Magpul DAKA Pouch Zippered Tactical Range Tool and Gear Bag


  • Designed to bring organization to the dusty, dirty, and muddy world we work and play in
  • At home in hard use applications like tool storage or bulk storage of your reloaded ammunition as well as lighter duties like organizing your personal electronic accessories
  • 550 paracord with heat shrink tubing for enhanced grip, even with gloves; Paint pen dot matrix embossed into body for identification marking
  • Reinforced polymer fabric with anti-slip texture; Welded construction creates permanent impenetrable seals; Carabiner attachment points
  • Small: 6" x 9"; Medium: 7" x 12"; Large: 9" x 13"; X-Large: 9.8" x 16.2"



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The Magpul DAKA Pouch, designed to bring organization to the dusty, dirty, and muddy world you work and play in. Made from polymer infused textiles that are welded on all seams and use a genuine YKK water resistant zipper. The construction methods and materials used mean that these pouches are at home in hard use applications like tool storage or bulk storage of your reloaded ammunition as well as lighter duties like organizing your personal electronic accessories. Although these pouches are not 100% water proof (read submersible…) they will keep your items dry under most wet weather situations making them a great choice for most outdoor adventures.

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This bag is built well. All of the features were executed nicely. The zipper and pull tab looks like they'll hold up to heavy use.

I wanted a bag that I can throw ammo into and take to the range. I wanted something were I can just throw on an outdoor range's table and not worry about soaking up water. Plus it'll help me to easily identify which ammo is mine.

I was able to load up 300 rounds of 9mm and it's filled the bag up 3/4 of the way. This is pretty manageable and wasn't too heavy. Plus it's pretty pliable to be thrown into the range bag without taking up extra space, unlike square/rectangular ammo boxes.

This is a great pouch, held back by a design flaw....

The loop holes should be at the bottom and nowhere near the zipper. Putting them in line with the zipper restricts how much the pouch can open and hence how much it can hold. On the large size (which I also bought on Amazon) this can be ignored given how spacious that size is. However, for the small pouch, the entire space inside is relevant and this is significantly restricted thanks to the loop holes.

Otherwise, the DAKA pouches have excellent build quality, excellent zippers and the heat shrunk tubing zipper pulls are an excellent premium touch.

Perfect! This is going to contain a small first aid / boo-boo kit for my bushcraft bag. I have added two s-biners (in transparent orange) and about two feet of orange paracord so when I need the kit I can hang it around my neck for easy one-hand access. It's just big enough for moleskin, 2x2 gauze, 4x4 gauze, some roll gauze, and tape.

I own 1 XL windowed, 4 mediums, and 2 smalls. Honestly one of the best EDC purchases I've made. Held its own through rainforest, desert, AND Arctic terrain. Not quite water proof but the water resistance is enough to warrent peace of mind in a literal down-pour. My smalls hold my wireless hard-drive and passport offering alittle extra weatherization. The mediums are currently used for ammunition, seasoning, larger electronics, and personal hygiene products. And really all the xlarge is used for is holding phones that are charging when I sleep ( tied to the tree/bed).The only regret I have is that I didn't hold out for the smaller windowed versions. The small windowed DAKA is just the ideal catch-all field item in terms of storage.

I love these, I think I'm going to need to order one of each size in each color. They are pretty much good for anything that you can fit in them (minus food not sealed in other packaging I guess haha). They aren't completely submersible because the zipper is a YKK zipper (good quality). It is very water resistant though and as long as it's not submersed it should remain dry on the inside. These are a good value, I'm sure they will last a long time and serve many different purposes!

Outstanding product by Magpul. I have quite a few of these pouches in small, medium and large. They are pricey for what they are but you will find all kinds of uses for them once you have them and they are made very well. I use some of them for small first aid kits in my vehicles, to put the items that can leak or melt in my carry on, checked luggage or overnight bag (deodorant, cologne, hair products, shaving products, lotions and..…).

I had them sent to my office. I opened them up and showed some of the women in the office. They all liked them because they were "cute" and all immediately thought the small would be great to carry make up in their bags so it did not spill and stain their expensive bags or get on any items in the bag.

Perfectly hides my M&P Shield and extra mag. Toss it on the front seat of the car and no one knows what it is. Or carry in and out of the house without anyone getting alarmed. Also holds a few phones, wallets at the beach to keep dry.

I ordered this item, and paid for expedited shipping as I was leaving town, when I opened the box the. pouch was sealed in the plastic but only half the pouch was in it. There was only 1 side and no zipper pull the corners look like the other half of the pouch was cut out. See attached photos. Returned.

I just love these bags from Magpul. Best quality and can be used for everything you can imagine.

Da dies nicht mein erster Artikel von Magpul ist, hatte ich schon eine Ahnung von der hohen Qualität. Die Tasche überzeugt mit der soliden Verarbeitung und dem tollen Material. Super praktisch für kleine Elektronik Artikel, Kabel, Werkzeug und alles was man unterwegs gut verstaut haben möchte. Gefaltete A4 Dokumente passen auch herein, allerdings muss man dann die schmalere Öffnung beachten!
Die charmante Verpackung rundet das Gesamtpaket ab ;-)

Absolute Kaufempfehlung!

I hope this was a one off. 1 weeks use storing cables and adapters for a trip. Was great when it worked then this. Would not expect this from Magpul and especially at this price

Paid $29. I think they should be a little cheaper, but it is high quality and works well for multiple applications. I use mine for tools and spare mags.

Well made right size, just wish I got a windowed one. I’ll be getting more of these in various sizes

Me gustan los productos que son de alta calidad y también versátiles porque son una buena compra en el largo plazo. Estas bolsas son un ejemplo. Simples, pero resistentes y multipropósito.

Love it, useful, high quality, waterproof...ordered for my husband, but I think I need one too! ;)

Magpul makes a fantastic product and these Daka pouches are no exception , well made and quality materials.

I bought this thinking it would work as a strong document holder but unfortunately the size of the opening is not large enough to hold a letter size page or B5 notebook.

Otherwise great build quality.

well made pouch and great size for a pocket IFAK - holds a CAT gen 7 and 4 inch Israeli Bandage perfect for a cargo pocket.

As with everything Magpul makes the quality is top notch and the design is well thought out.

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simply nothing better for outdoor protection.

Love this product. Keeps the contents dry and clean, built tough. I must have more!

Excelente compra! Justo lo que buscaba