Garmin Striker 4cv with Transducer, 4" GPS Fishfinder with Chirp Traditional and ClearVu Scanning Sonar Transducer & 010-12441-00 Protective Cover for Striker 4, 4CV (Not Compatible with Plus Models)


  • Product 1: Includes transducer for built in Garmin CHIRP traditional sonar plus CHIRP ClearVü scanning sonar
  • Product 1: Built in Garmin Quickdraw Contours mapping software lets you create and store maps with 1’ contours for up to 2 million acres
  • Product 1: Built in GPS lets you mark waypoints, create routes and view boat’s speed
  • Product 1: Bright, sunlight readable 4.3” display and intuitive user interface
  • Product 2: Brand: Garmin
  • Product 2: Part Number: 010-12441-00
  • Product 2: Protective cover striker 4, 4CV
  • Product 2: Not compatible with Striker Plus 4 or Striker Plus 4cv


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Style:Fishfinder + Transducer

Garmin Striker 4cv with Transducer, 4" GPS Fishfinder with CHIRP Traditional and ClearVu Scanning Sonar Transducer and Built In Quickdraw Contours Mapping Software
The STRIKER Plus 4cv fishfinder with a bright 4.3” display and built-in GPS features Garmin CHIRP traditional sonar, Garmin CHIRP ClearVü scanning sonar and Quickdraw Contours map drawing software, which stores up to 2 million acres of content with 1’ contours. The built-in GPS lets you mark and navigate to waypoints and shows your boat’s speed.

Garmin 010-12441-00 Protective Cover for Striker 4, 4CV (Not Compatible with Plus Models)
Our protective cover fits your compatible STRIKER 4 or STRIKER 4cv, helping to keep it safe from the harsh marine environment when not in use. Not compatible with Striker Plus 4 or Striker Plus 4cv.

Product information Style:Fishfinder + Transducer ASIN B0874ZKYNQ

First off this is not a fish finder figuratively speaking this is a fish catcher. I was very skeptical at first to buy. But I was in a jam and needed one ASAP for a fishing tournament. This little beauty works wonders the imagery is sharp the plot Charter is spot-on as well as the waypoints. Put me in the exact spot every time. The screen is larger than I thought it would be. Easy to setup and Peru's menu options. Easy to see in sunlight when it is shining directly on screen no glare. Works just as well in the dark night fishing. Normally I did not use a fishfinder when I went out fishing. I have maybe 7 spots to fish never guaranteed to catch. Now I have over 32 different waypoints each one full of fish. All in all if you are looking for a good fish finder without spending the bank this is definitely it. I have mine mounted on my kayak. And to answer the question yes I did win the tournament 16 fish over the limit thanks to this fish finder.

The Garmin Striker Plus 4Cv with Cv20-TM transducer comes with everything you need to install on your boat or on your trolling motor.

I chose it among other reasons for its low profile for my baby bass & crappie boat. (Sundolphin Sportsman 8.5.) Since you shouldn't drill holes in plastic boats I chose to hang it onto my trolling motor. Unfortunately the transducer was a bit too long so I shoved it back against the trolling motor fin which means it was canted to one side. I cleverly shimmed it out with some pieces of rubber and it's halfway vertical anyway. No matter... It still works PERFECTLY.

Not terribly impressed with the bottom map making feature at this point. However the GPS is NEAT for adding waypoints at choice locations. It's been on 3 outings so far and all is el perfecto.

I have been doing depth finders since the days of the spinning fish flashers. Clever users could actually interpret stray flashes as fish. Sort of. I must say...just a few years ago the technology you get in this little package would have cost hundreds more. It's truly amazing!

One thing I did run into...and this may be just my brain...but it has a "day" and "night" mode screen. You'd think day mode would be the choice for the daytime...but it ain't. I could not figger out for the life of my humble self the other day why the screen wouldn't light up. Could barely see it. Finally out of panic and frustration I clicked NIGHT mode and poof...nice bright screen. All they say about looking great in the sun is correct.

I find I tend to run in the legacy mode most of the time. I flip over to ClearVu when something really interesting scrolls by. Fish don't show up nearly as well in ClearVu, but you can get a hugely better idea of the shape of structures down below. It's fascinating. Combined, it's almost wicked, and cheatful, how much info you can glean from the screen.

