Champion Workhorse Electronic Trap


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  • Compact, portable design
  • Throws targets up to 75 yards
  • 50 clay magazine
  • 2.5 second reset
  • 3 launch angles


Champion Range and Target

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Moving up to an electronic trap was once a major investment in space and money. Not anymore. The affordable Champion workhorse electronic trap lives up to its name, combining high-volume target-throwing capacity in a compact design. It fits in the trunk of most any vehicle, and can be unloaded and set up by one person. The detachable magazine holds up to 50 clays, and can throw them with three different launch angles up to 75 yards. The Champion workhorse can keep throwing clays until you run out of daylight or ammunition - whatever comes first.

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 Received trap launcher yesterday. Took only a few minutes to assemble. Only a few parts and the instructions were clear. Paired it with a light, 20AH deep cycle battery and a "small-battery" box, also from Amazon. You will need a battery charger (I already had one) but, even with a cheap charger, you could probably be out the door for about $300 for the whole kit.

We used it for the first time this morning. Worked flawlessly right out of the box. Launcher is solidly built and heavy enough (about 30 lbs) for stability but still easy to move. We did not even need the supplied stakes during use. It barely moved during launches (sitting on grass field). Fired a case and a half of clays without a miss ... the launcher I mean, I missed plenty. ;-).

The "safety ring", which we did use, is very easy to install and remove for transport if you are tight on space. I do recommend using it, that swing arm comes around fast! Not something to use around small children or pets. Launch angle is adjusted by moving the back leg and to do that you have to remove and replace two wire-lock pins. It is not difficult but not quick so not something you would routinely do every 5 clays for example. In practice, I have found that I only need one pin and I don't bother locking it. If constantly varying the launch angle is what you need, my understanding is that a "wobbler base" will be available in 2018.

Launcher does not shoot doubles but will fire sequentially with it's 2.5 second cycle time for as long as you hold the foot switch down which is fine for my needs and it sends them our far and fast. I actually have it paired with a Trius 1-Step manual launcher. With the included 25' foot-switch cable for the Workhorse, I can either shoot myself from the location of the 1-Step while controlling the Workhorse some distance away or, if I have another person, they can control both while I am free to move around the firing line to vary the target presentation. If you have or have seen a 1-Step in action, this unit seems to shoot faster and (to my eye) maybe 30% farther though I did not measure this. I love my 1-Step and this is even better.

In case you have a smaller vehicle, the overall dimensions are ... without the magazine or safety ring, 24Lx19Wx20H depending on how you set the back leg. The clay guide just lifts right off for movement. It fits (left to right with the back leg folded over the top) in my Ford Fusion Hybrid trunk but I have to be careful putting it in as it is tight.

Regarding the clay guide, I would suggest some blue lock-tight on the threads of the screws that attach the plastic ring on the top of the 4 rods. If you move the unit regularly, you can just lift the guide off the unit, keeping it assembled, but the screws tend to loosen up over time.

Overall, I am very pleased and would highly recommend to anyone.

Update: Have owned for a couple of months now and have put 2000+ clays through it with NO issues. Very pleased with product.

Second Update: Have owned for about 1-1/2 years (no issues) and just added a Champion 40924 Wheely "Wobbler". Nice addition to the basic unit. Look up that on Amazon to see my review with pros and cons.

I did a lot of research before buying this product. Even after I ordered it I was skeptical it would throw clays really well. I was wrong. It works great. It throws clays fast, far, quickly and consistently. I did need to adjust the throwing arm. There are two pages on this in the manual, so, it appears, this is common. It was easy, but use a short neck Phillips, not a long neck, so that you get the leverage you need to undue the two, every tight, Phillips screws holding what needs to be adjusted. When I started putting it together, the process looked complicated, but it was not, just go slow and follow the instructions. So far I've run about 500 clays through it and it works like a charm.

Paired it with a cheap lawn mower battery from Walmart and had hours of fun. You can add a wobble base to make it more challenging.

This a good lightweight thrower that at 32 lbs is easy to lift and fits in the back of my Honda Accord with no problem. Because it is light in weight, the supplied metal anchors are needed to hold it steady. While it only throws single clays, the thrower cycles quickly. The supplied foot press with 25 ft cord allows me to shoot angles by myself. I did have an issue with the thrower but customer service was very responsive and stands behind their product

Hubby now skeet shooting almost daily oftentimes with buddies. Has figured out how to release 2 pigeons at at time, each going in a different direction! Smooth operation, got a portable battery as shooting location too far from his truck to use truck's second battery. Given how many good things hubby and buddies have had to say about this easy to move Trap-ejector, would readily recommend.

I purchased 2 of these and was very disappointed. The clay pigeons simply will not drop and line up in the middle of the main pad of the throwing arm. The machine consistently drops clays to the edge of the arm leading to either the clay pigeon being thrown to the right or falling off of the arm altogether. The adjustment/stop switch used to set where the arm stops are a complete joke. You can never set them at the right point which causes the arm to either continually cycle or stop short. Both machines I purchased do this so it isn't a isolated issue. I'm also not a novice to clay machines, I already had an Atlas which performs flawlessly every time.

The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is that it is awkward to carry...
Assembly and usage is perfect...lots of fun...
Update-10 mo. later , it breaks almost every clay it throws when the arm releases and there is no internet help and customer service is almost non-existent.
I do not know if Amazon will help or appears I am out $250.00

I purchased this for my entire family (really it was for my grandson's BD party, but we use it all the time). It was a little complicated to put together, but once we got it going and mounted on our shooting table, the fun really started! The cord is extra long, so you can operate it and shoot at the same time, and it allows the operator plenty of space to stay clear of the throwing arm. It holds about an entire case of clays, so we don't have to stop to refill all that often. We love it.

 Works great! The only thing that sucks is that is will shoot the exact same spot every time.. I made a homemade ossolating device from a chair swivel, windshield wiper motor and some plywood and it Chuck's them all different directions.. awesome !

This trap thrower works great . I use it about 2 times a week and just before i go to the local trap / skeet club for a bit of brushing up .. i like the fact you can adjust the strength of the throw as it offers a way to get the machine to give you less speed when using it for skeet.. plus with the 25 foot cable you can stand back the whole distance and make trap shooting a bit more of a challenge.. overall its a great product and a fantastic way to enjoy the sport without the help of anyone ..

this thrower took about 15 min to setup. the instructions were great! so far I have thrown about 100 targets and it has not broken a single one! for the price it works great!

this product works great. the foot pedal works perfectly and the through arm sends dicks high and far.

didn't had any other choice than ask for a refund the machine was not able to throw a single target without destroying it at lunch which is pretty bad for a target launcher .
i bought a more expensive version who works perfectly

Hoy probé este equipo, y la verdad, lo recomiendo 100%, de 220 discos que tire, solo rompió 5, lo que se me hace bastante aceptable por lo delicados que son! No necesitas gastar en el wheelybird, esta es tu opción!

Awesome thrower! Really well built. Only concern is plastic plate that holds the cradle rods in place seems a bit fragile. Too bad it wasn’t metal as well. Otherwise it’s great. It really chucks em

Excelente Producto compre 2 maquinas, y las dos me funcionaron perfecto... Muy buena velocidad... Muy contento.. yo recomiendo ampliamente.. Bueno, Bonito y Muy Barato

good trap works well.

Vraiment une machine de rêve

Great machine. Eat setup and does jump around. Well worth the money

Excelentes máquinas y excelente servicio

Excelente Producto

Muy práctico, muy útil, de buena calidad, y en mi opinión a muy buen precio... lo recomiendo ampliamente

Muy buena