Bushnell 24MP CORE Trail Camera, Single Sensor, no Glow_119938C


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  • Accepts up to a 32GB SD Card (not included) and operates on 6 AA batteries (not included)
  • 24 MP images 1080P 30FPS video
  • 80' No glow infrared night range
  • 0. 3S trigger speed and 1S recovery rate
  • 1 year Battery life, 2 year


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Every core trail camera is built with features inside to give you images that reveal more in the tough world outside. More speed and range to capture more useful images. More battery life to function longer so you enter their havens less. More options for preset or custom settings to maximize your camera for your conditions. All with legendary reliability that only comes from sturdy materials Built to withstand the heat, cold, teeth and claws that Mother Nature throws at it.

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  • Product Dimensions : 1.5 x 5.1 x 8.5 inches; 1.15 Pounds
  • Item model number : 119938C
  • Department : Unisex-adult
  • Date First Available : July 17, 2019
  • Manufacturer : Bushnell by Primos
  • ASIN : B07VHR6H5V
  • Best Sellers Rank: #531,033 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #905 in Hunting & Trail Cameras

This camera takes excellent day time picture but total garbage night time pictures. Most are completely useless at night. If you want a day time only camera it's awesome. If you want ANY night picture any other camera would be better. Going back to the older bushnells. Will not be buying the new model again.

Not worth it. The Mediease camera is better. Your paying for a name with this one, but the quality of this one is terrible.

Night pictures are not clear

Poor product, cheaply made.

I’ve had the pleasure to use several trail cameras. I found this one to have a standard set of options, fair amount of configurability and a nice screen. The controls are basic, M for menu, buttons for up down left right, and an E for enter in the middle.

Having said that, this camera desperately needs a well printed instruction manual. The limited printout I ha paled in comparison to the very nice manual Bushnell has online. Without first reading the online manual, the user is left to guess what the M and E buttons do. Once I downloaded the online manual (below) the descriptions and images of the options helped a lot. The manual explains what untypical things like field scan and coordinate mean.

The setup options are mostly typical but nice, the ability to choose how many photos an or how long of a video to take.

I found the daylight video and photos to be very nice. I was surprised by the nice quality. The night photos were fair. I expect grainy but expected the camera to do a bit better. The night wasn’t bad but my expectations ha been set so high from the daylight images and video.

The camera is smaller an lighter than past cameras I have used. I like the format. The latch to access the controls and display is actually a lot easier to open than any of the past trail cameras I’ve used.

Overall... this is a great compact trail camera. Once you download the Core user manual, this becomes much more intuitive and simpler to use.

Click on the Core camera on the Bushnell manual page. www .bushnell. com/trail-cameras/ (remove spaces)

I've used a Bushnell trail camera before and consider them to be an excellent value for the money, but for whatever reason, I found this one maddeningly confusing to set up. Even setting the date/time was quite frustrating, as the included printed instructions are little help and even the link to the online manual provides limited and unclear direction (and could you at least label the latch for the battery compartment please? It's super convenient, but should be marked somewhere.) Customers should not have to search through various reviews all over the web and Youtube trying to glean various clues to complete the simplest of operations. Companies should assume that at least some of their customers have never used a product of this type before or are not technically proficient and consider hiring a tech writer/graphic design team who can ensure customers are actually able to use all the wonderful capabilities their products include.

Fortunately, this trail cam is quite simplistic. Default settings will be adequate for most, and the photo quality, while not the sharpest or brightest I've seen, is more than adequate for spotting game or enjoying seeing what wildlife is hanging around your backyard domain.

This is fine for monitoring wildlife activity, but don't expect to get any great pics.
The included instructions are minimal, but the menus aren't too difficult to navigate.
It has a great sensitivity, and even captures small animals/movement.
It also works at night, but again with low quality pics.
(We had the camera placed/angled too high in these pics, but you should be able to get an idea of the photos it takes.)
So. this would be great if you want to see how many animals are in the area--you can certainly tell which animals are there, how many, etc. But if you are looking for regular camera or phone quality videos, this isn't the right choice.