The other day I saw the crappie... pulled my minner over them and bammo! Again and again and again. That's the power of a great depth finder. Well, unless you don't like cleaning fish.

You'll also find a surface water temp monitor and a battery voltage indicator. Use the indicator! 12.70VPlus and you're fully charged. 12.2V and you are 50%. At 12V you best head for the put in...You are sucking air at 25%. The thing also tells time. Ha! And that's handy. The GPS mph monitor is great as well. On a speed run test I got my Sundolphin up to 2.85mph on the way back to the take out!

Like I say, I bought it for my play boat. For real big boy bass boats you could use it up front for your trolling activities. One of the best toys I have! Get one. You'll be thankin' me!

I mounted my Garmin in my Hobie Pro Angler kayak. When I move into water less than 8' deep, the depth begins to blink and will not show depth until I move back into 8+ feet of water. I have adjusted the gain and range to every option plus I've reset everything to factory settings. No go. My sonar shows water temperature and it shows the bottom structure. However, that is the only way I can guess how deep I am is looking at the range level. Since I mostly fish in shallow water, this doesn't work for me. I will see if tech support can help because I really want to make this work. For now though, it does not meet my expectations.
Update: checked with Garmin and I had it all set correctly. For whatever reason, it just would not work with a Hobie Proangler.

Sadly, I had to return this finder because the transducer was too large to fit on my trolling motor. This could have been prevented by including a full description of the transducer in the details about this item. I had no chance to use the item so I cannot give a review on any other aspect.

1, The power cable s 4-5 feet long, I need it 8-9 feet long Garmin will not send a longer power cable. Seeing that this is in a open boat in salt water splicing wire on the end is prone to failure. Bad idea. 2. Onwers manual is really 3 small pages of minimal information . If you want an owners manual you have to print off their web site. I have not looked online yet. 3. calling in for support they will call you back in a few hours, with no support or longer power wire.

So I would not recomend Garmin to anyone and I have yet to get it installed or on the water.

I haven't used it too much just yet but it definitely works. The transducer for CV version is much larger (about 6inches overall length) than the normal version (3inches overall length). That makes it a bit difficult to use ice fishing but with a custom made pvc mount it fits through my 6inch hole through 7inches of ice easy enough. I contacted Garmin about the software update section that the other reviewer mentioned and the striker plus 4 won't need software updates, that section of the instructions are for the larger units in the striker line.

I like everything about the Striker Plus, except there's a few things that I'm not familiar with and it would have been nice to have more instructions and illustrations on operating it.

I have not had a chance to field test the Garmin yet. However, I have installed it on my Jon boat. It came with everything need to do so. I powered the unit on and everything appears to work as designed. The screen is actually larger than I expected, which was a nice surprise. The menu seems easy enough to navigate. Can't wait to try it out on the water!

Great fish finder for the money. Compact and easy to install. The articulable base/arm as well as the unit itself are removable from the base plate. The base arm rotates 360 degrees and tilts basically 180 degrees (restricted only by the top or bottom edge of the unit).

There's no card slot, but enough built in memory to store more than enough user built charts, however you can't load preexisting charts onto this unit.

Great depth finder with GPS, MOB (man over board) function and simple and easy to use overall. I think it's lying about all the fish it's finding though.

I love it! Still trying to figure out all the settings, but it definitely works. I can’t believe how clear the Clear Vu sonar is and what it’s able to pick up. Can’t wait to use it for ice fishing too! Seems very easy to use. I wish it came with better instructions though. Other than that I highly recommend.

Only used a handful of times so far but I’m impressed with how much you get from it at an affordable price. The transducer is longer than I expected which leads me to believe it’ll have a better chance at breaking off but only time will tell. I plan on purchasing the ice fishing kit and using it through out the winter as well. All in all it will be a very helpful product. The only thing I would like to see added would be Wi-Fi capabilities so it could be connected to the captain app.

Not what I was expecting at all, it lost bottom once deeper than 20m, doesn’t show fish nearly as precise as it claims. Disappointed with the product decided to return.
Good thing to mention is GPS feature. You can store places, works well on that.

Viene en un paquete muy seguro, completamente protegido , y me llegó 1 día antes de la fecha indicada, ya solo me falta instalarlo para probar que todo esté en orden..