Daiwa Saltist Star Drag Conventional Reel


  • Maximum drag pressure from 17 to 25-pounds, well suited for braided line
  • Built from machined aluminum with an anodized finish for greater corrosion resistance
  • 4 CRBB ball bearings and a roller bearing



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The SALTIST STAR DRAG CONVENTIONAL REELS are designed with the latest trending features, strong yet compact and light. The 6 reels in the series will hold line classes from 12- to 40-pound test mono and are strong enough for braid sizes up to 80-pounds. The drag system can apply as much as 25-pounds of pressure to the spool. Constructed from machined aluminum, anodized for maximum corrosion resistance, these reels are sturdy and durable yet high performing. The true freespool of this star drag system allows for longer casts under a variety of conditions and uninhibited spool pay out is ideally suited for fishing live bait. The 6.4 to 1 gear ratio is fast enough for jigging, yet powerful enough to put big fish on the deck. Competitively priced for a high performance reel, it won’t be long before you see Saltist Star Drag Reels loading up the rod racks of your favorite local fishing vessel.

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Great reel and great price got it paired with diawa proteus wn xhfb rod. Yellowtail killer

This is my new favorite reel
It replaces my Trinidad TN16 and 16A
These cast very well and are of high Quality Very smooth and quiet. I have them in 20H, 30H, 35H, 35P, 40H, 40P I think offering them in both gear ratio’s is a great idea one high speed ( the “H” ) for jigs and a low speed ( the “P” ) for bait/ rockfish...the 35P is my new Rockfish/ lingcod reel the 5.1:1 gear ratio is spot on for this use.... the 35 size hold 375yds of 65# 832 Sufix braid that’s my line of choice it’s quite and easy on your guides and quite strong although you do need to be good at your braid knots it’s slippery line
But the Daiwa Saltist Star line of reels is by a long shot the best bang for the buck....

This reel is 3***'s for this consumer. Using a light jigging 5ft rod, this reel does not have a auto line guide. I find it hard to fight a strong fish and use my thumb to guide the braid evenly on the spool. The reel for a person that uses a convention reel all the time would more likely love this reel. I have Daiwa reels with an auto (retrieving) guide system that spools the line evenly and I prefer that over this reel. Personal preference is all. Reel is silk smooth and drag system is awesome.

This is my second Saltist. I use this for fishing in the New York Bight area, stripers/blue fish and bottom fishing. Nice smooth casting and the retrieve is faster then the gold Saltist 20h I have. The drag is smooth. I use it with 25 lb. mono.
on a 7' St. Croix TideMaster inshore casting rod. I've caught bluefish over 20lbs and stripers over 30lbs on this combo.

As powerful as I need for 20-30 pound rod. Casts very well too. Unbelievably smooth. I chose this over the Shimano torium

Small, Light, And Fast as all heck for its size. I go bombing and burn back the surface Iron in this. Can be used to yo-yo. Used it with an Phenix M1 Inshore 20-45 8’2” and 40lb J-Braid for the job.

Excellent reel. Feild tested today. Super tough fights with huge African pompano and a chubby amberjack. Reel worked amazingly.

First reel I received was used / broken. Amazon was quick to ship me a replacement. Just used the replacement and free spool won’t dis engage properly. I’m sure these are good reels. I must just have bad luck with these. Will order accurate reel once I am refunded