Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Smokin' Gun Slate Pan Call


  • The Hunter Specialties Raspy Old Hen Gls Wito is Great combo for beginners and experts hunters alike
  • Raspy Old Hen glass pan call
  • Includes carbon striker
  • Raspy Old Hen diaphragm call
  • Great value
  • Raspy Old Hen glass pan call
  • Includes carbon striker


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The H.S. Strut Smokin' Gun Slate Pan Call/Diaphragm Combo is perfect for beginner and seasoned turkey hunters alike. This 'Large and Loud' friction call with precision-crafted Walnut Hardwood pan has been stress-relieved to prevent warpage and features a slate surface that produces uber-rich seductive hen sounds with excellent volume. The included H.S. Strut® Striker lets the call sing like a real hen turkey. Includes a FREE H.S. Strut® Premium Flex Smokin' Gun diaphragm call with Infinity Latex® that 'Comes Alive' with the most realistic sounds and easy to blow performance.

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Description says it has a hardwood pan and wood striker and neither are true. Has plastic pan and hollow carbon striker which sounds horrible and is impossible to do cutting calls since it is hollow. Oh and the diaphragm call now that's another flop has a plastic frame instead of aluminum like every other call I've owned the first time using it it broke.

I am by no means an expert turkey hunter but in my limited experience, this is an excellent call for the price. I do know this much, it sounds much better than my Primos glass call. Comes with everything in the picture: slate call, diaphragm call, scotch brite pad, and sandpaper.

I did not use it out in the field as of yet, but I am happy with my purchase. It seems good and probably would last a long time. It works as I expected it to - no surprises.

Gives you more variety

just got, just used, how many birds you want???

As expected and on time.

Worked really good called 4 Toms and 2 huns.

Cheap entry level call. Works great no complaints whatsoever.

I have not owned another pot call, so I cannot compare apples to apple. I can say it was very easy to use, and with 10 mins of practice, was making some realistic yelps and cuts.

The diagram call however, is not my favorite. I've owned quite a few, and this one is very unforgiving.

If this was my first, I'd likely be frustrated and give up. I find it very difficult to get soft yelps to not be overly high pitch.

So if you buy this set, don't judge diaphragms based on this one.

Great Product and recommended to anyone who is interested.

Slate is ok. The diaphragm has a plastic rim. I need to give the rim a curve to make it fit in my mouth. Since it's made of plastic, it broke right away. Usuallu rims are made of metal...