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  • Resistance band / pull-up band supports a variety of popular workout routines at home or the gym
  • Use it for assisted chin-ups and pull-ups, biceps curls, calisthenics, stretching, and more
  • Helps target specific muscle groups and enhance strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility
  • Made from thick, durable rubber for reliable long-lasting strength; compact portable design
  • Weight resistance of 50 to 125 pounds; band measures 1-3/4 inches wide


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Product details Color:Green  |  Style Name:1 3/4" (50-125 lbs)
  • Item model number : IB1038-P
  • Date First Available : March 18, 2020
  • Manufacturer : Amazon Basics
  • ASIN : B0862YMCDX
  • Best Sellers Rank: #4,721 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #118 in Exercise Bands

I’m a personal trainer and must say I was disappointed. I primarily use resistance bands and have tried so many different ones. These lack durability and you can feel them reach the end of their elasticity very quickly. I didn’t give one star because if you are short on funds they are better than nothing but don’t really over stretch them.

I bought this primarily for beginning pull-ups, and I couldn't be happier with it. I ordered the 50-125lb version and it easily manages my 6-foot-180lb frame. It's extremely reliable and more than strong for someone my size! I like that it gives confidence in its endurance; the last thing you'd want is to have it rip back into your face (ouch!).

There aren't any tears, or fissures in the rubber. Also, when it stretches to my full standing position, there isn't any discoloration due to stress. It hangs at a comfortable height, to do a pull up you'll need to lift your leg up then step down. This is normal, and I find it's at a good height - after all you need the resistance. I find this to be a perfect match for a beginner like myself.

Not impressed with the quality. If you're on the fence about the resistance level, get the next one up. I wish I had.

1. A little longer than I expected.
2. Not as strong as I expected.
3. It has a little joint where they joined the rubber together or something, there it is weaker than the rest of the band. You can tell, this is where it will eventually break.
4. Overall quality not that great. I would say it may be worth the money as it's cheaper than others on amazon.

I wouldn't buy again. I would get one a little stronger tension or I would get a better quality brand and pay a little more. Being honest. Sorry Amazon.

I bought this Amazon Basic resistance band to replace one I've used since May of this year ('19) that has finally worn out. The original set of bands by UPowerX is no longer available, so I bought this one as a replacement. It broke the first time I used it. There were no signs of wear, or damage when I tried to use it. I don't know if it was just a defect, or a sign of quality for the line as a whole. Regardless, I won't buy another Amazon Basic band again and recommend you do the same.

In Summary, Buyer beware! If you do decide to purchase, I recommend also purchasing a pair of safety glasses just in case.

For those of us hoping buying this will help us get fit... You're on the right track.
I recommend trying as many resistance pushups as you can manage (let's say this number is 10). Then, set the goal to do four sets of these per day. It's a simple first step to get in 40 resistance pushups per day, 280 per week.
As you become more comfortable, you can work up to 100 resistence pushups per day, and incorporate different exercises, and a heightened sense of pride for not needing to leave your apartment to get fit.
I've been playing with this thing for a few weeks, and since I can now perform 40 resistence pushups in a row, doing 70 normal pushups in a row is a breeze!

This product snapped within a week. I continued to use it for other things that didn’t need the full loop, and it snapped again. Very poor product.

I was having problems doing pull ups but no more. I’m 180 Lbs and I got the 3/4(black) strap and it’s more than enough to help me achieve 10 easily when before I could only do 3 each time, it’s also helping me do them more correctly than just using any and every muscle that would get me up

Bought this to help some friends that I workout with. The band is strong and sturdy and has definitely helped develop strength in their pull-up ability. Over the course of two months I have seen one friend go from being able to do 3 sets of 3 pull-ups with this band to 3 sets of 6 and she does the exercise twice a week. Another friend who was able to do 3 sets of 8 progressed up to 3 sets of 10 before finally being able to perform an unassisted pull-up.

The one negative I saw was the little rubberband that comes with the pull-up band easily breaks, so eventually you'll need something else to keep to the pull-up band coiled up when it is not being used.

Got it on 13 march, it broke on 17 nth just after 4 days after using it for pull up, poor engineering, this thing should be QA/QC passed before supplying in the market, very disappointed. I dont want a product replacement, if you are good enough give me a refund. I was really lucky i didnt break my back on the fall when it snapped, thank god!!!! I wont recommend this to anyone. My weight is only 89 kg , mind it!!! And they claim 125 kg weighing super heavy weights can use it as pull up assist band. ROFL, LMFAO.

Was a great price point but recently snapped during a workout (negating the price advantage). Disappointing for a product less than 7 months old. Hoping to hear some seller feedback or would advise others not to use this product and would avoid it for my professional practice.

I weigh 75 Kgs and was not able to do pull-ups... But with this Band I am able to do 10+ assisted Pull-ups + slowly gaining strength to do non assisted Pull-ups.

This is best suited for the people weigh between 60-80kgs who could not do a single Pull-ups unassisted.

Just go for it. It is the best resistance band for this weight range and price.

Extremely disappointed. Bought this (red) resistance bad 2.5 years ago or so and haven't really used it at all as it is too light for ne. 3 months ago, I gifted it to my gf. She is really light (50kg) and doesn't have some power to break stuff. So during these 3 months it was used very lightly. Only with arms and not attached to any place for some really resisting exercises. Until yesterday.

It tore during exercise for legs/butt when it was attached to the door. This is one of the highest prices resistance bands around and I expected Amazon to produce high quality material, but breaks very easily.

There is a saying, you get what you pay for. This time, I didn't. Paid as if it is a high quality product, but received cheap one.

This... Is a resistance band...
It works.
If youre looking for this product then you already know what you want and expect from it.
It is a functional resistance band, feels exactly the same as any other resistance band but was the cheapest at the time i was looking