Hoppe's Boresnake Viper Rifle Bore Cleaner (Choose Your Caliber)


  • Washable and reusable
  • Quickest 3 step bore shine
  • Brass weight on the pull cord
  • Cone shaped bore guide on the leading end
  • The world's quickest three-step bore shine
  • 50% more brush cleaning power than the original BoreSnake
  • Coneshaped bore guide for quicker alignment



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With the BoreSnake Viper it features 50% more scouring power, a coneshaped bore guide for quicker, easier alignment and a designated lubrication zone on the handle. One pass with the BoreSnake Viper loosens large particles, scrubs out residue with the bronze brush, and swabs your bore spotless. Just add some Hoppe's Elite Gun Cleaner of your choice for a one-step triple-action bore shine.

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Do not buy this for .22/.223. I read others saying the string broke in this caliber, but as happy as I am with this product in other calibers and liked the original (non-Viper) .22/.223 model, I figured I'd give it a chance. The leader is smaller diameter than the original and the cleaning portion of it is much tighter so pulling through is actually difficult. During second cleaning session, the portion where the cleaning portion meets the string leader separated and bunched up a couple inches into the barrel. Ended up pulling it out backwards and throwing it away. Placing an order today for the non-Viper version.

In 9mm and .45, this product is great.

Wow $6 for a Viper I’ll take 3 thank u! These are the best I have ripcords and other brands. These are the best. When new they need to be pulled slowly once pulled through once or twice they go through easier. Also I are suppose to put a bit of protectant on the very end so it costs the barrel and it works like a harm. Then right at the first copper
Bristle u put a cleaner on that. Honestly 2 pulls and my bore is gleaming like new with a nice film of oil on it! Makes cleaning so easy. And it does a better job than a patch or brush almost always short of copper fouling or something that almost never happens... awesome product I get one or two in every calibe I own. I purchased mine for a 6.5mm creed! U have two size options the 25 cal (.257”) or 7mm (.277”) .257 is closer but the .277 works that’s what I got. I was tight the first pull then it works awesome. I prefer it a tad larger because it really gets in the grooves with the extra pressure. U really can’t go wrong here these are $20 products in stores and there $6! At least my 270 one was

Well, I have two other boresnakes and have always wanted to try the Viper version so I was excited to try this out on my .243. At the range I decided to do a quick pass with the viper to clean out the barrel and voila, not only did it not fit in the barrel but most of the thin black cord was stuck in the barrel as well. I though well that's weird ,maybe it was an anomaly. Dislodged it with a rod and tugging, Tried it again and sure enough it got stuck again. There is a small plastic piece where the thin weighted cord meets the thicker fabric material that came lose and it falling off made the thing totally inoperable. Immediately on the way home I requested a return, dropped it at UPS and am ordering an original boresnake when I finish this review. Never had any problems with any caliber original boresnake and it's not an item I can go more than a few days without; these wonderful inventions are a necessity for rifle shooters! One star here only because not only didn't it work it got stuck, not to mention there are numerous other reviews that read the same as mine.

I have been a user of Hoppe's products for years, and this is my first experience with a total failure. I also use the Hoppe's 9mm pistol Boresnake for my 9mm pistols, and it works great. This item for a .22 cal. rifle absolutely does not work. Pulling it through the rifle barrel is impossible, and then getting it out after it is stuck is a monumental task. Having used Hoppe's products, I did not do any research on this item having assumed that if the 9mm pistol model worked that this one would also. After my long struggle to get the darn thing out of the barrel, I went on the web and found that I was not alone in complaining about this product. With so many complaints on the web, I am very surprised to see this model is still available in stores. I would encourage anyone buying this to instead buy the older model (which is not a "Viper") which does work very well. Very disappointed in both the product and Hoppe's.

Like the others stated,, it's too big! It's so tight I had to wrap it around my foot and pull the rifle up to pull it through. I was so worried that it would break half way through & not be able to get it out! The string did wind up breaking but I was able to get it out. This really sucks because it's too late to get a refund.

I will not be replacing it with the viper but I will give the normal snake a shot. Others said that worked fine. Now, my 308 works great. :(

Very disappointing product, no where near the functional quality of the original Hoppe's Bore Snake! For starters, the nylon "bore guide" doesn't pass through the bore of a .243!! It stuck in the throat section immediately forward of the chamber, and had to be removed by running a brass cleaning rod down the bore to dislodge it. This procedure also removed the brass end of the bore snake, which had to be replaced (after the nylon bore guide was discarded into the garbage where it belongs). So, proceeding with the cleaning using the bore snake, as it is being pulled through the bore, it hangs up on the orange end, which in no way can be pulled through the bore as a finishing step. It is much too bulky to fit through the bore, so out came the pocket knife for product modification #2: no more orange end!

Excellent product excellent service

This is my first experience with a boresnake, I bought it for my .50 cal muzzleloader. Since you have to clean the barrel so often with a muzzleloader this is the ideal tool for the job. I found it a little expensive but you get what you pay for.

Un producto muy bueno de Hoppes. Conviene añadirle un poco de aceite lubricante en la parte textil para facilitar su deslizamiento

Lo mejor que he comprado, mucho mejor que el anterior modelo de una sola cerda de bronce, esta trae 3 y con una sola pasada queda súper limpio el cañón

I bought this to run it through my 22-250. It seems a little too thick to fit. I can only mull it maybe through the first 5 inches of the barrel using all the stength i can muster up and that's being generous. I'm thinking if you want a snake to clean your .22, maybe grab one for a .17 cal. I'm sure that would fit perfect.

awful product fell apart after first use garbage

Chicken pot pie

Arrived ahead of eat. Does the job perfectly.

This thing rocks.