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  • HRM-Run provides 6 different rynning dynamics metrics: cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time, ground contact time balance, stride length and vertical ratio
  • The strap is comfortable and easily adjustable
  • Real-time data can help athletes take their performance to the next level by showing them where they can improve their running form
  • Model number: 010-10997-12


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The HRM-Run heart rate monitor provides the most advanced running metrics to high-end Garmin Forerunner running watches. The strap is seamlessly comfortable and easily adjustable while the module is small, lightweight and fits entirely within the width strap.

Product information Style:HRM-Run Product Dimensions 6 x 3 x 2 inches Item Weight 3.2 ounces ASIN B01708T7NA Item model number 010-10997-12 Batteries 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

So like the title says, this thing WAS great. I loved the running dynamics, but most of all, when I do weight lifting I like to know my HR as well. Because my Fenix 5 has issues with accurate HR readings when lifting weight, this was the solution. The running dynamics are great for when you care about your form and style. I'm going to say extremely accurate, I did tests when I was at the doctors, and the HR was within a beat of the machine. All of this would make me give it 5 stars, but after 4 months, it was time to replace the battery. Since replacing the battery, it doesn't pair or get discovered. I did what Garmin's lack of online support says to do, and instead went through their forums only finding suggestions for the older devices. Kind of a disappointment. For something designed to last for a few years, the value has basically come out to $20/month, just outside of the Garmin Warranty, I will not be replacing this for another $90. Thank you, but no thank you.

You can no longer remove the heart rate module off the strap. If the strap breaks then you are done. If the module breaks then you are done. Mine died after 3 months of use and Garmin is only willing to give me a new battery to fix it - yay. I had the previous HRM Run for my Garmin 620 watch - in fact I had 4 of them. Not the straps, but the actual modules. They worked great when the factory battery was inside but EVERY time I changed out the battery it would fail with 2-4 days. The replacement batteries would ALL drain immediately - as if it never turned off even when unplugged from the strap. I honestly feel there is some internal setting that if the factory battery drains or is replaced then the setting trips and all future batteries are just instantly drained. I suspect the same crap with these bands and modules. I honestly wish to never buy another Garmin product just because of how crappy these straps have been.

I've had mine for 18 months. I've replaced the battery a couple of times (pretty long life actually). But now, the heart rate is spiking in the mid 240s-250s. I never get an accurate reading. I really thought I had to have some kind of heart issue after my last run showed an average heart rate of 215 with a max HR of 253! Since I didn't look at my heart rate until I synced after the run, I couldn't manually verify the reading. I took a couple days off (I was sucking wind during the run and thought I was getting sick) and then tried again. As soon as I put the HRM on, it started saying I was at 244 bpm. I hadn't even started to run. I immediately pulled it off and threw it in my office and my wrist HR was down in the 60s. I then changed the batter in the strap. Still, it read in the 240s at rest. I then tried some strange thing that a forum said to do about flipping the battery around for a minute, then taking it out, etc. Still, it is reading in the mid-240s at rest. It is very disappointing that I have to fork out another $75 for a new one after just 18 months. I didn't even use it every day as I was injured for several months during that time and couldn't run at all. It gives great data when it works, but unfortunately, it just doesn't last very long. For how expensive it is, I would hope it would last longer.

This worked great while the battery lasted. I replaced the battery when the original one died and the strap worked for one more day then no longer. This is the second garmin HRM where this has happened. It’s too bad because it’s a cool product - just very poor quality. I’m going to contact garmin to see if I can get a replacement.

July 26 2019- Here’s an update. Garmin replaced my last HRM and this one lasted 9 months before dying. This product captures good data and is great while it works. Too bad that the lifetime is really not tha long. If you get this product, my experience, based on three different units, says that you won’t get through a year before having to replace it. Also, for reference, I use it for about 90 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

I’ll update my rating to 2 stars because of the data it provides, but to get any higher it has to last longer.

Have purchased 4 of these in 4 years. They never last more than a year. Seems very probable this is done on purpose by Garmin to generate additional revenue, after all what are you going to do? If you have a Garmin watch, either use this or you don't get HR data. Very disappointing. Can't return or send an email to Garmin because their "support" website doesn't work.

Shame on you, Garmin. Wife and I got one of these each - hers sporadically started having connection issues and had to replace the battery this week, then it finally died. Thankfully Amazon exchanges are faster than Garmin's support. These units clearly have some QC issues with them - for $80-100, I'd expect these to be more durable than the old Polar straps I used to use for five years straight.

If you have a Garmin ecosystem already and want the RD functionality, get it. But be ready with a spare if you need HR strap data, they will die on you.

This was great for the first 6 months and then I needed to replace the battery. After the replace I had to continue to replace the battery weekly. The good thing is Garmin replaced it no questions asked. I just had to return the defective item.

I had the old HR monitor that I'd paired with my Garmin Fenix 3. I liked it alright. It wasn't the most comfortable, and it only transmitted the heart rate. I found it functional in that regard, but it wasn't nearly as cool as this new monitor is. This thing is awesome.

This new version is more comfortable, slightly easier to put on, and connects quicker and more reliably than the older one. In addition to that, the data it tracks and displays is nothing short of incredible. It tracks and displays (via the Garmin Connect app or website) vertical oscillation, gait imbalance, ground contact time, and it even calculates VO2 Max to a degree. The way the data is displayed on the app or website is interesting and offers insight into my workouts like I've never seen before. I read about it before purchasing, but after using it, I'm pretty impressed. I used to not really care if I wore the old on every run, but this new one? I love it.

Très bon produit, la ceinture Garmin HRM-Run dispose d'un système de réglage facile et intuitif. Lorsqu'elle est en place, elle ne bouge pas et se laisse oublier durant l'activité.

