Panache Women's Underwired Sports Bra


  • 48% Polyamide, 38% Polyester, 14% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Hook and Eye closure
  • Hand Wash
  • Underwire sport bra featuring ventilating mesh panels at shoulders and bust
  • Logo at front band. Wide cushioned shoulder straps
  • Uk sized bra with smooth shape with flat seams



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The ultimate sports bra especially designed for the full busted women combines comfort, maximum support and reduces bounce by 83 percent. Wide padded straps disperse pressure on the shoulders for extra comfort. Smooth inner molded cups reduce friction and improve comfort. Underwire are wrapped in silicone and sewn between fabric layers for comfortable support. Firm underband anchors the bra to the body. Lightweight microfiber fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and breathable mesh panels keep skin cool. Rather than compressing your breasts against your rib cage like most sports bras, panache sports bra individually encapsulates each one-lifting, shaping and supporting from all sides.

  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Item model number: 5021
  • Date First Available: May 2, 2019
  • ASIN: B07RD12BQ2
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    Let me break down what I just said
    Each of my double D's has the volume of a toddler's head
    Not bitchin' bout my boobies, they look superfly in shirts
    But if I swung them in your face, you'd be like, "Oh my God, that hurts!"

    Unlike Rachel Bloom, I'm actually a 36F, and this bra, you guys. It held me up through spin class where I go HARD. Totally worth it. I have the BIGGEST boobs - long and full - and it's incredible. (An incident that involved too much tequila, a double-dog dare, and a kitchen scale tells me they are 3.75 pounds each.) It's a nightmare shopping for sports bras that can take me through high impact. This one did the job perfectly.

    No seriously, this sports bra is hands down the best sports bra I have ever owned. How much do I love it? This is the 7th one I've purchased and I'm getting ready to order another.
    So let's just stick this out front and in the open: I'm a short person with huge bosoms. I play a high impact sport and am very active at least 6 hours every week in addition to several more hours of mild to moderate activity. I'm a mother of three that breastfed and the tissue changes show this. Up until this little wonder came into my life I've been relying on a a brand that rhymes with Thunder Farmer to tame the girls. At best I would call that experience "meh," especially compared to this bra. I was actually wearing two, sometimes three different brass at once. In retrospect I was clearly wearing the wrong size- actually, I would say I've been wearing the wrong size since that first awkward trip with my mom to find my first training bra.
    I digress: if you are relying on what the old lady with the paper tape measure at the big box chain store told you is your size you are probably wearing the wrong size. If you walk into a fitting and they tell you to add four inches, just walk away. This is a big fat lie. Why would you do that? If your band (or underboob, whatever you want to call it) is 30 why would you suddenly and arbitrarily say it's a 34? Once you get that through your head it's a really simple thing to figure out your cup size. Bend over, let the hanging baskets descend in all their glory, measure loosely, and you're done. For UK sizing, my underboob measured 29 (went with 30), the baskets hit 37 inches, so that says I'm a 30FF. Eight inches difference from the original band measurement. Simple. Moving on.
    In the Thunder Farmer I was wearing a 34DD because that's as big as they get. It never felt like it was as supportive as a high impact sports bra should be but it seemed like it was the best out there. Man, was I wrong. I was skeptical that I was wearing the wrong size, and even more skeptical that this bra would be the magical rainbow unicorn of sports bras. Amazon has been fabulous to work with and the return policy for Prime is more than fair, so I figured I had nothing to lose. A gamble, add to cart, two days later the box arrives, and I tried it on.
    Just trying it on was a whole other adventure that I won't spoil for other newcomers that are coming to the light from the dark side of vicki's (dirty little) secret. "Is it seriously supposed to be this tight?" "And now I'm supposed to bend over and wiggle everything into the cups HOW?" "But this is a sports bra, why are there two distinct bumps instead of tubeboob?" And my favorite "holy crap, I can see my feet when I look down. Is that what's supposed to happen when the gore actually rests against your skin?" (Note: look up what bra parts are if you don't know what the gore is).
    Again, I was skeptical, but luckily I had a three hour high intensity event the following morning and felt like it was the perfect time to take it for a test drive. First up: jumping. Let's just say that busty girls do not like jumping. Not even a little. Even if you manage to tame the girls into minor submission you can still feel your breast tissue shifting across the top of your chest, across your pectoralis muscles. After a while you start to feel it in your neck and shoulders, and eventually it creeps all the way into your lower back and ribs. So jump I did, keenly aware that this was a great test of the "86% reduction in bounce" claim. Especially since the breasts were actually separated and not mushed together into the equivalent of wrapping an elastic bandage around your chest. I'm not exaggerating when I saw I felt NOTHING. Not even a little jiggle. Jumped again. and Again. Over and over, and not once did I feel that familiar tug across my chest.
    Then it was a bunch of lateral agility stuff, then hitting (for the record, I play roller derby). And being hit. After three hours I noticed that I had zero pain associated with bounce and fatigue from trying to compensate for the bounce. I had a serious neck injury a couple years ago so I've been keenly aware of just how much pain the bounce can create in a matter of minutes. Did I say I had zero pain? Because that's a really important detail.
    Once the event was over I had another event to plan for that night, a full game with a four hour drive. When I got home I took this off. Warning- it takes a couple times wearing it to get used to the difference in how tight the band is in comparison to the poorly fitting band you may have been wearing until then. My skin was a little red where the wires sat, and there were a couple other marks on my back and small ones on the back of my shoulders from where you can clip it together for a racerback style. No biggie. After a quick lunch and clean-up I noticed that two of the three hooks had pulled away from the band rather significantly, and not in a way that I could fix, so I knew I would need to exchange it. Shrugged it off, I had to go, so I put it back on and left it alone for almost seven more hours.
    Since setting up to exchange with the first one until now I have had no problems with the replacement. I wear this for every single practice, event, work-out, and even the days I'm just going to be moving around a little more than usual. It is honestly the perfect sports bra. I love that it can be easily converted to a racerback style that provides a little bonus lift, and I can disconnect it with one hand. The straps are just the right width. They do not cut or dig into my skin but are not too wide to stick out or sit uncomfortably on my shoulder blades. I do not notice any cutting into my under arms, but it does sit a little higher than I'm used to. The fabric is lined to create support and modesty, but not heavily padded to create shapes that do not occur in nature. The underwires are slightly wider than what I find in everyday-type bras, and this creates a lot more stability in the support I experience.
    In summary: make sure you're wearing the CORRECT size bra, not what that little old lady told you it was, then give this sports bra a shot if you want great support, great shaping, and comfort. It will take some getting used to but it's worth it. If it didn't look so much like a censor bar I would wear this every. single. day. And if you have a Prime account you have no excuse to not try this. If you've read this far then take my advice and just buy it.
    Update: I lost a lot of weight after baby #3 and went down two cup sizes. I love this bra so much that I rarely wear any other bra, even for every day wear. If you take care of it by washing correctly and never putting it in the dryer it lasts and lasts and lasts. Of the seven I have one did have a wire poke out under one arm. I simply used moleskin (same kind you use for blisters) over the hole and it's been fine for over a year now. I've added pictures, including one with a thin and tight fitting tank over it so you can see that faint seams can appear with some fabrics. I'm not the fittest person and let's just say I'm no longer in my thirties so it may look like it creates rolls but it does not. That's just how I'm built, it's worse in other bras. The first few hours I wrote this I thought it was a cup size too small but it now fits perfectly. (It looked like there was the chest version of muffin top, I'm not including that picture).

