Masterbuilt MES 430S Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker, 30"


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  • Patent-pending custom smoke feature with 5 settings to control smoke time, independent from cook time
  • Bluetooth Smart technology controls cooking temperature and time, power on/off, operates light, and monitors meat temperature from smart device or digital control panel
  • Accessory-ready ports to add rotisserie, side shelves, and more (sold separately)
  • 1 meat probe thermometer included (with capability to support up to four)
  • Rear handle and wheels make moving smoker easy.Change dimension:17.96 x 19.32 x 34.26



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Color:30" Stainless

When given the right tools, anything can be mastered. Designed specifically with the barbecue enthusiast in mind, the MES 430S Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker features innovation both a novice and a pro will appreciate.  Perfect slow-smoked flavor with five different smoke settings of the patent-pending Custom Smoke system. With Bluetooth Smart technology, control the cooking experience from your smart device or digital control panel. There is plenty of room to smoke your favorite foods on four chrome-coated racks, and a meat probe thermometer for perfect results every time.  The handle and wheels add an extra convenience to make moving the smoker easy. Master the art of smoking with Masterbuilt. We believe that given the right tools, anything can be mastered. That’s why we design products to help you along the way, whether you’re a novice or a backyard BBQ pro. We build products to make you proud. Choose your fuel source and start the journey. Try out different wood flavors and seasonings, and create signature dishes that become family traditions. Perfecting slow-cooked ribs has never been easier! Refer instruction manual before use.

Product information Color:30" Stainless Product Dimensions 17.96 x 19.32 x 34.26 inches Item Weight 75.4 pounds Manufacturer Masterbuilt Manufacturing, LLC ASIN B07NQR4D1L Item model number MB20076419

The new MasterBuilt electric smokers are a disaster and the customer support behind them is no better given the rather lengthy and detailed complaint email I sent to the company and their response. Both are below:


To follow is why I am asking for a refund on my purchase of this top-end, latest and greatest MB electric smoker model (MB20077419).

• I’ve been a loyal customer for 5-6 years telling many a backyard griller how wonderful smoking meat is and how easy it is to use MB products
• I’ve owned at least three previous MB electric smokers (two generations), one a warranty replacement for a temperature sensor / motherboard that was not performing properly
• My latest smoker died mid-July when rain got into the electronics and fried them
• I needed to be ready to smoke food for up to 35 people the weekend of Aug 1-3
• I immediately went to Amazon to order a replacement discovering older models could no longer be purchased
• Because of my history above, I jumped into the latest and greatest model believing it would be of great value and performance
• I have been highly disappointed by its performance and it no longer provides the value I had come to rely upon

The following components must be considered a failure when using the smoker:

• Smoker heater stopped and indicated ERROR on the display 3 times in a single brisket smoking session
o Temp set at 275 degrees for 12 hours and level 3 smoke in 90 degree external temperature
o First time cost me at least an hour of cooking time for me to realize it had shut down
o Second time was discovered after returning to monitor smoker every 20-30 minutes
o 3rd time discovered by placing a 3rd party Bluetooth thermometer in smoker and monitoring the temperature for a drop
o I had to unplug smoker to reset and start heating again
o Estimated cost of 2-3 hours of cooking time on the brisket causing my dinner to be served late

• Masterbuilt iOs app / Bluetooth connectivity
o Would constantly drop connectivity between app and smoker
o Bluetooth technology is line of sight / connection would drop as soon as I would enter the house
o This made Bluetooth range less than 10 feet
o Leaving me unable to monitor smoker (see above) unless I stood right next to it
o Would consistently take 3-4 attempts to re-establish connection
o The Bluetooth pairing upon selecting button on smoker would not be immediate and would not take more often than it would connect
o The overall app is very rudimentary, not reliable, and yet hard-to-use (quite a feat to pull off)

• Wood chip volume is triple what was needed with previous models / Smoke levels does not really work
o Perhaps to you this is just an inconvenience but not for someone who was owned two previous MB electric smokers
o Regardless of smoke setting (1-5) any amount of wood chips would be gone in 30-40 minutes
o Noticed that the wood would sit right on top of smoking element – a curious design decision
o Placing chips into the smoker box required I wear a heat resistant glove because
 The knob to open the smoker box could at times get very hot (especially if there was any flaring / fire created)
 Throwing the chips into the smoker box required my hand to be far too close to the “door” and touch it at times which could cause burns
 I tried to use wood chunks with little change in outcome
o Previously, I could go up to an hour or more with the old MB smoker
 I had also purchased the smoker attachment which allowed for up to 3 hours of continuous smoke in one load
o I used far more chips than at any time before
 Therefore my associated cost of smoking food has increased – perhaps significantly


