Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Rotary Sifter Kit with Media Separator and Bucket Adapter for Reloading


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  • VERSATILITY: Works in any 3 1/2 or 5 gallon bucket
  • DURABLE: Constructed of durable, lightweight plastic
  • AMBIDEXTROUS: This separator allows for use with the right or left hand by switching the handle to either side
  • INCLUDES: Rotary Separator, 2 Bucket Supports and 2 Splash Fins


Frankford Arsenal

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Our media separators are the best value in affordable reloading equipment. They conveniently fit on most 3 1/2 or 5 gallon buckets. Each has enough capacity to hold a case tumbler worth of brass and media and the perforated bottom lets the media fall through; leaving clean brass behind.

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  • Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 17.3 x 3.1 inches ; 3.52 ounces
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  • ASIN: B004J4B2IW
  • Item model number: 683551

this works great, i am not sure why it has so many reviews that say it is cheap or does not secure itself on the bucket.

the bucket: this locked on very securely. i thought it was going to break pushing the clips on, however, the snapped on very tight. It has not and will not pop off the bucket when i turn the handle. i am not sure why others say it does, maybe the buckets they are using are the issue. mine is from a local doughnut shop, they sell the old buckets for a buck and i picked some up for beer brewing but they did not work for that, but they work perfect for this. maybe later i will upload a picture showing how well the clips attach, but i am surprised about all the other complaints.

the quality: i have no experience with other media separators, so i had no preconceptions of what to expect. my first impressions when i opened the package were nothing of the product being chintzy. I found it to be fairly well molded plastic of moderate/durable quality. I would not mind a better way of attaching the handle and post for the 'rotisserie' but i don't think it is sub par in any way.

anyway, i like it. i think it is engineered around a price point and they did a great job. Any more in the construction would be welcomed but probably would be overkill and raise the price. Any more in the price and i probably would not buy it and continue with the way i have been doing things.

i suspect the issue with the buckets are either the bucket is not a good match, or, the clips are not being attached all the way on (i thought i was going to break them putting them on, that is how hard i had to push them on, and they snapped in place and are very secure).... or maybe other got defective units.

i recommend it

i added a couple of photos,.. amazon seems to reorient the photos in landscape, so one is sideways,.. but anyway, they are there if you care

This separator works good after some modification.

I went to ace to purchase a 5 gallon bucket since the buckets that I had the clips would not work on. I found a bucket that matched the contours of the clip and while I was in ace hardware I tried to press the clips onto the bucket to make sure they would fit. Guess what! The first clip snapped before it went over the top ring of the bucket. The plastic is too brittle to spread/bend enough to go over the bucket without cracking.

I bought the bucket and brought it home, I used a cutoff wheel to trim the remaining unbroken clip to match the shape of the other clip, I added pictures to describe how I shaped them. I lined the clips up and used self taping screws to attach the clips to the bucket. Well of course after I did this the rotating separator would rub the screw heads so I used the grinder to remove some of the separator so that it would spin without hitting the screws.

After modifying the separator it worked great and I separated 5lbs of SS media from 4lbs of 223 cases. I could not find a single SS pin in any casing or flash hole after using the separator. I then added some paper towels to the basket and used it to partially dry the cases

So I’ll start by saying this has made my life a lot easier but it’s not perfect. But for the price I’d say it’s a good deal. I did not bother with the clips as they didn’t fit my bucket well. There are so many different variations to 5 gallon buckets that it would be tough to make a clip that works on them all.
I used a air powered cutting wheel and put notches in a five gallon bucket. The separator rubs a bit on the edges of the bucket but not enough to hurt anything, it’s not like your spinning the thing at 500rpm. This also allows the separator to sit inside the bucket a bit and you won’t need the side shields.
You can tell by the build that this is not a high dollar item but it does what I need it to do at an extremely fair price.
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I buy a lot on line, but this is my first 1 star review. No one should have to put up with junk lie this. There are two plastic adapters that are supposed to attach the basket to the bucket. The plastic is so cheap and brittle that one of them broke in half while I was trying to install it... then I noticed the other one was broken nearly in half... and I was being gentle with the thing. I search and finally found a phone number for them but I got a message saying they were closed until Jan 4th. Well... I was thinking about several, more expensive products from Frankford Arsenal but I have sworn off these guys.

When I tried to put the mounts on the top of the 5 gallon bucket they broke. I called Frankford Arsenal and the rep said he would send me two replacements. Then when he checked inventory it showed they were on back order and that it could be up to two weeks before they were back in stock . I told him it sounded like they had been having a lot of these mounts break since they had none in stock. He said that he had been getting a lot of request for replacements. He suggested sending the seperator back and asking for a replacement. I just decided to wait until the new mounts came in, figured the replacement part might be better than the ones that came with the unit. Made in China strikes again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should of bought the enclosure and separator than this one for a 5 gallon bucket.

The clips on for the bucket brackets snap when I stride to put them on a Home Depot bucket.
I drilled two 1" holes in the and notched the top of one hole to accept the handle. Now it works as designed.

This thing will send stainless media all around on the floor even while trying to spin it extremely slowl, I can only imagine how much more and farther it would send dry media.

I work in my shop and don't have a dedicated reloading area yet. Picking up stainless media off the floor sucks, using a magnet also picks up shavings. I strongly suggest getting the enclosure and basket instead of this setup. The time I spent putting it together and modifying a 5 gallon bucket to do it doesn't justify the cost savings for me.

no good without the bucket if i could give no stars i would

Gimmicky, Throws media out the top and on the floor. The clips to hold the separator to the bucket broke immediately. The little wings they give you are so tight they hit. Save your self the time and get the fully enclosed model.

The clips that fit onto the bucket will break instantly, they're extremely rigid. I bought 2, one for myself, one for a friend. Their clip broke instantly as well. No problem, I'll email Frakford Arsenal directly and get replacements right? Wrong. I got a friendly email saying they'd be sent, but never got anything. Should have bought a Dillon.

Pour séparer les douilles du média c'est excellent et merveilleux!

It works great but the handles fall out off the bucket I have for it.
Going to try and improve on the handles to make it stay inside bucket.

Grommets that hold it to bucket don't hold to bucket very well.


Product works great, but the plastic clips that attch to the buckey are not tough enough.

Broke right away. Not a super great product.

Work fine

Great product.

sure saves time on seperating the cases from the media.

Does what it says it will do, seperates the media from the brass, problem is keeping the device in the guides that clamp to the pail as you turn the handle. Slips out and I was only seperating 100 rounds of 308 brass.the guides for the seerator do not clip on to a 5 gallon plastic pail very good at all I think this is most of the issue. Having said that with some manouvering I was able to get it to work, just may have to glue the brackets to the pail!!