ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Hunting Fanny Pack, Realtree Edge


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  • Organize all your gear in the main, front and two side pockets
  • Removable padded waist belt with two pockets and removable shoulder harness
  • Compatible with our ALPS OutdoorZ Turkey Call Pockets & Game Bag; not included with Little Bear Pack
  • The ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Fanny Pack is on our best sellers list; you won't ever want to hunt without it
  • Weight: 1 lb. 9 oz., Capacity: 8L/500 cu. in., Camo Pattern: Realtree Edge


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The Little Bear is what you need for your next outing for so many reasons; whether you're doing some stealth hunting, scouting, or just going to your stand. With four, various sized pockets and 500 cubic inches, you have enough space to store your small gear and keep it organized. There is a removable shoulder harness so depending on your trip and the weight you are carrying, you can bring it along, or leave it at home. The padded waist belt maximizes the comfort level so you barely even know you are wearing the pack and with the attractive brushed Realtree Xtra HD fabric, you’re sure to stay hidden from your prey. We have made the Little Bear more modular by adding a Binocular, Camera, or Turkey Call Pocket option. All three of these options can be clipped onto the front of the Little Bear depending on your certain needs, or the Little Bear is functional alone.

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  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 6 inches ; 1.6 pounds
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  • ASIN: B00359024W
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  • Item model number: 9410123

This pack was just what I was looking for. I took it on the deer hunt this season and it worked well. One of my favorite things about it is the straps on the top for my coat or jacket when it gets to warm to wear later in the day. I had more than enough room for my gear. I was debating on this one or the Big Bear pack, I'm glad I went with the Little Bear it was just right. I love the shoulder straps, they were comfortable once I got it all adjusted to fit. My rangefinder fit perfectly in one of the front belt pockets, making it easy to get to quickly. I priced similar packs at my local store, all of which were around $80 - $100, none of them had anything on the Little Bear which cost me $35! I had no problems or malfunctions of any kind, all the zippers worked perfectly and the stitching is strong, I'm thinking of buying another for a back up or for one of my kids to use. I highly recommend this pack. As a side note I used the pack with my Allen Binocular harness and it worked great, you just have to connect the chest strap under the harness to keep it from restricting how far you can bring the binoculars up. Man I love this pack, thanks ALPS.

While looking for a small light weight pack to store gear in I came across the little bear, looked like it was about the right size and for the price it was worth the risk. I could not be happier with this purchase, it is big enough to hold the things that I need for a long sit in a tree stand and small enough that it does not get in the way while walking through brush on the way. The buckles on the straps can also be used to secure the pack to the bar on the front or side of your tree stand.

The pack is well made with heavy stitching and a low noise material. Highly recommend this to the hunter looking to avoid stuffing their pockets or taking a large pack.

The packs are really well made and feel comfortable. I own another set that I bought a few weeks ago from a store. I liked it so much I decided to get another one as gift for someone. Unfortunately it seems that ALPS uses different kind of buckles on each batch. The one I got at the store is fully compatible with all other ALPS accessories but this one which I ordered with Binocular packs had a different type and size buckles and Bino pack would not attach. While the new Bino pack had the same buckles as my other pack and would attach to the store bought Fanny Pack. So If you order the fanny pack and other accessories you may get incompatible buckles. Other wise this is a good pack. However since it is sold and advertised as a system component but manufactured with different buckles in each batch.this pack gets a generous average 3 star. As a unite by itself this would get a 5 star as a part of a system component it would get a 1 star because it is not a system if it is not compatible.

Update 9-25-2013: from 3 star to 4 star
Today I got a note from APLS, acknowledging the buckle issue and offering to help by sending new buckles, So if you consider this pack, it seems that they are aware of the problem and I am sure they will proactively fix the packs and if not, at least you know you can get replacement buckles (see comments), most likely for the ones on the accessory packs, since some of the buckles on the Fanny pack itself are permanently stitched and can not be replaced.
If these packs were not such a great value I would say why bother, but they are good packs and worth the trouble.

Hope this help.

