RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses Driving shades For Men TR90 Unbreakable Frame RB831


  • Imported
  • Plastic frame
  • polycarbonate lens
  • polarized
  • Bridge: 30 millimeters
  • 0.7" high
  • 14" wide



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Take Your Sports Routine to the Next Level with the Best Polarized Sports Sunglasses by RIVBOS!

Are you looking for a stylish pair of sports sunglasses with impressive lens clarity that will protect your eyes during all your outdoor workouts?
Look no further than a pair of premium quality, 100% polarized RIVBOS sunglasses.
Specially designed with the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts in mind, these athletic sunglasses are a safe choice for all kinds of sporting adventures.

Superior Protection & Comfort
Whether for running, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, tennis, fishing, golf or motorcycle driving, these active sunglasses offer reliable eye protection from UV, UB, wind, insects and dust.
With their wraparound design that sits snugly and comfortably around the face, these anti-reflective sunglasses ensure they stay on at all times.

A Pair of Sports Sunglasses That Won’t Break
Exceptionally sturdy and well made, this pair of active eyewear features an unbreakable frame, made of flexible TR90 material that has the ability to bend under pressure, without breaking.

Make A Strong Fashion Statement
Who says you have to sacrifice glamour for the sake of sport? These fashionable sunglasses offer a sensational style, suitable for casual wear, as well. For men and women.

Get A Complete Accessories Set
With your pair of sunglasses you will also get:
A durable, hard case, with buckle that you can attach to your belt
A cleaning cloth and pouch, made of the same material, so you can use the pouch as a cleaning cloth, too.
A polarized test card
A headwrap
An instruction booklet.

  • Item model number: RB83106
  • Date First Available: December 21, 2015
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #366 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
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    I drive professionally, 8 hours a day - 5 days a week, and a good pair of sunglasses is essential for me to be able to drive comfortably and safely.

    I was using a pair of sunglasses I picked up at Walmart, but they left a lot to be desired.
    These RIVBOS glasses were an excellent upgrade.

    First thing I immediately noticed was the polarized effect. Without the glasses I could see glaring reflections of my dashboard bouncing back at me off the windshield that made it difficult to see, but as soon as I put on theses glasses the windshield reflections that clouded my view were entirely gone!

    Second thing I noticed was the color tint that these glasses had. Unlike other sunglasses that grey out the sun, or tint it with amber to look like late afternoon, the RIVBOS give my view a slight cool blue tint which is actually much better in my opinion.
    You see, when I used to drive with sunglasses that would darken or amber tint my vision, it would actually make me feel sleepy. A very undesired effect when driving. I think my brain would be tricked into thinking it was night or late afternoon, and I would often get drowsy behind the wheel.
    I've found that the blue tint of the RIVBOS actually had the opposite effect. As soon as I put them on my vision felt clear and I felt alert and wide awake (even at 8am).

    The only knock I have against these glasses is that they feel and look really cheap. In the photos I thought the frames were made of aluminum, but they are entirely plastic. On the bright side, they are super light weight. They are so light weight that they barely even make contact with the bridge of my nose, they are mostly supported by the arms - so no weird nose marks from wearing them all day.

    Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful!

    I don't usually leave reviews. I own 3 pairs of Rivbos shades (different colors - I am not totally nuts) - extremely comfortable and stylish. When one of the lenses fell out and I could not put it back in I e-mailed Rivbos. They promptly responded within hours and asked me for my address and a picture of broken sun glasses, which I provided. In couple of days I received a free replacement. Great sunglasses, great customer service. Highly recommended!

    They look good.

    Love them! They are blue, but the darkness of the glasses does not make you feel like you are in another world, or that you are looking out through... something really dark (haha). It feels like exactly the right amount of protection. They are comfortable, and I have a big head. The polarization is real, they give you a card to check, but I can also tell by looking at a computer screen. If you hold them up to the computer and turn them with the inside of the lens facing you, they will look completely black from a certain angle (~90 degrees).

    I appreciate all the extras they give too! I tucked the strap in my hiking backpack, just in case I need it when hiking. However, the glasses feel really grippy (in a good way) on my face. I use the soft case and cleaning cloth on the glasses daily, and (bonus!!!) use the hard case for my bluetooth headphones (the hard kind that fold up).

