GlowV1 Night Golf Balls - Best Hitting Ultra Bright Glow Golf Ball - Compression Core and Urethane Skin - 2 Count, 6 Count, or 12 Count


  • SUPERIOR TO LED GOLF BALLS: Unlike LED balls that are hard on your swing, drive shorter than regular balls, and often cut out when you hit them too hard, our GlowV1 glow balls let you use the right club, are soft on drives, and can be used over and over.
  • TOUR-QUALITY RESPONSIVENESS: By utilizing a full compression core and a soft, urethane skin, our GlowV2 is able to replicate the energy transfer and distance of a day time ball.
  • ULTRA BRIGHT GLOW: Balls reach a complete UV charge in 60 seconds and last 7 to 10 minutes at a high glow.
  • RECHARGEABLE: You can charge your night golf balls over and over again with the 24 LED flashlight (Included).Flashlight requires three AAA batteries not included. Simply turn it on, hold it over the balls for less than a minute, and you're ready to go a full, ultra-bright power again.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you aren’t completely happy with our GlowV1 golf balls, simply return them within 30 days for a full, no questions asked refund.


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Glow V1 is the mark pioneer and leader in night golf balls with proprietary Ultra Glow technology Glow V1 is the best night golf ball on the market and very simple. Flash it, Glow it, Play It.

Instantly charges in seconds.

Pro Tour Quality

Tee up Glow V1 and Start Night Golfing

  • Instantly charges in seconds
  • Long Lasting Proprietary UltraBright Glow

  • Pro Tour Quality
  • Engineered for Glow, Distance & Accuracy

  • Glow V1 is the Longest Ball at Night
  • Tee it Up & Glow all Night

Read more Glow V1 is the best night golf ball on the market and very simple. Flash it, Glow it, Play It.

Glow V1 is the best night golf ball on the market and very simple. Flash it, Glow it, Play It.

Tee it

Chip It

Put it

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Glow V1 and Night Golf are great for:

  • Any Tournament
  • Fundraisers/Charity
  • Events
  • Backyard Fun
  • Great Gift for any Golfer!

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 Pretty awesome from a night golf ball! Feels soft and is consistent with my distances in the daytime! Very impressed!

I live on Maui and play golf damn near every day at 05:30am in the morning; 9 holes before work on week days and at least 18 on weekends and holidays. During the fall through spring the sun doesn't rise until 07:30am and it is DARK! I've been playing a different glowball brand for the past three years but my supplier is out of stock so I bought a dozen glow v2 to try out.

Overall the look and feel is the same but these are much brighter and easier to spot during the dawn transition. The other brand of glow ball is prone to breaking after about a week of abuse. Considering these have much the same cover I expected a similar outcome and today after 8 rounds my first one split. Acceptable. These are a little more expensive than the other brand but if I can get a week or longer use per ball that is also acceptable.

Even though glow balls are softer than LEDs or stick balls [see below] I still use a secondary driver just in case. All other shots are made with my regular clubs.

FWIW I tried the LED balls [junk; very hard and prone to impact black out] and stick balls [junk; feel and flight is off] and the UV infused balls are the way to go. The glow balls are nearly the same length as regular balls; maybe a half-club less. Much easier to hit and don't feel or sound like rocks.

I played the Night Sports USA Light Up Golf Ball (3-Pack) in the Glow Ball Tournament at a Par3 GC. That ball felt horrible. I still remember the 6 iron I missed hit that hurt my hands. On top that the Night Sports ball didn't travel far.

Then I found the Glow V ball. Not only is it a ball the glows it is a really good golf ball! It has a very soft feel and gets some distance like a normal golf ball should. Now I can play and practice on the course late in the evening while others have left. It still won't save you from a water hazard but that is ok!

do you night golf? Do you want to use your driver without fear of it breaking? This is for you. Normally using Night Flyers, I decided to give these a try and myself, and my friends are all impressed by the durability and flight of these balls. They stay partially lit for over twenty minutes, which makes searching for them in tall grass nice.

I'd have to say that these fly farther than Night Flyer, and are of premium materials. Very satisfied. Will buy again. Some people may not like having to use a flashlight to charge the balls, but it doesn't bother me. Having the flashlight while out on the course actually helps to illuminate other balls people have lost. So, since purchasing these I have found over 300 balls, no joke, while out night golfing. So these paid for themselves already with the flashlight.

I like to play in my private club's night golf tournament when they have it. They give you the balls with light sticks in them. Those fall out half of the time and when they don't, you still can't find them because they aren't very bright. These things are crazy bright. Just charge them with the included UV flashlight and they look like they have sun shining on them. They also hit much more true whereas the others feel like rocks. The ONLY thing bad I could say is that they work best with the UV flashlight, but only OK with a regular flashlight. But with the UV flashlight, they are SUPER bright.

These are excellent. I first tried a different type of glo-ball that lights upon impact - that type didn't work and broke after 5 or 10 strikes. This model doesn't lose it's glo-ability and is also a better quality ball in terms of distance and feel when struck. I use it for the first 2 or 3 holes when I play 9 in the AM. You have to shine the light on it before each shot, it doesn't retain it for, say, 10 minutes. The glow intensity falls off within a couple of minutes. I haven't found this to be an issue, when I walk up to a ball in the fairway I just shine it on the top of the ball for 10 secs and it's good to go. The tricky part is when the sun has come up and there might be enough light to see a regular ball this ball can actually be MORE difficult to see. There must some explanation for this, nonetheless I've had these ball for 6 months and I haven't lose one which is the best testimonial.

 I purchased these for a glow golf event and I am really happy with their quality. They are pricier than I would like, but the ball has a great design and a good visible glow. They come with a UV flashlight, making the balls very easy to ‘charge’ quickly. I have noticed that when the balls are sitting on the table in the living room, the ceiling light or even the daylight ‘charges’ them, making them glow when placed in a darker space so I don’t think you have to have a UV light to charge them. With that said, I do believe that the UV light does make them brighter. Overall, i’m really happy with this product and don’t really have any complaints!

Not Bright Enough! I was disappointed with these balls, they were hard to see and didn't stay charged up long enough. I was constantly placing them on the flashlight between shots. The only good thing was they were a little softer than other glow balls I have used making them go a little further. I certainly would NOT purchase them again.

El artículo como tal es excelente. Solo que la linterna llego defectuosa. La tapa que cierra la batería y sirve como interruptor no funcionaba. Por suerte encontré entre mis cosas una linterna similar y utilize la tapa de esta. Ahora tengo una linterna que no sirve mas pero la Glowl la pude hacer que funcionara. Ojalá me pudieran reponer la tapa de la Glow.

Buen producto, se prende y apaga poniendo la luz en la lámpara Lo he usado dos veces sin problema, dura poco su luz

Product as advertised. Quick delivery...would have been nice to have gotten batteries with the purchase price; first world problems. Haven't had a chance to use them as of yet. but the charge up nicely and glow brightly in a darkened house.

Haven’t used yet as there’s snow lol. Light up and work great. Came faster then the estimated time. Will be buying some RL’s to make a YouTube video in the spring and compare for distance and glow time.

Great night golf ball, have tried a few and these are no doubt the best night golf balls that I have used. Play like a real golf ball.

Great for night or early morning Golf. Recommended that these balls be bought rather than the LED ones which fail very fast