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  • Chinning triangle low roll cable handle
  • Revolving hinge, rubber grips


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Premium Cable Attachments are all made from top quality steel with brushed nickel finish. Bars allow for more concentrated movement than a rope attachment. Ergonomic Thermoplastic Rubber handgrips are textured for greater comfort and safety.

Product details Style Name:Low Pulley Bar
  • Item model number : 619P
  • Department : Mens
  • Date First Available : October 9, 2017
  • Manufacturer : Power Systems
  • ASIN : B076BB8S16
  • Best Sellers Rank: #107,666 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #171 in Strength Training Pull-Up Bars

Built quality is par excellence and definitely commercial quality. If you are chasing premium equipment than don’t hesitate to buy this unit. HOWEVER, it is not as pictured. The picture in the product page is much less angled than what you actually get. It’s much more of an aggressive “W”.

Although some prefer this, i don’t. The aggressive W ends of the bar lead to more of a neutral grip (wrists turned in/upright) and it doesn’t allow me to isolate the tricep head I want.

Ended up with the cap version, which is 75% of the build quality at 50% the cost, but the big plus is the flatter “W” angle.

This Power Systems single handle is pretty awesome, it's built really sturdy, comfortable in your hand, spins freely Etc and compared to my much cheaper Cap handle that I bought before where the metal hit right on the top of my wrist joint this handle hits or touches my wrist at the end of each movement maybe an inch higher up my arm so then it doesn't actually hit on my wrist joint itself plus the metal is flat compared to round so it doesn't hurt at all which is what I was hoping for when I ordered it but I'm going to have to give it 4 stars instead of 5 even though it's a great product because my handle came appearing used like somebody might have had it for a while either at home or maybe even in a gym for a few years and sent it back possibly because the metal has a lot of nicks in it and the plastic or rubber handle part has a lot of scratches also so it doesn't really look new at all but it still functions as it should and it's really durable and a great product still but because of that I have to give it 4 stars out of 5 because when we order new products from Amazon or anywhere we expect to receive a new product and not a used product but this is a great handle though no doubt about it, I highly recommended it even though it is somewhat expensive for each handle but it's the best metal singular handle that I've used so far personally, I just wish it was really new like it was supposed to be!

Perfect curl bar for cable machines. I used a straight bar for biceps curls for almost two years, when I developed pain in my wrist and elbow. The straight bar is great for maximal biceps gains, but I ended up paying for the abuse as a result of unnatural mechanics. This bar has a bit more of an angle to the bar than most of us concerned about “supination” and “biceps gains” would envision, but I can tell you that using this bar has been nothing but amazing. My wrist and elbow pain disappeared after 1-2 weeks, I feel biceps activation like never before, and I believe I will work with this bar for a long time!
On another note, there is a cheaper cable curl bar available through CAP, which I have tried as well and would stay far away from. It is machined poorly and catches like a ricochet due to machining imperfections with any load. I tried two of these bars with similar results. Also, the shallower angle still hurt my wrists and elbows. Disappointed in CAP, I would chose this slightly more expensive bar anytime. It is very well made, sturdy, and smooth! Highly recommended.

More expensive than similar bar attachments elsewhere, but definitely worth the money!

I just used this for the first time today and EXTREMELY happy with the solid build, quality, smoothness of the swivel connector and rubberized handle coverings. It works great with heavy duty bands connected to a door if you don't have a pulley system. Triceps, biceps, and shoulders can be easily done with the bar.

It doesn't have a bright chrome finish like what is pictured, but rather it is more of a brushed nickel (darker than chrome) but I like it. Overall it is much BETTER than the ones at my local gym. The rotating connector is extremely smooth and silent.

The bar still had a oily finish from the manufacturing process so it took awhile to clean that off so my hands didn't slip, but other than that, I am very glad I purchased this bar attachment.

I had first ordered a CAP bar that was half the price, because a curl bar is a curl bar, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. The quality of that bar was so bad it looked like it had been used for two years in a commercial gym, so I returned it for a replacement. The replacement was the same! Swearing off any future CAP purchases, I decided I'd shell out the $40 for this bar- and I wasn't disappointed. This bar is very well made with great finishing; they even grease the collar before they send it out. I have no doubt this will be the last bar I'll ever need to purchase. Don't even hesitate if you're considering purchasing this bar, it's definitely worth the price and you won't be disappointed.

I just received my bar and I’m already impressed by its quality. It is wide and sturdy just like the ones that my local Y. As one reviewer mentioned, the finish is brushed nickel, not shiny chrome like pictured. The finish is not an issue to me and I actually prefer the brushed nickel finish. The whole bar has a heavy professional feel to it. Make sure that the oil wiped from the metal. I’m not sure if it’s from the manufacturing process or if it’s a rust preventive, but an old rag should do the trick. I would absolutely recommend this bar.

This thing is stout! A large pipe wrench, sledgehammer or landscaping stamper comes to mind when you’re holding it. I’ve only used it a couple times with the full stack on my cable machine to test it. The pivoting center piece performs flawlessly. I can not hear it moving regardless of the weight being used. There is zero binding throughout the full range of motion. The grips are a real plus! They make the user think/feel he/she can lift or pull more weight! I love them. If I had to give one negative comment about the bar it would be the length. At 30” it’s just long enough to accommodate me. I’m 5’8” and have slightly longer arms than average. The bar puts my reach a couple of inches outside of shoulder width. But, I can’t imagine 5’10” and taller guys being ok with it. Other than that, the bar is perfect for my use! I would recommend it highly.

This is a serious peice of equipment. But if you want a pro attachment. I am extremely picky sometimes too picky and this thing impresses me to no end. The weight is about 8 to 10 lbs and the rubber grips are super dense and I highly doubt I will wear them out. The curves are pretty much perfectly ergonomic to the natural wrist position when doing both front and reverse grip tricep pushdowns and bicep curls. And as a bonus the center pivot is so smooth it feels like theres a ball bearing in there. I am so happy I got This attachment. One thing that bothered me was that there was no branded packaging and the bar and grips looked a bit scuffed as it were used but it has oil on it to prevent rust which would have been wiped off if someone else used it first and frankly I don't see why anyone would return it so I will chalk the scuffs up to a lack of packaging. 100% satisfaction for me for sure. I've worked out in many gyms for many years and this is the best attachment of its kind.

Es solida, los agarres de plastico son antiderrapantes, y en general lo recomendaria si tienes una maquina de remos a la mano. Lo he tenido bastantes meses ya, y no ha presentado ningun problema.

ive never seen any of these in the gyms, and its perfect. its got a unique positioning for the lats, not to close and now too wide just perfect. no complaints, can use it for conventional rows or landmine rows. best purhase ive made in a while

Mine did not come with the clips but I have enough from previous equipment plus they are cheap to get from a hardware store. Really do like these for tricep workout much better than just a straight bar. The quality feels good so far.

Es lo que se muestra y presenta, llego en el tiempo estimado