• Smoker box will flare into fire upon door opening
o I’m clearly being told that opening the smoker door leads to flare ups in the smoker box
o This was not an issue in the old MB smokers
o There are times when there is wood in the smoker box and the door needs to be opened
 For instance, spraying briskets with liquids
o Fortunately, per above, the wood is used in 30-40 minutes
o But this feels like going backwards from a feature available in previous MB smoker units

• New interface is confusing
o I’m a tech guy and pretty smart; I even read instructions
o I still had a terrible time without the manual in front of me, figuring out which combination of buttons to press on the display to establish heat settings
o I came to rely on the app - but see above discussion regarding the app
o And even the app took me some time to figure out how to actually get to the settings to be able to set them

• Water pan getting dirty quick
o The water pan is now a single component
o After a day of cooking brisket, the entire pan was covered with burnt drippings
o That burnt drippings are very difficult to remove
o It’s large and takes much effort to clean
o I can foresee in two to three weeks that it will look rather unclean despite all my efforts to keep it clean
o And I can imagine your answer will be to purchase the drip pan accessory

• Unit build / initial set up
o It took me between 3-4 hours to build the unit out of the box

Based on the above, I believe this unit was rushed to market without much in-the-field testing. And any correction likely requires resending a unit. Given the time it takes to set up, I’m not sure I’m interested given the effort required.


Thank you for contacting Masterbuilt Customer Support. We are sorry to hear you are having these issues. Any refunds, returns or exchanges must be completed via the origial retailer in accordance with their return policy. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Updated again:
Amazon agreed to let me return the smoker due to the initial damage and the lack of assistance from the manufacturer in resolving the issues. I did incur a 20% restocking fee and then the cost of buying a new box which, I lost about $150.

UPDATED: Do not buy!!!
After about 3 months, Masterbuilt has not honored sending the replacement parts, which I was told would be a few weeks. I was now told "maybe" another month.

On top of that, I tried to use the smoker, for the second time, and it says "Er r2". Read the other reviews (440S and 430S), it's very common. So now this goes into storage as it's fully unusable after less than 3 months.

Do yourself a favor and look for something else, this smoker has significant quality issues at a premium price and Masterbuilt needs to sort these out. Additionally, if they are going to sell a product, they should have spare parts to support it.

Original Review:
I had a similar issue as the other reviewer where the door had significant dents on the outside and inside as there is no additional packaging to protect the smoker within the box. Additionally, the door wasn't really snug/closed within the box and the sensor/push button, which tells the smoker the door is closed, had broken off. Without this, the smoker won't pair with my phone or fully operate without the door being told it was closed.

I called Masterbuilt and they said they would ship me a new door and sensor, however a month later it's still on backorder.

The wheels are not the large ones as shown in the one picture which was disappointing. I store mine in my shed so it would have been nice for moving it through the grass. Instead the back legs have small caster-like wheels that don't move as easily through grass.

I have only used it twice for smoking (once seasoning), but so far, I like it more than my previous Masterbuilt smoker (which I had to throw away after only 3 years, due to electronics failure). It's really nice having the separate heating element for smoke vs. heat. What I didn't realize as well is that you can only use the different smoke levels for wood chunks, not chips- but overall the function seemed to worked well. The additional meat probe feature (up to 4) is nice but they seem to be a non-standard size so you might have to buy the Masterbuilt ones. The probes go through the cabinet which stops them from getting in the way of the door. Overall design seems much better than my previous model and I am hoping the electronics don't go on this one like the 340 and they addressed that issue- especially at this price point. The one feature I wish it had and liked of other brands is WiFI connection- bluetooth range is too short.

I ordered this product with the hope of receiving a product in good condition and ready to be assembled and utilized. I had seen several reviews saying that the product was delivered damaged, to be exact damage to the smoker door it’s self, I was horrified to find the same issue with my smoker that was delivered today. There are several dents in the door of the smoker on the hinge side there is also a dent on the smoker is self hinge side that prevents the smoker from sealing when you close the door. This was far worse than my initial concern which is still a concern that the product says it comes with wheels for easy moving but the wheels were not in the packaging. I am returning this product in the hope of getting a new one in good working condition no dents and with the wheels that it was advertised with.