    I got polarized glasses because I'm often commuting into the sun, and the glare off my dashboard makes it hard to see. These glasses helped a lot! The glare is barely noticeable!

    The polarization is a two-edged tool, however. I have a hard time seeing my phone screen while wearing these, as the screen is also polarized. Same with one of the displays in my vehicle.

    Also, the rubberized ear pieces have come off. I've re-glued them a few times, but it's kind of a pain when you pull off the glasses and have to spend a few minutes figuring out where the rubber bit ended up.

    I do like the style and color of them, and they've held up really well (other than the ear pieces). I wear them daily.

    I paid just under 20 bucks for these glasses.
    If these are as legit as they say they are, this is a fantastic deal.

    Most of the big name brand sunglasses are all really made by the same company, much like mattresses.
    I don't know the story on these, but considering what you pay for on a single pair of Bausch & Lomb for example, you could easily get a pair for every occasion. I used to avoid all off-brand sunglasses because they did not offer 100% UVA/B/C protection. Those $20 convenient store sunglasses just wrecked your eyes.

    I would love if I could validate the claim on this brand. These report that they do offer that 100% UVA/B/C protection, and are polarized as well. My wife didn't even realize i was wearing new glasses and thought I was still wearing my old reliable Sunclouds.

    + Packaged nicely
    + Look great for the style
    + Wear well
    + Comes with a load of accessories including a hard case (Pictured)
    + Looks very close to other similar styled name brand glasses (side by side in picture: RIVBOS/left, Suncloud/right)

    - screws for hinges are on the underside of the hinge. Hopefully this won't be an issue, i've had other pairs like this without issue but it annoys me.
    - fit is a little generic. they wear well for me but could be odd for others.
    - the optical correctness of the lens feels ever so slightly off at the edges, like there is a slight visual warble. it takes some effort to notice it (like looking sideways and moving/tilting your head around), but if your eyes are sensitive to noticing these things and getting headaches from them, I thought this would be an important thing to note. It could be that they are just different enough from me previous glasses that I am noticing the difference and will eventually get used to it.

    Overall, the cost and protection that these offer is outstanding, so 5 stars.
    The reviews seem to include a variety of styles and models so Please note the pictures. My review is of this pictured pair and so far is the only pair I've purchased, but now i may buy a few different colors/styles to match whatever i'm wearing :)

    exceptional as a rock climber these stay on and are great in every way

    Good quality.Ideal for my golf.great price. Purchased second pair for a golfing friend.

    was an Xmas box for husband

    Not sure how I like the feel on my face, they aren’t fitting as comfortable as I’d like.. they seem to work well in direct sunlight, but not sure how well they will be later in the evening as the sun is setting, they seem to be a bit to dark.... update after wearing them perhaps 6 times I went to clean the lenses and one of them popped out, how is this possible, IM not impressed and would like a new set!

    Disappointed in the boxed packaging. It was pretty crushed, so much so, that the tab closure didn't even fully close. Had it been a gift for someone else other than my husband, I probably would've returned it because the packaging made it look like it came from a clearance item shelf or could've been a return. Thankfully there were no scratches on the glasses itself. I just gave it to my husband without even wrapping it.

    I've been trying to use these glasses for mountain biking in forested areas. The yellow lenses are appropriate for that level of brightness. However, something about them makes my vision suffer. It's like my eyes are constantly trying to focus.

    So far so good. No complaints after a month of use! I use for work so expensive glasses dont get damaged. Comes with a hardshell case, soft case, cleaning cloth and cord/strap for ear pieces.

    Nice glasses comes with hard and soft case and cleaning cloth.
    Polarization could be better but removes the glare which is the most important part

    At first few weeks the glass look great but after wearing it the glass has a discolor which now looks terrible.

    Pour une fois, j'ai de bonnes lunettes qui bloquent les rayons du soleil et qui reposent mes yeux en conduisant. Je vous invite à en faire l'essai :)

    Lenses is starting to peal off. I take super care of these glasses and they are pealing. Very hard to contact company for replacement.

    it was comfy and everythign but broke within 3 months.

    Great price as advertised, but nowhere clear as you would expect for polarized sunglasses. Never wear, something tough to buy online, without trying out first.

    Lentille très macile à grafigné

    Too dark for me.