Deal), I can't complain too much. If it was full price, I'd spend a few extra dollars and get one from the higher end brands.

This was great for wearing under my wetsuit on a night dive to keep me warm. The vent on top of the hood didn't seem to work terribly well for letting excess air out, and I felt oddly buoyant with the hood up, but this is my first experience with a hood, so that may always be the case. It fits pretty snugly around my face and it was a tiny bit difficult to shove all my hair up inside it. FOLLOW THE SIZE GUIDE - if you have never bought any wetsuit-type attire, you will be surprised at how the sizes work. I'm nearly always a 4 in clothing, but I always wear a size 8 wetsuit - same with this item. My measurements fit right in the size 8 guidelines and it fit perfectly.

Actually I really like this hooded vest. It's nothing to rave about, but does keep my noggin nice and warm.
No more squeezing a hood unter the collar, only to have it not stay in place anyway.
Also, as opposed to other hooded vests, I did not feel constricted.
I have quite a thick neck and big Adam's apple, so that easily happens unfortunately -even with dress or polo shirts.
(to clarify: I ordered this through my wife's account)

BUT... had to rate it down one star, because the sizing seems to be somewhat off. While the hood fits perfectly, the vest itself is quite loose around the waist and likes to travel up.
In keeping with the advice for other NeoSport items (i.e. their great skin) I conservatively ordered XL.
After a few dives with it, I now know: too big, should have gone with L.
You live, you learn, I guess...

I also concede: Getting a perfect fit for everyone is probably impossible

We used this under a 5mm full wetsuit to boost core insulation as well as reduce flushing. The insulation alone is helpful but if by adding this to your current setup you can reduce the amount water flowing in through your neck and eliminate extra space in the suite it has the potential to double your warmth. As with all wetsuits a snug fit is critical to achieving max performance so this might not work for everyone as well as it did for us. In our case it drastically improved the fit and performance of a loose full wetsuit for a fraction of the cost of getting a new one.

Overall I pretty much liked this. Good torso length and fit. Great material feel. One of the stretchiest vests I tried (out of 11 total). The neck seal was very good, however there is an excess of material above the neck seal around the earlobe / jawbone area. It's almost like they failed to taper this region of the neoprene so it formed a big air pocket. I was worried that this would fill up with water. Bummer because I really wanted to like this otherwise.

I first off my chest size is 49 in. and waist size at my belly button is 43 in. I originally ordered a XXXL and it fit a little loose for my liking. I ordered a XXl and then started the return on the XXXL. The seller was awesome to work with and refunded me my money as soon as I printed the return label. The XXL shipped very quick and it was perfect fit for me. I have a 22 in. head so I usually wear a Medium hat and it fits great. That being said the material is very stretchy and I think it would be comfortable for a large or passably a XL head. I have a longer torso and the vest length was perfect reaching my belt line. I like that I can slide the hood back off my head when I don't want it.

Just about perfect. I think a 5mm hood is right where it's at. 3mm is a bit too thin for water that you'd need a hood in. And 7mm feels too constricting. Feels very well made, is nice and stretchy and best of all, they're true to their size chart. Which is more than I can say for some wetsuits I've bought online from other manufacturers. Time will tell how durable it is, but for $50, I couldn't imagine you could do any better.

This is a good product. It is well made and very stretchy. But the fit is a size too small. I bought one in XL going by their size chart. No way! The model wearing it on the item page does look stuffed into it, so maybe it's supposed to fit tight, but it was too tight and too short. With the hood down, it was chokingly tight around the neck. I sent it back and order the 2XL. I hope that will be big enough....

Exactly what I wanted to extend kiteboarding season. Nice fit. Inexpensive. Fast delivery. I can wear it under my full length wetsuit.