I have less expensive trail cameras, without the Bushnell name, that have done a better job. day light is average although rather dull and color contrast isn't great. Night pictures are very disappointing. It has caught our resident trash panda and possum, we can tell what they are but the definition is very lacking. this would not be my first, or even second, choice as a game camera.

It is easy to set up, takes standard lithium batteries, and is durably built. The standard size sd card (nothing over 32) is easy to insert and take out.

I really want to like this trail cam but it's got a lot of cons. So i'll break it down into pros and cons.

-Beautiful picture quality (mostly in the day) at night unless it is close up, the pictures are very grainy. My WGI camera takes way better night pictures.

-Decent features and nice button layout

-Fit in a camlock box I ordered for a stealthngmax camera I bought but had to send back because it was a lemon. So at least the lock box isn't unused in the drawer anymore.

- Metal buckle on the tree strap was a nice touch. Better than the cheap plastic ones.

- Clamshell door with lock.

-super sensitive sensor, you won't miss anything at all ever... Also a con

-After buying two lemons prior, this one wasn't. Sort of, I guess.

-The animals notice it. Even though it's an invisible flash, the animals totally notice it. (See deer pic)

- Moon Phase is off by a few days and the temperature is unreliable as it can be off anywhere from 5 to 20 degrees.

- Can't just have celcius as temperature and can't change it from military time to normal time.

-Super sensitive trigger. This thing pics up everything from butterflies fluttering by in the distance, ants crawling on the ground, flies, mosquitoes, if a blade of grass even moves a micrometer, shadows caused by anything and everything.

- This makes fieldscan useless as it already constantly does that without the feature anyway.

- having to empty the sd cards twice a day otherwise they fill up with nothing and once night rolls around, unless you empty the card it will be full and so therefor can't take pics.

- having to sort through 1000+ pics and videos of a whole entire progression of a 24 hour day just to find anything that might have an animal in it, is ridiculous.

- batteries lasted a week, with the camera constantly taking pictures of nothing, they just don't last long.

- having to switch the sensor level to low in the day time and auto at night time. In attempt to cut down the pictures of nothing during the day, as it's not really an issue at night for some reason.

- all of the above means constantly monitoring the camera which is a huge inconvenience and not very productive for wildlife studies.

- Also the on, setup, off toggle switch sucks. It's too light. You really have to be careful when switching between the modes otherwise it just flies straight up or down. Which is annoying.

So honestly, I really want to like it as it takes stunning and beautiful pictures and the thing is built very well and offers excellent features and everything but it just has too many problems to really be considered reliable. I am not using this for hunting. I am a wildlife technician, scientist and biologist and I am using this camera for wildlife studies. I mounted it over a shrew hole yesterday to get some pictures of a shrew. It took 1122 of a hole. Because of the ants on the piece of cheese I left perhaps. Still, 1122 pictures and videos of a lil' ol' hole. Out of those 1122 pictures I got 19 pictures of the shrew. It took me hours to go through all of that for pictures of a shrew lol

I usually keep it up however, to watch coyote populations. A deer walked right up to this camera and licked and sniffed it and seemed perplexed by the invisible flash it keep using which was visible in the video, on auto mode. Adjusting the flash based on it's movements.

I just don't see any possible way, you could deploy this camera for any longer than 12 hours without needing maintenance and refreshing. It's too bad honestly. As I said I really want to like it.

Truth be told, For all the reasons mentioned above. I probably should or at least would return it and try to find a more stable camera but after ordering and receiving two lemons already (one was a stc the other a WGI). Then having to send them back, trying to find another one etc. Waiting on shipping etc. I have already lost 3, almost 4 months of the season trying to find a suitable trail camera that works properly. I'll probably just stick with it, but only because of the lost time and many hassles experienced already.

Came long time ago. Forgot to share my opinion. Fast shipment, I'm happy. However night pictures not to good. Day pictures great. I may contact Bushnell to find out how come night pictures are sh...t.