SIGVARIS Men's Casual Cotton 186 Calf High Compression Socks 15-20mmHg


  • TOP QUALITY: The fibers in Casual Cotton are innovative in the sense that they enhance performance and durability. We use high-filament synthetics and channeled polyesters blended with cotton which wick away moisture.
  • HIGH STANDARDS: All Sigvaris products are listed as Class 1(general edema) and Class 2(blood flow) with the FDA. Along with being ISO(International Organization for Standardization) certified, this proves that our products truly benefit customers.
  • ORIGIN: Born in Switzerland. Made in the USA. People buy and wear compression garments for the prevention and treatment of certain issues, such as leg comfort and prevention of DVT during long-distance travel and the treatment of leg swelling and vein issues.
  • SIZING: Our knitting machines regulate stitch length and yarn tension while shaping the fabric to a leg model for the best fit. The compression level of these socks is 15-20mmHg, which was crafted with the most precise sizing chart in the industry.
  • MATERIALS MATTER: Every single one of our products is made of natural and synthetic fibers and contains no animal products. Made of 66% Supima Cotton, 26% Nylon, 8% Spandex; Latex-Free, Sigvaris makes products that are effective, durable, and of the highest quality.



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We are renowned for making exceptional products that combine advanced technology and quality craftmanship with diverse styles that fit modern lifestyles.

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Established in 1864, SIGVARIS GROUP is, and always has been, a family-owned company. Founded and headquartered in Switzerland and MADE IN THE USA, our passion for helping people feel their best is why we’ve been a global market leader for 155 years and counting.


SIGVARIS Men's Casual Cotton 186 Calf High Compression Socks 15-20mmHg

SIGVARIS Casual Cotton Calf High Compression socks are designed with a flat, low friction toe seam to prevent irritation and soft, stretchable knit-in band to prevent pinching. The therapeutic fit provides ultimate comfort, perfect for everyday wear.

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Management of symptoms related to chronic venous disease

Long-distance travel

Prevention of tired, achy legs

Occupations requiring long periods of time spend standing or sitting


Excellent breathability

Only 100% microfiber sits next to skin for a soft and comfortable feel

Double-covered inlay yarns provide comfort and allow product to easily glide on and off

Anatomical shape prevents irritating rubbing and bunching


We only use the finest yarns to ensure durability and long product life.


Hand washing is best, but you may machine wash on gentle with garment turned inside out for similar results and longevity.

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Only wish the price was cheaper but I guess you get what you pay for in this case. This my second pair but I will be ordering more. Have gotten great relief with these compression socks with the number of times I have to get up during the night to urinate (from 5-6 times a night to 2). I wear these from when I get up in the morning to before I go to bed at night. Fluid build up in lower legs/ankles gets recirculated back to the kidneys when you lay down at night. Also my legs & feet just feel better wearing the socks. I am a 73 year old somewhat active man. These are also great for long car or airplane trips.

My doctor instructed me to wear these. After surgery he said it will make me feel better. Guess what, he was right! I asked him how he knew they worked. He pulled up his pant leg and showed me that he wore them as well! Well what do you know about that! So I purchased 2 pair and started also. They are a little difficult to put on at first as you roll them up your ankle and calf but you'll get the hang of it. Mine are black and they stay black after successive washings. Follow the care instructions carefully and the steps are laid out for you in the package. My legs and feet don't get so tired and aching at the end of the day. A stress and pain reliever. And no one can tell that your wearing anything other than over-the-calf hosiery. They look just like regular socks!

I have no problems with these socks. I have been wearing them for about 2 months. Originally I got them for a blood clot issue, but I exercise regularly and read that these are helpful for recovery from such things like a good leg workout. These socks seem to be good quality and do what they are supposed to do. Typically these are for older people, but I believe that younger people especially athletes could benefit from these.

I only realized that the lower pressure meant it would feel light. Sigvaris is one of the top compression sock companies around and I realized it later that it was just a superior sock over my other two (SBSox and Physix).

Very comfy and doing the job. After surgery some lower leg swelling and this item is keeping the swelling gone, not just down. Also keep in mind these are close out reduction so is one third price. If you need these stockings work plus the cotton content feels very nice. These socks are wonderful. Now I have worn over half a dozen times plus washed and they hold up. These are on closeout so the price on box said 32.99 so this is a wonderful savings.

wear out at the heals too quickly for the investment . Other than that issue a very good product, would buy again but would like to see reinforced heels and toes.

For spouse who doesn’t wear anything he purchased (not comfortable). This is for our upcoming 17 hour flight. I wear mine every work day, hands down, THE standard!

The most comfortable compression stocking I've yet tried. 2/3 Supima cotton and latex-free! Soft and non-irritating. And easier to put on/take off than most. Expensive, though, but then compression wear usually is. Should cost half as much. Still, 'will spring for a second pair because of the comfort level.
'Have worn just a few times, and so far it has held up well.