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  • Easy and effective to use - hang from a branch or pin to your clothing
  • Long lasting and renew themselves in their storage container after the days hunt
  • Primetime Scent Wafer technology makes pure concentrated scent part of the wafer itself
  • Usable for multiple hunts
  • Contains 3 solid Natural Pine cover-scent wafers, storage containers, hangers and pins


Brand: Hunter's Specialties

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  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
  • Product Dimensions : 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 4.97 Ounces
  • Item model number : 01022
  • Department : Unisex-adult
  • Date First Available : September 15, 2003
  • Manufacturer : Hunters Specialties
  • ASIN : B0000AW001
  • Best Sellers Rank: #24,385 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #3 in Hunting Scent Eliminators

I'm not a huge fan of cover scents for deer or hogs. You can bathe in scent removers and douse yourself with whatever, but as soon as you exhale downwind of a deer, they know what you had for breakfast. Working the wind is the real key to success.

That said, I love these earth scent wafers. They smell like working in your garden or planting flowers. If I'm having a busy week and can't get outside, I'll hang one in my truck during my commute. Sometime's I'll put one on my nightstand. To me, it's the most relaxing smell. Yeah, I know it's weird, but I can't be the only one. If you're that guy, like me, get some of these.

My wife walked in our bedroom and yelled, " why does it smell like dirt in here?" Passed that test.

I was bear hunting and attached 1 of the Earth scent disks to my backpack. I meandered my trail and doubled back a bit to set up with a big oak tree behind me and a lot of grass and occasional trees to break up any outline. A coyote appeared on my left about 90 yards downhill and never looked at me once. He circled around like he was doing his hunting circuit and crossed in front of me in the grass about 50 yards away. He circled around me and I thought I would get busted due to swirling breezes. He squirmed through the fence on my side about 70 yards away and just stopped, staring into the field and hills behind me. He never once looked at me or acted like he had scented me. I can't wait to see how it works on bears.

Holy smokes does this smell like dirt! Rich, earthy potting soil. Does it really fool an elk or other critter? I don't believe there is any true way to tell but this does smell like dirt! My hunting buddies could hardly believe it when I pulled out some clothes that had been "marinating" in a plastic tub with these disks. WARNING: the scent is strong and persistent. Since returning from the hunt I washed some items in normal detergent (I wash clothing, prior to hunt, with ALL scent-free) and even after a Tide-like product was used the smell remained. I'm going to wash again in OdoBan and see if that works but I'd only recommend "marinating" clothing that you dedicated to hunting or simply don't care about.

I spent two years as a new hunter getting busted by hogs and deer. I keep Hunting upwind and always sprayed myself down with Dead Down Wind. Then I discovered these wafers. I keep my camo clothes in a trash bag with a few of these wafers and then when I go hunting, I clip a few of these on. One on one of my shoe laces, one on my belt loop and one clipped to my hat and one on my hunting bag. Since then, I’ve never been busted. I’m now going on 4 years and have harvested plenty of hogs and a few deer at 20 yards away, even down wind. Note: I’m in Texas and so I only use the Fresh Earth Scent. Not sure how well the other scents work.

I purchased the scent-a-way bag and noticed it has little pockets that these wafers can slide into and this was a game-changer for me. I put 2 of these wafers into those pockets of the bag with all my clothes and boots in there and within a couple of hours, they all smell like fresh earth. I went all last season without using any cover spray in an area where deer are sensitive to human activity and I always saw deer and they never smelled me. Now I'm saving money on cover spray.

These wafers last a long time. Once they start losing scent, put them back in the container, and pull out another. I can easily go 2 seasons with one container. They aren't expensive and work so well, I'm more than happy buying fresh ones each year with the savings on cover spray.

First off I want say that I can’t believe how long the scent actually lasts outside the container from just one of the wafers. I clip one inside my Scentproof bag with one of the 3 safety pins provided as well as the Fresh Earth scent and soon as I open my bag the scent hits me full blast making my gear loadout smell like an oak tree combined with fresh turned over dirt.

Additionally I keep my loadout bag in the trunk of my hatchback car nearly 24/7 in the cold fall and winter air and I’m shocked the cold hasn’t killed the scent of the first one I put in roughly a month ago considering I’m out in the field nearly every weekend and returning my gear to the bag.

During the rut I used my second water attached to the mid section of my thigh and combined it with a single doe estrus wafer on my other leg to help mask my scent and confuse the deer and keep any residual human scent I have from blowing up my spot and yes I do a no scent shower before I go out and spray my boots and bottom legs down with a scent blockers then spray the bottom of my boots with doe estrus.

A few weeks ago near the end of rut in my area I was out in what became a windy storm with a steady rain. Unprepared for the weather and nervous about the pine I was in from snapping I got down my climber. I decided to scout out more of the woods with my climber on my back and wasn’t exactly stealth moving around the public land knowing I was the only fool out there in those conditions. Needless to say I came within 15ft of a doe and buck laying down together in a small ditch near a swamp and they didn’t even detect me right away. The doe threw her head up and had a stare down with me trying to figure out what I was while the buck still had his head down right behind her completely oblivious to me.... needless to say I lost my shot after a several minute stare down and not moving stealth or slow enough with my crossbow... She booked it and the buck was bewildered for a second why and soon chased after her slow as anything. I’m thinking the doe estrus wafer caught her attention which is why she was trying to figure me out all confused looking. However the fact I was able to get that close quartered with the 2 deer with a climber hanging from my back trampling through briar thorn bushes and fallen leaves is a testament to how good these wafers are at confusing deer. For winter bow I’m making the switch completely over to acorn and natural earth until next year’s rut season... definitely worth the few bucks it is.

I decided to give these a try this hunting season. They have a very strong scent when first opened. Really does smell like fresh earth. I have tried the field spray style before and didn't have any success. This year so far I have had a lot of animals come within 20 - 30 yards so I'm going to say that the scent wafers are worth the purchase. I believe that I will purchase more for next year.

Love these scents, I have one in my hunting tote in car and one with my hunting clothes at home. Even smelling them out of season makes me nostalgic.

Smells powerfully of fresh earth and lasts a long long time.

They smell alright

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