Frankford Arsenal Perfect Fit Reloading Tray for Convenient 50 Round Brass Storage


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  • SPECS: 50-round capacity
  • DIMENSIONS: Hole Diameter – 0.53 Hole Depth – 0.65
  • EASE OF USE: Fits 44-40 WCF, 444 Marlin,284 Win, 32-40 WCF, 32 Win Special, 38-40 WCF, 41 Mag, 44 Special/Mag, 44-40 WCF, 445 Super Mag, 30-30 Win, 45 Colt, 375 Win, 454 Casull, 45 Auto Rim, 38-55 WCF
  • DURABLE: Constructed of heavy duty plastic
  • CONVENIENT: Stackable and slim for space saving storage and lightweight for easy transport


Frankford Arsenal

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Frankford Arsenal Perfect-Fit Trays are sized for individual calibers or a family of calibers for a precise fit. Perfect-Fit trays are an essential tool for reloading efficiency and organization. Twelve tray sizes are available for 25 ACP through 500 Nitro. Each tray holds 50 cases (tray #9 holds 45). A lip around the outside edge provides a sure grip on the tray.

Product details Style Name: #6
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 1 inches ; 5.6 ounces
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  • Item model number: 713498

I use these for all of my handgun calibers reloading. the brass fits perfectly no tipping no spilled powder. I've attached a jpg of the size chart to help with correct size choice.

This tray is perfect.
I had previously been using Frankford’s universal tray, but it was rather large, and took up too much space on my small reloading bench for what I needed it for. I only load a few specific calibers, so it was mostly unnecessary. It was also made of a much cheaper, translucent plastic, which was a bit warped, causing it to not sit level on one side, with rough, unfinished edges.
This caliber specific tray, on the other hand, is great improvement. It is made of a much better, solid plastic, and sits completely level, is stackable, and has a rim around the edge that give a good grip for moving it around with a load of charged cases. It holds the cases more securely, and is only 2/3rds the size of the universal tray, while still leaving plenty of space between each case. It also comes with a chart adhered to the bottom listing which tray number is needed for additional calibers.
While the universal trays work for the most part and may seem like a better value, I much prefer and recommend on spending just a few bucks more to get one or two, better suited trays devoted to each caliber.
I finished loading one batch of 9mm earlier tonight and just put in an order for a few more of these.

I received 4 of the, 2 for 223 and 2 for 308. They all look like they have been used or bad QA. The 308 # 5 holders must have a bad forming die as both have the same defects and the hole on one end have areas that you can almost see thru the block. Would spend my money else. will not buy them again and not worth the effort to return. Good enouph for the nasty brass for peeping.

One of the things when reloading that is important to me is the ease of placing cases into, and then removing them from reloading trays. If you're like me with large fingers it is important to easily be able to remove the case after placing it into the loading tray, especially if it has gun powder in it. I have found that Frankford Arsenal with their perfect fit reloading tray # 3 is just that, perfect during the reloading process of my 9 mm cases. They also have other numbered loading trays for other calibers. The loading tray is made of excellent plastic material that did not chip or crack when I dropped it (empty at the time). Recommend to all re-loaders.

I love these size specific loading blocks compared to the universal one size fits all. They fit a particular cartridge perfectly with no slop or an overly right fit. Made of a durable plastic these trays will not warp in the Sun at the range or become brittle in the cold. I often load at the range so it is important that my equipment be somewhat weather proof. These are the loading trays i have used for years and I have two for each caliber family. Some trays work with multiple cartridges while still fitting perfectly.

I have a pair of these for every caliber I load for..In some instances, multiple calibers use the same trays..Very well constructed and doesn't slide around on the bench. I can't see myself loading without these. They hold the cases snugly and allow for the use of a powder funnel, although the 380 acp sits a little too deep in the block to allow the funnel to sit down all the way. Unless you spill some sort of very powerful solvent on these, they will last a lifetime, and then some.