    So the bra fit extremely well and was the perfect bra. The first one I ordered lasted just long enough for me to order a second in another color, and within 2 weeks of the second purchase the wires popped out on BOTH of them. First, I sewed them up and reinforced them (which the seller could do and for some idiotic reason, doesn't), then of course they not only poked out again, but started coming out in the middle of my chest instead of always under the arm. I've never seen a bra do that before, and while shopping one day it literally poked out of the front of my shirt, (poking a hole in my shirt) and a stranger pointed out to me that there was three inches of underwire sticking out of my shirt. I was horrified!!! They were great while they lasted (maybe 2 months) but I can't understand why no one has figured out how to make a bra where the wire can't poke out.

    Update: I was able to return both to Amazon as defective for a partial refund and now the price has gone up so I'm not rolling the dice on trying another one. 2 for 2 with underwire poking out and not worth purchasing again and hoping it doesn't happwn for a third time. I'm going back to Goddess bras.

    I am large chested (36FF), and it is SO hard to find sports bras made for larger busts that are supportive enough. I run and do a lot of HIIT, and this sports bra is fantastic for keeping the girls in place during my workouts! Plus, it is very comfortable and made of a soft material. Highly recommend this sports bra.

    This bra has been a life saver for me. I first found it at a boutique about an hour away from my home where I was fitted. Since, I've been buying online. As a 36H, exercising was always uncomfortable, but this bra makes it possible. I feel well supported and separated. The extra clasp in the back to make this bra a racerback style is awesome.

    Howeverrrrr, after owning at least 12 of these bras in various colors, without fail, every single one of them has had an underwire problem. Within just a few months, the underwire begins to come out of its inside casing and becomes uncomfortable. Then of course, once it comes out of the material, it's pretty much ruined. This has happened both under the ams and between the breasts.

    I did try this same style but without the underwire, and for someone of my size, it was no good.

