Mind Reader 2COUGRIP-BLK Adjustable Resistance (22-132 lbs, 10-60kg) Grip Strength Trainer, Black


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  • CLEAR COUNTING - Never lose count of reps again! The integrated counter automatically tracks your repetitions as you squeeze.
  • TURN IT UP - Increase the difficulty of your grip training regiment with adjustable resistance levels from 22-132 lbs. (10-60 kg)
  • POCKET-SIZED - The compact size of this grip trainer makes it easy to pack in a gym bag, briefcase, backpack, or purse, so you can strengthen your grip wherever you need.
  • STICKING POWER - The cushioned handle features non-slip rubberized material to ensure you maintain a firm grasp on the trainer as you work.
  • DIMENSIONS - 6.5″ L x 4.25″ W x 1″ H


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Firm up your handshakes with the specially designed grip trainer from Mind Reader products. When it comes to workout regimens, the fingers, wrists, and overall grip can often fall by the wayside. Improving your grip strength and forearms can extend benefits to overall fitness and other workout routines by helping you keep a controlled grasp when lifting weights, performing aerial routines, rock climbing and similar activities. This allows for more repetitions when weightlifting, extended time on an aerial apparatus or while rock climbing/bouldering, and can even improve your typing or relieve wrist pain. The grip strengthener from Mind Reader provides everything you need to build those muscles and develop your grip with regular workouts. It’s constructed from durable ABS plastic with rubberized, non-slip handles, ensuring that it stays secure in your grasp while you use it. Adjust the resistance level from 22-132 lbs. to build your grip over time, while the integrated repetition counter keeps track as you do multiple reps. Pack it in your bag, briefcase, or purse, and improve your grip at home, at the office, or even while you’re traveling. The strengthener comes in a convenient two-pack, allowing you to develop both hands at the same time, or keep one at home and one in your desk--your workout, your way. Build your strength on-the-go with the Mind Reader premium grip strengthener. Dimensions: 6.5″ L x 4.25″ W x 1″ H. Materials: Plastic, Stainless Steel. Color: Black

Product information Color:Black Product Dimensions 6.5 x 4.25 x 1 inches Item Weight 6.7 ounces Manufacturer EMS Mind Reader LLC ASIN B08D4T6XGS Item model number Hand Grip Strengthener with Counter

These grip strength trainers are just okay. The adjustable weight feature is really nice, the grip itself is comfortable to hold, and I love how easy these are to clean. Unfortunately, the plastic feels cheap, the weight is measured in kg not lbs, and the counter is very loud.

I have had multiple grip strength trainers in the past, and almost all of them had to be retired for the same reason. They stink after a while. All of my previous trainers were made of metal or metal covered in foam. The foam-covered ones were comfortable to hold, but developed a rank smell in short order. The metal ones would eventually just smell like rusty pennies. I didn’t like the idea of a plastic grip strengthener because I was worried they would break sooner, but after replacing multiple sets due to the smell, I figured plastic would last at least as long as my others. So far, so good. I really like that I am able to just wipe these down with a disinfecting wipe after using them. Additionally, the non-slip material on the handles is very comfortable and gives me a nice hold.

At the current price of around $30, these seem very overpriced. There are other grip strength trainers that are far more affordable with similar features. My biggest concern is the plastic wearing down on these. It hasn’t been an issue yet, but I’ll update my review if it becomes an issue or they break. The adjustable weight feature is really handy and means that I don’t have to keep multiple sets on hand for different weight amounts. The measurement is in kg, however, so be aware of that. I don’t get too hung up on the exact weight, I mostly focus on the feel, so this wasn’t a huge issue for me. My biggest complaint about these strengtheners is the noise. I thought that the idea of having a counter built into the trainer was cool, but I was wrong. It’s horribly annoying. I used my old trainers mostly while watching TV or at work. These can’t be used during either of those activities because the clicking is so loud and annoying. Anyone around will quickly let you know that you are inconveniencing them.

Overall, I think that this is an okay set of grip strength trainers, but it’s not the best and I will continue my search for something better.

This pair of "Mind Reader Grip Strength Trainers" works well and they feel good in my hands. They easily adjust by spinning the gray knob to increase or decrease tension. The tension scale is in kg but no issue as it is just a guide. The rubber grips feel good and they do not slip. The spring is safe and no risk of pinching while using it. The spring is also quiet.
My gripe with the grips are their counters. I find the clicking sound when it counts annoying and find myself not fully closing the grip to avoid the sound. The clicking will be disturbing to someone nearby and would bother someone watching TV with you (which is a time I like to use these).
The counter does work but the reset button/knob does not make sense to me. It is not a button but a knob to reset the counter that you need to spin from whatever number it is on thru 00-99 to reset it to 00. Except for the counter, the grips are nice but I recommend these only if you plan on using the counter feature. If you are not going to use the counter you may also be annoyed by the clicking sound and may also be reluctant to use these while others are in ear-shot.

The Mind Reader grip strength trainers come in a set of two black for $29.99, or two light blue for $18.99. For the quality, I'd go with the light blue and save $10. These are light weight. They have an adjustment on the front for the spring tension, which goes from 22 to 132 pounds. For my older hands, I needed to turn this all the way down to the lowest setting. The bottom of the handles has a built-in counter. It makes a loud, distinctive click, each time you fully depress the handle. To reset the counter, you have to rotate the bottom knob. From 1 to 00, it takes about 10 turns, and you have to pay attention to stop at 00. This counter goes from 1 to 99. For an occasional use product, this one fits the bill. For something that will be heavily used, you may want to look for something with a better build.

I got a couple grip trainer to test. This one works well with a large range of resistance to adjust.

However, the biggest complaint is its price tag. It cost about twice as much as other trainer I reviewed. Furthermore, the unit on the grip is in kg, not lbs. I have received similar product work similarly and use lbs (instead of kg) as unit and cost way cheaper.

For these reason I don't recommend it.

These grip strength trainers are made from okay materials, and feel a bit cheap. They work well though. You can adjust the tension easily and the counters work well. You just have to make sure that you squeeze them completely to activate the button for the counter.

All in all... fine trainers.