I am new to reloading and heavily relying on reviews to help make purchasing decisions. The Frankford Arsenal reloading trays are really nice. They are sturdy, not cheap thin plastic, and have some weight. They are labeled with the size and caliber for quick reference when stacked up on the shelf. On that note, the trays stack up very nicely and with other sizes. On the back side is a reference chart to match tray sizes with calibers.

Overall, this is a very nice reloading tray that will hold the cases nice and steady without breaking the bank. I highly recommend.

This product is not a true reloading tray. It doesn't provide an accurate size check or depth for shell casings. I purchased the size 3 for 9 MM and the holes in the tray are very oversized in diameter and too short in depth. The only thing it might be good for is use as a bullet tray at the range. A truly misrepresented product. Shame on Amazon for its misrepresentation.

I would argue these and the RCBS universal loading block are the two best blocks on the market all things considered. One can do multiple calibers, one is caliber specific...take your pick.... i docked one star because the fit and finish wasn't perfect around the edges, however the shell holes were perfect. Basically cosmetically not the best, but functionally perfect.

One of the problems with reloading for small cartridges (like 32 ACP) is that regular loading blocks are useless and actually make handling them more difficult. Having a variety of loading blocks with different size holes and different depths makes it easy to match up the cartridge with the block. The price is good, the tray is strongly constructed and will last a lifetime.

None of my gear would fit my new 45/70 Gov't. Cartridges fit perfectly in this tray. Makes reloading a breeze.

Meh. They hold shells. So does a block of wood, lol. Nothing special. The sticker on it gummed it all up and needed brake cleaner to remove the residue. drilled a hole in the middle of the centre row, so I could hang it on a slot wall hook above my bench.

Works great if you get the right size for your caliber, a necessity for the reloader, allows you to process groups of shells through the different stages systematically instead of one at a time through all stages before moving to the next shell. The only issue I have with it and reason for a 4* is there is no hole to hang it up with, had to drill my own just a small inconvenience.

Tray is good quality, note it will NOT fit 7.5x55 Swiss very well (very tight), and it will not fit 303 Savage at all. I'm saying this because I couldn't find this info anywhere, and I bought the no. 5 tray hoping it would work. For those I think the no. 7 tray would work better.

The tray itself is solid, with decent heft to it. I can't see it ever breaking.

Has a nice footprint however there is not much room to carry it from point to point without it being in the flat of your hand. After using thos fo awhile carrying it is not a problem. I am slowliy amassing 1 for each of my calibers. The cases sit nicely in the trays. I prefer them ove the comparative products.

Very nice addition to my reloading bench. Just be careful when ordering, each case # is a different diameter. Perfectly hold my pistol and riffle shells for easy priming and powder! They are so good that I ordered 3 more sets in different calibres.

El material utilizado para la construcción de este producto es bueno, sus acabados son buenos, no le pide nada a otras marcas. Este producto si lo recomendaría a un amigo

As a re-loader, when you need these, you need them. And they work great. I have several, for different calibers. All bought from Amazon. Never sorry I bought them. You won't be either.

Info labels were all stuck to the wrong side (sticky residue left when re-positioned). Brand labels are all crooked. Trays are roughly made. The first Frankford Arsenal item I'm disappointed with.

Es la segunda vez que digo que NO CUMPLE EL COMETIDO DE UBICAR el calibre 308W por ser el número 4 en vez del 5, que es el que le corresponde!

Bought for 7.62x54R to as the big rim doesn't fit many others, Works as it should and may order another in the near future, only issue is that it arrived damaged with the outer corner chipped off (all holes are okay though).

Material de buena calidad, acabados de buena calidad, es de plástico rígido, no le pide nada a otras marcas. Si lo recomendaría a un amigo

Use these monthly at minimum, for years now. No issues whatsoever. Little pricey for what it is. But for the amount of use I get out of them I would Highly recommend.