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  • Raw Face Design
  • Thick Thin Head Design
  • Laser Etched Pattern
  • Milled Grind
  • TPU Insert


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TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Black WedgesFeatures * Raw face design begins to oxidize as soon as the sticker is removed and allows for more precise groove geometry for optimized spin and feel * Sharper, deeper, narrower grooves are made with a sharper radius for more spin * Laser etching between the grooves creates a rougher surface for even more spin around the greens * Milled grind sole ensures consistency and precision in every club * Thick-thin head design places mass where you need it for enhanced feel and optimizes the center of gravity for precise flight * TPU insert in the back cavity dampens vibration for solid, positive feel at impact * Standard Bounce is an all-purpose grind designed for players that rotate the club face open and shut during the swing * For golfers with a neutral or steep angle of attack, take a medium to large divot, or play on medium to soft ground * Ideal for full and pitch shots * Low Bounce sole has a narrow crescent shape for maximum versatility around the greens * For golfers with a neutral or shallow angle of attack, take shallow divots on full shots, or play on medium to hard ground * Ideal for open face angle shots * Stock shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold steel * Stock grip: TM Lamkin Crossline Soft Cord, .580 TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedges Loft Sole Design Length Lie Bounce Swing Weight 48A SB (Standard) 35.75" 64A 9A D3 50A SB 35.5" 64A 9A D3 52A SB 35.5" 64A 9A D3 54A SB 35.25" 64A 11A D5 56A SB 35.25" 64A 12A D5 58A SB 35" 64A 11A D5 60A SB 35" 64A 10A D5 54A LB (Low) 35.25" 64A 8A D5 56A LB 35.25" 64A 8A D5 58A LB 35" 64A 8A D5 60A LB 35" 64A 8A D5 Raw Face DesignBy not plating the face and grooves, the raw design allows for more precise geometry that optimizes spin and feel. The club face will rust over time.Milled Grind SoleThe milled grind sole ensures precision where it matters most, maximizing consistency and maintaining levels of tolerance that can be repeated across every wedge TaylorMade makes.Raw Groove Design +

Product details Hand Orientation: Right | Style Name: 60 Degree Loft, 10 Degree Bounce | Color: Chrome
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Awesome wedge.

Awesome club

Husband love loves!!

Hands down the best wedge I ever used. Never got spin on my old wedge and this one really leaves me a nice lie for some easy puts! Well done Taylormade.

Lower swing weight. Crisp shots all yardages.

Simply one of the best wedges I have used. Pure feel and consistent spin and control around the greens.

Excellent, solid impact, great bounce, tons of spin......beautiful club, very happy!

TaylorMade’s new MG2 wedges are here, and I feel rather fortunate to be one of the first to get my hands on one. I’ve been playing with this wedge for about two weeks now, and I’m basically in love. For a little background, I’m a former 4 handicap that is probably more of a 10-12 these days. Don’t play near enough to be as consistent, but feel like I still get a feel for what makes a great club. Below is my experience with the 56° MG2

First thing you notice...this club is stunningly beautiful. I got the one with black finish, and I kind of love how it stands out in my bag compared to the other clubs. I have always carried a handful of wedges in my bag... I had a Cleveland 56° and Vokey 52° and 60°. The MG2 is replacing my Cleveland, which is a BIG compliment to this club. I knew after one round that this was “bag-worthy”.

Let’s talk about the raw face. I’ve never had a raw club before, though I’ve had friends who carry them. The idea is that the club rusts a bit and that helps create a bit more grip on the ball i.e. more spin. Most clubs like this, I believe, the entire club head will rust... the MG2 is different in that only the striking surface rusts. This contrast, especially with the black club, is something I look forward to continuing to develop.

Now, the club face doesn’t rust instantly. They keep a protective plastic over the face so that it doesn’t begin to rust until you’ve purchased the club and take that off. I had hoped to accelerate the process a bit, so I sprayed a fine mist of water on the club and set it out overnight to get a taste of the results (see photos). After one night there was already progress. After that, I started playing rounds and worried less about forcing the timeline. You can see for yourself how my club is coming along. I’m sure I could have continued to speed it up, but I’m ok now with it happening naturally.

The feel of this club is outstanding. For my game, there are 2 main times I pull this club out: 80-110 yards, and from a green-side bunker. I hit two of the tightest shots I’ve ever hit with a 56° club with the MG2 from this distance, and 90% of all shots I hit felt great. The bunker shots might have even been better. I’m a decent shot out of the bunker to begin with, but this club made me feel like a professional. Saved par from the trap both times I went in on my second round playing. I know that a lot of this information is antidotal, but I really want to emphasize my high-praise for this club. It wouldn’t surprise me if I found myself getting other lofts of this club and replacing my Vokeys.

In summary, I couldn’t be happier with this club. I’m not sure how many more rounds I’ll get in this calendar year, but I will try to follow-up later with more pics as the club continues to rust.