    I highly recommend this bra as I feel it will help keep you comfortable. But beware - it won't last you very long.

    I ordered this bra in a 32FF after trying it on in Bravissimo. I do a lot of running and training and, quite frankly, it's the best sports bra I've ever used. I've now ordered more in different colours!

    The straps at the back can be adjusted to wear in a racer back style. My only niggle with this was that it was a two-man job - I couldn't do it by myself! Wearing it in the racer back style reduces bounce considerably more than the normal way but, either way, it's much better than any other bra I've used.

    It's true to size - my normal bra size is also a 32FF. The cups are padded to reduce chafing, the material is soft and the straps are nice and wide. I've previously used the Shock Absorber Run bra, and found the Panache Sports Bra a MASSIVE improvement .

    This has been my sports bra of choice for 4 years now. I've worn my true sizes from a G to a DD in many different colours - all have been comfortable and kept things where they needed to be (without been too restrictive)!

    Yes it is wired which was my initial hesitation but honestly this has NEVER been a problem; either digging in or beaking through.

    The material is quite thick, padded almost so it does appear bulky but once on and fastened this is not the case.

    I love this bra because - unlike other sports bras it actually looks flattering, I have 2 separate boobs not 1 extra roll!

    Being blessed (or cursed in the sports world) with the larger bust (I’m not talking DD here!) I really struggled to find a bra that offered true support for high impact sports (running and tennis).
    I’ve tried various brands over the years (and a great deal of wasted money) but thought I’d give panache a go... I’ve now ordered 2 of these! Perfect fit (size as stated, no mono-boob) fantastic support, minimal bounce and above all they have the advantage of ‘normal back’ or ‘racing back’ (use of a clasp) so I can now get away with certain tops!
    I will honestly never waste my time or money on another sports bra make!

    I thought I would love this bra. I thought it would hold me down and make me feel much smaller and supported. It was well made but the sizes were way too small. The back was more like a 28 at a guess. I ordered the 32 H after being measured in a department store, so I was hoping to be relatively close to my size. I could not get this on around the back size. I cannot comment on the cup size as I could not get it on, but I suspect that was fairly true in size. Would it have made me feel like I had just one boob all squashed into one place? Yes it would have. I was gutted because it was so well made. I returned it and was promptly given a refund so thank you amazon. I'm sure others will get on well with it if they manage to order the correct size for themselves. I don't want to put anybody off from buying it. Smaller chested ladies might be able to fit in it better than me. A good price and good quality bra just a shame it didn't fit me.

    i am a 28 inch chest, and this did come really tight under the bust. so stretched it over the chair back for 2 days. still pretty tight and definitely keeps everything in place while I'm doing sports but I'm aware of the tightness still so dont wear this much. going up a size would make it a bit slack. i was hoping it would slack off but it hasn't. i used to love the secure feeling, if not somewhat clinching but can't wear it anymore as feel like I'm in a straight jacket. IMPORTANT..i think if under the bust is just right... it would be a fine bra, and i am clearly between sizes... the under wiring feels quite an event. i have now opted for underwired bras totally, for breast health and because i think i was obsessed about my breasts staying some ideal I've relaxed i notice everyone else has relaxed around me...

    This top is like a bra within a crop top with two definite layers. It gives brilliant coverage and the double set up means it could be worn as a top on its own rather than just as an undergarment. It holds everything very steady and has brilliant bounce prevention, it also separates very nicely as opposed to many sports bras for the larger chested lady which squishes everything flat together (causing sweating issues). I find this top is cool to wear due to the space it creates and the technical fabrics used, even though it is a bulkier item. There is a clip on the back straps to allow them to form a racerback style and in both wear modes the bra remains comfortable. The back band fastens with 3 hooks, which is trickier to fasten and the bra is firm enough to make fastening at the front and turning difficult also, however the level of support and comfort make this well worth the effort. The straps are padded and don't dig in and the band is firm and has enough padding to prevent digging in. I find a snug, tight back band provides the best support and this could also be why I find the bra harder to fasten (or turn). I do recommend a good fit though as any looseness in the back band will reduce the effectiveness of this product.

    I purchased 30ff and 32f. I'm very pleased because it took a week to my country and service and product quality is excellent
    I have cleo(by panache) minnie 30G which fits perfect
    I saw a lot of reviews which says that the band is tight so purchase a larger band size but I think
    30G will be perfect for me. I usually wear tight one and band 30 is slight tight than my bras.

