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  • This mixed Titleist Mix pack is a great way to experience many of Titleist's popular models at a great price, without sacrificing the quality your golf game demands


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This mixture may contain but is not limited to all model years of HP, HVC Tour Distance, Prestige, VG3, Gran Z and Tour Prestige golf ball from Titleist. PLEASE NOTE: This mix will not contain a set percentage of each model.

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  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches ; 5 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 5 pounds
  • ASIN: B00PR1MS5C
  • Item model number: Titleist Mix

Fly into the woods, sand, and water just like the expensive alternative.

I am a golfer who typically uses (3) balls a round, provided they don't ride the path or choose to take a swim. My search for refinished/refurbished/used golf balls began approximately a year ago and made my first order with LostGolfBalls. Expectations were low, based on reviews left by those buyers angered by the fact that they did not receive brand new golf balls at an extremely discounted price. Much to my surprise, I was quite impressed with my first purchase. Although I did not examine each ball under a microscope, all balls were clean and completely playable. I recently received a second order and can say the quality is consistent with the first, if not better.


if you are looking for brand new golf balls, then my recommendation is to purchase brand new golf balls. Your expectations will be better managed.

If you are looking for high quality balls, in bulk and at a great price, then this is your source.

Fast delivery, good price and satisfied overall. All the balls are NXT of some sort from 13 newer Tour and Tour/S 8 older Tour/S 24 older Tour 1 NXT 1 NXT extreme 1 NXT distance and 2 practice balls. So little disappointed that they sent two range balls. But I would say 45 out of 50 are all good and 2 of them I feel shorted on with the range balls. Send me 2 more balls that aren't range balls and it would of been a 5 star! I can steal free range balls anywhere and don't need to pay for them.

My hopes were that I could get a dozen near mint balls - and for me that expecation was that they were the newer NXT's and only looked like they played a hole or two. I am a 10 HDCP.

I counted and sorted them into 3 categories. Near Mint, Used, and Scuffed/Garbage.

For the $22 I paid, i got 17 near mint balls that I would be comfortable starting a round that wasn't a tournament or competitive round.

I had 17 balls that were good enough that I would use them as a second or third ball in a round where I have lost a ball. (depending on my score or how I am playing that day if I lose a ball I go to a used ball if I am not playing great, or a new ball if I am. and new ball if I am playing competitive golf.)

I also had 16 balls that were garbage with scuffs and were worthless.

So for me, this met my expectations as I was just hoping that for $22 I would get a dozen balls worth playing and a bunch of backup balls.

These balls are in AWFUL condition! They're nowhere close to AAAA Near Mint, as listed in the title. They are not even in "good" condition, as described on their own website condition guide. These balls are at best A to AA. I deserve half of my money back if I'm to keep these garbage balls. There are major cuts, major scuffs, major blemishes, and significant discoloration. There are also many low grade x-outs and practice models, as well as vast pen markings and promotional advertising logos.

Received package and it was label TIMIX. These are advertised as AAAA used balls. Of the 50 about 80% were DT Solo-- the lowest cost Titlest out there. I noticed some of these actually had the DT Solo logo from over 8 years ago. There were 3 labeled PRACTICE and 5 X outs in package. Condition of balls More than half were dingy and not brute as you expect in a AAAA used ball. There may have been between 10-12 AAAA balls, another 10 or so AAA. Most will wind up in my shag bag

For $30 bucks, I got fifty golf balls—all Titleist down market models. Seventeen of them were visually perfect: sharp, clear labelling with no burrs, blemishes or discolorations.

The other 33 were certainly “AAA Good Quality,” with some slight blemishes, a few very small burrs and faded or discolored labels.

There were no range balls.

Verdict: As advertised and delivered promptly. I predict they will reliably sink just as quickly as a Pro V1 right out of the sleeve.

BTW, the shipping label says they came from ‘Golf Ball Divers’ and were processed by disabled workers—that seems like a good thing.

Disappointed in the quality of these golf balls. They are rated as triple "A" good quality, what a joke.I would rate them as worse than fair. Also the pictures on the order page show all NXT golf balls, there was not one NXT ball in the bunch only 3 velocity and the rest were DT balls. If you use Titleist balls you know that DT's are the lowest line in the Titleist brand. These should not be allowed on this site with the false advertising. Would not buy again or recommend.

Las pelotas no están en muy estado, al ustedes clasificarlas AAAA me imaginé que estuvieran mejor, incluso vienen con tierra,????

Exactly as described. I will purchase again.

Pas des nxt comme demandé,mais velocity et dt solo ,bas de gamme

Okay practice balls

estan en muy buenas condiciones

Poor shape