This is a good shoulder fanny pack, with big zippers and rain resistant zippers. The most used pocket is the front mount side pockets but they are small and I can only get 2 protein bars in them, but that is all I need. Design allows you to maximize your pack weight with comfort without pulling your pants down at the waist. As with all back packs, it was difficult to put on and take off while moving or while standing, so I cut and modified my left shoulder strap to I can easily slip it on my right shoulder first, then with the pack weight relieved, I could easily grab the left free strap and snap it on. After that, the waist snap is easy. I can perform this modified manuver while walking. There are plenty of interference factors with thin floppy straps, the excess strap lengths complicate the entire rig. The pack itself is big and useful. If you don't cut one of the straps and make your own clip on sequence, then you will find this to be nearly impossible to slip on over multiple layers. Most owners will not scissor cut a strap, but I immediately cut my strap and modified it for a superior product.

Gave this to my uncle as an early Christmas present for this years hunting trips. His previous one didn't stay on his body well when put more than a few small items in it. He loves that this one has the shoulder straps because he can place it right where he wants on his body and it won't move around on him too much. It has plenty of space in the pack. He initially was using it in conjunction with a backpack, but he said he may just use this pack because it holds plenty and has convenient pockets and is comfortable. He's talking about it so much I'm starting to get jealous and may need to get one for myself. The quality of the product seems to be good. When we inspected it out of the box it looked well made and did not have any obvious defects. With this experience, I'd be inclined to look at more of their products in the future as this pack has been a really good product for the price.

I took one star away because its not really waterproof. The Cam. pattern is very well done and the yolk for the hip pack is well made. Fits very comfortable and can be used for many different adventures. You don't have to limit yourself to hunting. This would make a great day pack paired off with a camle pak or any other hydration system you may have. It has accessory pouches which can be purchased separately as i did not get any with this item. Others claim they have and that's great for the price. Price point to product is excellent and so was the delivery, very quick. One day service!

It is one of my best buys this season. It is really comfy and the weight is evenly distributed in between the shoulders and the waist straps. Perfect for those who like to walk a bit when hunting. A great companion to grouse and rabbit hunting. You can easily fit snacks, a water bottle, ammo, gloves, extra socks, everything you need for a morning or an afternoon walk. The small pouches on either sides of the belt are easily accessible, and as opposed to what I read in other reviews, I can easily open the pouch and pull ammo out of there with one hand only. Like hunting backpacks, the outside is made of a quiet material so don't worry about making noise when you're crawling in the bushes! I only find it annoying when I have to remove it to drive to my different hunting spots. Highly recommended.

I did a lot of shopping prior to buying this Alps and own several different brands of fanny style packs including BlacksCreek, Rocky, etc.

The Alps is is a well designed and manufactured pack for the most part.
It’s a bit finicky to put on and get your arms through the straps as they tend to tangle and the waist band consistently flips underneath the pack when you throw it over your back making you have to fish it out every time.
Probably the most annoying thing is the top zippers do not reach the ends of the storage areas making it quite awkward to get many common hunting items through, like an Ozonics or full sized binoculars, this aspect means more effort to remain quiet to fish out items while in the stand.
The mesh rehydration pocket is poorly thought out.
And I know it’s not advertised as water proof but if it was it would be awesome.
It’s always a pain to have to plastic bag the items in your kit you need to keep dry then dry everything else at the end of the day after a rainy day hunt.
It remains fairly flexible and not too noisy in the cold, -10-20ish

I really like the size and durability and if the previous issues were addressed it would get 5 stars ⭐️

Quality is good. Side pockets are a little small for my liking. You can get a cell phone in the pockets but you have to work to get it in and then to get it out. I like that you can make it a fanny pack or a strap vest. I tried the turkey pocket accessory and was disappointed with that. The little bear is adjustable but at 6 foot four and 240 pounds the pack was a bit snug with uncomfortable pressure on the back of my neck.. dont think this would be an issue for smaller framed person.

Awesome little pack for the money. Fits everything i need to take with me up in to the deer stand. I use a two man stand so once i get my harness on i leave the pack next to me. But hooking this to the tree wouldnt be an issue to keep it close. I also use the two front turkey call attachments to help carry even more gear. This beats a large daypack hands down. It is also great because my hunter orange vest isnt covered by a backpack. The vest fits right overtop without any problems so no worry about getting fined for blocking the vest. (Also dont have the pain of trying to fit a vest over a backpack!)