    한국 분들중에 혹시 리뷰를 보는분이 계실까 해서
    한국어로도 남깁니다 저는 cleo 30G를 딱맞게입는편이고 이번리뷰의 panache 30ff는 쿼드붑은 아니지만 브라위로도 가슴이 약간 남아있네요 30g를 살걸하기도했습니다 영국브라 입어보신분이라면 정사이즈도 나쁘지않을거같아요 자매사이즈구입보다는 정사이즈 사신후 500원 브라연장후크사셔서 편하게입으시길바랍니다~ 영국사이즈는 줄자사셔서 bra calculator 에 수치집어넣으시면됩니다~~

    I've bought a lot of these bras in the past in various colours. I always go onto a different site to check the sizings and measure myself before buying it just in case I've changed at all since my last purchase. Great product, definitely holds bigger sized breasts brilliantly, no problems when exercising. One issue I've had, and for some reason it's only ever when I buy the black bra, is that it doesn't take long for the wires to poke through both the sizes (under the arms) and also in the middle of the bra. This is an issue if you wear the bras regularly. Not really had the same problems with the same product in different colours, so not quite sure what's so different about the black, but it's something to bear in mind if you'll be using them every day. They wash and dry well, though I always keep it on a low temperature wash and do not tumble-dry, so I can't say what would happen if you were to do so, though I personally wouldn't recommend doing so. Overall, great product, despite the issues with the wires, and would definitely recommend for larger sized women.

    I bought these with the matching briefs (Panache Women's Sports Short Plain Brief, Grey, Size 10) and they've both stood the test of time. I'm a runner (half marathon distance) who would be running at least twice a week.
    Once you've adjusted the bra, it fits well and doesn't cut into you at all. It gives great support and the padding is just the right amount and the resulting look isn't the too firm look you get with some sports bras can be. Certainly this bra doesn't give any of that over the top compression you get with some of the badly designed bras - e.g. no mono-boob!!
    It washes well and doesn't lose it's colour or stain.
    Highly recommended for Running

    This is a weird bra and was massive (as in you could fit another pair of boobs in there!) And even though similar size (on paper) to my other sports bra's this was not even close to fitting me. And I did measure and go by what the manufacturer recommended.

    This wouldn't be so bad if I bought, tried on and returned for free... but you have to pay for postage, so cost me £4.00 to send back something that was so ill fitting it wasn't ever going to be suitable. I would order other sizes, but the return costs have put me off that. I would only order if you are 100% sure on your size.

    Bra was just packed in a bag, so no protection from the postal service, so was a bit crumpled after it had been shoved through the letter box

    I bought in a 30F. Most bras I wear are Bravissimo brand and a 28FF, however in other brands I'm always a 30F and this bra fit in accordance with that.

    I've done weights, rowing, boxercise, zumba, and crossfit with this bra and it's supportive enough for me and doesn't how nipple which I hate. I wouldn't trust it for running and I wear a cage-like Shock Absorber bra for running. For yoga I wear a size M crop top as they're less restrictive when stretching.

    Very stylish but it doesn't support as well as Sovk Absorber bras. Didn't realise that this is underwired either - a concept I find strange in a sports bra. After a ten mile run the ends of the wires had rubbed a big sore in my cleavage - ouch. Also, as it's made from foam, it's very warm to wear. Will save this for short gym sessions.

    Given my size of 36G I have always been hesitant running. When I have previously exercised, I don't have any focus on any pain in my legs etc, but solely on the movement of my chest. No longer! With this sports bra I don't even notice this issue and can completely focus on my exercise. My excuses for not working out have vanished!
    If I had to find a niggle it is that I like to wear this as the Xback design (there is a little clip where you can link the straps together in the back- I find this more comfortable), but it is very difficult to do or undo when you already have it on. Might be my short arms, but I have to put it over my head like a top to wear it as an X back or get my partner to do it up for me. Tiny niggle for an otherwise great product.

    The best sports bra there is. I do horse back riding and running so I can really say this bra performs even with a fuller figure (wearing E). I took a one size smaller for the chest and one larger for the cup than my usual size to get a firm support, but taking your normal size would work as well. I was instructed to do this when I bought my first pair from a specialist shop and tried it on. I own five pairs and the oldest ones have gone through so many washes in the washing machine and they are all fine. Beware of a knock off brand that is not a genuine Panache, those have weak customer reviews although they look similar in the photos. My highest recommendations to Panache!

    I only wear Panache sports bras for my workouts ever since I stumbled upon them two years ago. I used to wear Shock Absorber bras and dabbled a little bit in Freya sports bras. Both brands either smashed my breasts to my chest, leaving me short of breath or gave me pointed breasts for no good reason.

    Panache sports bras were the first to not only provide the required support without smashing your breasts against your chest and giving you a uni-breast, but they manage to give you a fantastic shape and prevent bounce. I'm a 30G. I really don't need to have any bounce. I highly recommend this bra for any one DD+.