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  • Wilson Combat Jumbo Safety Head For Remington 870/1100/11-87
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Overall this safety is just not useful on the fighting shotgun. It really offers no benefit to the standard safety unless you’re a mutant with lobster claws or something. What it DOES do is remove the sensation of a flat surface when the safety is switched off. In other words, the safety sticks up proud of the side of the trigger group housing even when the safety is pushed off. This can make it very difficult to tell if the safety is on or off. With the stock safety, it will sit flush with the housing when off so you know without a doubt the shotgun is ready to rock and roll when you might need it most. Also it was stiffer to actuate than my stock safety, and did not smooth up in time. In retrospect I never had a problem switching off the safety on my 870, I bought this only because it was a “cool upgrade” and it ended up being a step back in performance. This is just another thing to separate an 870 owner from there money. I would avoid it!

Purchased this to replace a J-Lock style safety. Did not change the detent or spring and it works perfectly. The red paint on the safety is easy to see on FIRE and you can tell the safety is off visually or by pressing it before shooting -- that was an foolish critique of the safety that the large head does not sit flush with the trigger guard when the safety is off.

The J-Lock is a terrible idea for a safety and can unintentionally be engaged without the key (must be used to disengage). There was a white and red dot on the left side of the trigger group to see if the J-Lock was activated. However, when visually examining the safety I would always see red and white. I took a small drill bit to 'reem' the paint out so the trigger guard is all black. The only color I want to see when looking at the safety is either black (safety on) or red (safety off). Annoying to have my eyes pick up on red and white any time you look to see if the safety is on/off.

Warning: I did not buy this for the 'tactical' advantage that self-proclaimed 'operators' aspire to achieve. The J-Lock safety just had to go and for $15 that's a good deal. I would not hesitate to buy this for any Remington 870 shotgun. As a left handed shooter I reach under the gun to disengage the cross bolt safety and this has a marginal advantage because it is larger. The head does not protrude past the reciever, which is why I didn't go with the large bulb shaped safety.

Very high quality steel replacement safety. Really makes a difference. It's big, but not too big like the other style. I prefer this one. Really makes finding and actuating the safety quite easy. A very easy to install upgrade anyone can make to their shotgun. You really only need a small pin punch to remove the trigger assembly and the safety retaining pin, swap the part and reassemble. Plenty of YouTube videos if you need it.

For those wondering, this is not an ambidextrous part, this is a right handed safety (which means you depress the right side to fire).

FYI: Mine came with a red "fire" stripe in June 2017. Picture showed all black.

The picture that is used for this item shows no red line painted around the end of the safety. I was worried about this but when the safety arrived I was relieved to see that it did have a red circle painted around the safety. I did not have to buy red paint and a brush just for 1 circle. other than that the safety was easy to install, fairly priced. I would recommend this product to anybody looking to upgrade the size of their safety.

This is a nice upgrade to a Remington Shotgun... Me being a Left Handed it makes most guns wrong for me... For you right handed defective folks ( :-) ) this will work perfect for you... It gives a much better "pad" to switch on and off the safety and the "red" circle is a much brighter red and is easier to see... Now how it works for me is I had to buy a Left Hand Trigger Plate Assembly... I then installed this button into the Left Handed Trigger and it works GREAT!!! I love how I can just "brush" it with my trigger finger to make it work...

Probably 25% larger than the factory safety. Most important to me it doesn't protrude past the side of the receiver where it could be accidentally bumped.

Installs in less than 5 minutes, I spent most of that time getting the old safety out since the detent ball was sticking in its bore. Shotgun is 30 years old, so it wasn't unexpected.

Super product. It’s not much bigger but just enough to give that edge too. It was so easy to install. Great improvement on a basic 870. Makes working the safety a lot easier!

This worked perfect on my trap gun but under stand these are not a perfect fit on all 870 trigger assembly,s . Some of these have slight differences in the trigger assembly allowing this safety to push slightly into safety button bore past flush . I does not come out and still functions but that does not make it right . I am a retired Gunsmith and USMC Proof director so I know what I am talking about . These safety,s are great so if you encounter this it it your 870 trigger assembly .