Hornady C1550 Lock-N-Load OAL Length Gauge (Curved)


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O.A.L. (Overall length) gauge, curved. For use with all autoloader, lever-action, or pump action rifles. Also fits bolt action and single shot firearms. Inserts into chamber through the ejection Port.

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  • Item model number: C1550

The curved unit will not let you get a straight measurement. The straight one on the cut out is completely flat and you can get you caliper to align with the bullet just fine. This curved one has have the diameter of the wire still sticking about where you put your caliper and this throws everything at an angle.

I am very diasppointed with Hornady in not pointing this out.

I am sending this back and getting a straight one. I will just have to remove the bolt carrier group on my AR 's and go in from the end.

Its a good gauge but had to oil it to make the internals a little smoother. The picture is deceptive because i was going to order the straight gauge but saw the picture and thought this was a two pack. However, only the bent gauge is included. The picture should be changed so this doesn't happen to others as well.

When accuracy is your goal then you really need the overall length gauge. I shoot a Springfield M1A Super Match and although this rifle is capable of amazing groups with the use of this tool and using the information that I gathered by checking this rifle I was able to see my groups shrink by over 1/4"at 100 yards I now see three round groups that are touching one another and at 500 yards by over 2" by properly sizing my rounds to the rifle. This may not sound like much but in a competition it can mean quite a few more X ring shots. In hunting it can mean the difference in a wounded animal and a clean one shot kill. I highly recommend using the Hornady Lock N Load Overall Length Gauge if you reload. By the way I now use this tool with my hunting rifles and have seen my groups decrease in size with these weapons too.

I have a custom built AR-10 chambered in 308 and was working on some reloads. My bullet heads were 175gr Sierra Matchking. When I used this device with the corresponding brass, my OAL from base to tip was 73.42mm and the maximum length is (71.37mm).

Use this as a great, accurate way to ensure you are getting a consistent overall cartridge length or you reloads. Since it measures against a certain point on the ogive, you don't have to worry about inconsistent trim lengths of your brass. I got the curve version to use with M1 Garands, Trapdoors, and some rifles that would not accept the straight version. The curved version will work on almost anything, including bolt action rifles.

I already have the strait version and love it on my bolt guns, however, my AR 10 bolt carrier is too long to allow the straight one to function. This curved version (due to the wire sticking out in the notch you use to place your caliper) does not allow for an accurate measure of the OAL.

This will not work with the length of the gauge that goes inside of the modified case for a 300blk round. It will also not work with small caliber rounds with a comparator kit. The bullet will never go into the comparator die straight. I have tried it with 223 with the comparator, and 300blk with the comparator. None of which you can get an accurate measurement. I am going to try 6.5 creedmore soon which I don't figure will be a problem due to the size different between the case head and neck. So far this thing has been pretty useless.

Does exatly as expected. I don't know what the problem is with other users using this device, but I have had no problems whatsoever, it is not finicky, it is not delicate, and it works exactly as it should.

The package was poorly prepped for shipping as cartridge was damaged and bend, Good thing the tool was short and no damage was done to the instrument

Necessari per totes les persones que recarreguin rifles semiautomàtics i vulguin mesurar acuradament l'OAL correcte del seu cartutx. Imprescindible per aquells rifles on no es pot inserir la versió recta.