Flextone Buck Collector Plus Call


  • New True-Touch Buttons
  • Instant Snort Wheeze
  • Perfect fawn and doe sounds every time


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Flextone put the Whole Herd in One Call. The Buck Collector produces all known vocalizations as well as wheeze sounds through one killer deer call. Its soft and flexible body allows for easy sound manipulation and changes in tone. The soft body also allows it to fold in your pack and the deer won't spook when the call hits your gun. The True- Touch buttons allow for doe and fawn sounds if the situation calls for bleat or a fawn bawl. The Buck Collector Plus is the only call you need this season.

Product details
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
  • Date First Available : December 5, 2018
  • Manufacturer : Flextone
  • ASIN : B07L4YRJZ5
  • Best Sellers Rank: #166,429 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #40 in Deer Calls & Lures

Works as expected. It doesn’t have a button for a doe estrus call which I did expect it to have. The grunt is very deep and it seems to get the attention of bucks.

I really like the flexible tube which allows me to change the tone of the grunt quickly.

The deer snort wheeze feature isn’t great but it’s something I don’t see the point in using anyway.

This is great product to have when ya need it!
I bought this one to replace an old version of another make, and this thing worked first time out!
I heard a grunt, I quickly grunted back, he came out a little bit later and that was then end of the story!!!
Killer Guide Gear - Approved!
Capt. Cas
Killer Guide Gear

Have called in many does and a number of bucks with this grunt. Called one young one in from about a quarter mile across a field to about 20 feet in front of us. Fun to bring them in for son to shoot. (More fun than shooting them myself, really.)

It’s nice that you can use it for 3 different tones and have less things to carry into the woods.

The call has a Doe and Fawn button on the underneath of the lip piece. You have to be very precise on the pressure you use for the button or else it sounds awful! The buck call is very loud and if there is deer in the area they will run the other way which happened to me a few days ago. So far I haven't been able to call in a buck or Doe. I think I'll keep using my buck call from 1969!

I did have issues in the cold Reed froze up moisture build up on Reed causes freeze up. Pull apart and clean off

This Call is Great! My son and I hunted with this during archery and got to use it a few times to catch the attention of the buck from over 75 yrds. Small buck so no shooter. My son loved it so I got him one for Christmas!

Christmas gift. My teenager asked for this as we hunt regularly. He seemed to like it and used it some. Idk if it made a difference while hunting but he liked playing with it none the less. Seemed good quality.

Called in a beautiful 8 point buck with two sets of 3 short grunts 5 minutes apart, buck came in aggressively 13 minutes after the last grunt and now he’s in my freezer.. Yumm, doe bleat works great too, fawn not so great on mine. but all in all great quality I love it

It worked well, I was able to call bucks out of bushes in two hunting trips. Did not try it in the cold weather.

This is prety straight forward tbe money this is hard to beat look up on youtjbe how to use it its an amazing tool for hunting

i have called two small bucks in from 150 yards across an open field, the volume and control is very good. Moving up the reed to switch to doe or fawn is also very helpful since you don't have to carry extra calls. Really good bang for your buck.

Very good quality and fast shipping