Un gros avantage de cette ceinture est le panel d'informations qu'elle offre, car elle ne se contente pas de juste donner la fréquence cardiaque !!
Vous disposé également d'une analyse de votre foulée, temps de contacte au sol, oscillation verticale. Ces données pourront être visualiser sous forme de graphique coloré (voir photo) grace à l'application ou le site Garmin connect.

Concernant l'entretien, rien de plus simple puisqu'elle peut passé à la machine à lavé (à 30°)

Les avantages :

- Données cardio précises
- Informations clairs grace aux graphiques sur les applications dédiés
- Analyse de la foulée (temps de contact au sol, oscillation verticale & cadence de course)
- Lavable en machine

J'espère que mon retour d'expérience sur cette ceinture cardio vous sera utile, si c'est le cas merci de me le signaler avec le bouton "Utile" ci-dessous.

Nine days after I bought the HRM sensor, it stopped working. I bought it because the heart rate monitor on my Fenix 5 plus became erratic. I'd read the part about using a drop of washing up liquid once a week etc, but it hadn't worked. I'd started the process of returning the monitor and wondered if I should have bought a FitBit instead of the Fenix. Giving the HRM one last chance, I put around 4 drops of washing up liquid onto a micro-fleece cloth doused in hand hot water and gave the HRM monitor a good wipe down. It's worked perfectly since then. I tried the same on the Fenix and the heart rate monitor sprang into life, and it too has been fine since then. So I've revised my ratings from zero to 5.

Un super capteur avec de n ombreuses fonctionnalités !
Malheureusement, soit l’obsolescence programmée soit une maladresse de son concepteur touche ce produit.
Il est en effet impossible de changer la ceinture textile alors que celle-ci s'use relativement vite.
Bilan, quand la ceinture sera abimée vous serez bon pour repasser en caisse alors que le capteur sera lui encore pleinement fonctionnel.
Il y a un non sens évident, d'autant plus à l'heure où les produits écologiques sont les mieux vus...
Je préfère acheter le capteur de base à environ 40€ (la ceinture textile peut être changée seule) et lui adjoindre le POD pour les données supplémentaires qu'offres ce capteur.

Ich habe den HRM Run als Ergänzung zu meinem Fenix 5 erworben, da mir die optische Pulsmessung während der Läufe zu unzuverlässig war. Des öfteren wurden damit zu hohe Werte, manchmal sogar weit über 100% meines Maximalpulses, gemessen. Das ist nicht nur ungeschickt, sondern macht auch alle anderen Leistungsstatistiken, die mit Garmin ermittelt werden können, natürlich kaputt.
Parallel hatte ich zeitweise meinen Polar-Gurt mit der Fenix verbunden. Aber auch hier dieses Phänomen (hatte ich übrigens vereinzelt auch in Verbindung mit meinem V 800). Mittlerweile habe ich mich damit abgefunden, dass das wohl normal sein muss. Aber die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt, und nun habe ich doch noch einmal Geld investiert.

Wie es nach inzwischen 7 Trainingseinheiten aussieht, treten diese Probleme mit dem Garmin HRM Run nicht auf. Die Pulswerte waren gefühlt immer im richtigen Bereich. Den Maximalpuls habe ich nicht mehr ereicht. Die Messungen scheinen also tatsächlich passend zu sein. Somit bin ich wirklich zufrieden mit dem Gurt.
Die zusätzlichen Statistiken (Bodenkontaktzeit etc.) nehme ich wohlwollend mit. Nette Spielerei, aber interessant.
Die Kopplung mit der Uhr ist sekundenschnell erledigt. Der Tragekomfort sehr gut. Beim Polar-Gurt bekam ich immer mal Scheuerspuren auf der Haut, hier bisher nicht.
(Lustig allerdings, dass die BDA empfiehlt, Baumwollkleidung zu tragen, damit elektrostatische Aufladungen vermieden werden. Wenn das die Sportbekleidungsindustrie hört... )
Dass der Sensor sich nicht vom Gurt lösen lässt, sondern fest verbunden ist, könnte ein Nachteil sein, wenn das Gurtmaterial ggf. einmal ausleiert. Aber das kann ich momentan nicht einschätzen und daher nicht bewerten.

Also von mir eine klare Empfehlung.

Update nach fast einem Jahr Nutzung: Zuverlässigkeit nach wie vor top. Ein absolut toller Nutzen sind die zusätzlichen Funktionen und Auswertungen wie VO2 max. etc. Bei einem Sport-Leistungstest habe ich die VO2 zwar nicht ganz bestätigt, war aber sehr nah dran.
Technisch 5 Sterne, aber:
Dass man den Sensor nicht lösen kann, ist tatsächlich ein Nachteil. So muss man den Gurt nach jedem Lauf etwas aufwändig selbst waschen. Ist man dazu mal zu faul, riecht er gleich etwas unangenehm-also nicht vergessen! Dafür zieh ich jetzt mal einen Punkt ab.

I’ve seen mixed reviews about this HRM. I have a Garmin Fenix 5X Plus. The wrist based HRM is, to put it politely way off the mark in terms of accuracy (Yes, I wear it correctly, clean it etc).
This chest based HRM is far more accurate - I run, walk, do HIIT/Circuits and CrossFit.
Firstly, the accuracy in terms of heart rate and therefore calorie expenditure, training effect etc if far more accurate and so I can properly see the impact my training has had and exactly what recovery time I need.
Secondly, the other data such as cadence, stride length and ground contact time balance is excellent.
I’ll be interested to see if this packs up in a few weeks as other people have experienced, but