Made of good silent material and for what you save compared to the more expensive packs, this one is definitely worth a look!

Honestly I was so surprised when it showed up. I was looking for a long time for a bag like this but everything was so expensive and I have way to many bags already so wasn’t willing to spend $180-$200 on one that I wanted not needed. It when it came I was shocked it is so nice and great quality I am definitely super happy and super surprised so I recommend

I'm quite happy with the Little Alps fanny pack. It's very comfortable in the heat and carries just enough gear for a decent hike. The only thing I'd change is the side pocket that looks like it's intended for a water bottle. That pocket doesn't work since it upsets the balance of the pack. I've added a hydration bladder directly attached over the straps so the bladder hangs between the straps and the whole thing is perfect.

Being a hunter, using both rifle and bow, I am always looking for something to carry my gear, but be as compact as I can get it. Spare gloves, rangefinder, binoculars, spare release, knife, folding saw, first aid kit, extra ammo, compass, whistle, firesteel....and on. This pack allows me to carry all of my necessary equipment with room left over, displacing it evenly over your hips and back with its belt and harness design.
Sturdy design, a product built as well as others costing much more. Highly recommended.

This item is exactly as described and demo'd in the video at Alps Outdoorz Website. Only comes in RealTree AP HD, there are no other camo options like their other packs.

Pack is well made and the best bang for your buck on the market right now, comparable to other $200 dollar packs. Super Lightweight, everything is adjustable.

The only down side I can see is the straps for a rolled up coat on the out side of the fanny pack do not detatch completely. They are buckles on the top half but the bottom half is sewed on. I still gave it 5 stars because its not in the way but would have been nice to have the extra option to unclip those two straps.

EDIT: After a season in the bush with this pack I have noticed one major downfall. The pack does not support any weight that you put in it. It holds a lot but sags! A lot. What I mean is having the straps tight and on your hips the pack it self will sag down your butt and bounce off it. For that I moved it from 5 stars to 4. But for the price if you need a entry pack or want to try a fanny pack out it is a great entry level one.

the little bear pac is the best fanny style pac i have used its just the right size for a essential day pac it has two large pockets in the rear and two smaller pockets on the sides good quality zippers with large pull loops [great if you have gloves on ] there is a larger bag that comes with the kit for game or extra clothes you may have that attaches to the shoulder harness and this pac is very comfortable to carry once you have it adjusted to fit i would definitely recommend this product

Llegó en el tiempo establecido, y para la persona que se lo regalé fue el mejor producto; ya que él es combatiente de incendios forestales y es súper útil ya que puede cargar cosas básicas sin entorpecer las labores de combate.

Awesome hunting bag. Add ons are great! I got the binocular carry case and fits perfectly! Nice weight distribution. Only little thing is that I wished that side pouches on the belt were a little bigger and brought maybe a little more to the front but other than that I love it!

Very pleased with this product. Don't hunt any more but hike in Yukon outback with a camera weekly. Comfortable to wear and stays put when bush-whacking. Only downside I can see are the accessories available such as camera case. Will not handle the lenses I use and the clips must be exclusive to this product cause can't find any to adapt my camera cases. I had a spare gun shoulder strap that I cut in half and sewed one on each of the shoulder straps of the Little Bear for my great.

I just received my Alps Outdoorz little bear hunting fanny pack and I'm floored at the quality and versatility of this pack. I was torn between this one and the Badlands monster fanny pack ($137+cdn) but then I went with this one for the price ($43cdn) and it was worth it all day. Same quality as the monster pack and same amount of storage for what I need. If you're looking for a fanny pack that's going to hold all your gear for a day hunt then this is the pack to get. You won't be disappointed A++

Product arrived earlier than stated. Although it’s not hunting season yet the quality and price point are great. Similar size bags are $90to $150 CDN. and don’t come with the expandable harness. Good deal all around. Now if only other hunting gear was reasonably priced and available on Amazon we could tell Cabellas where to go!