Rapiddominance Heavy Weight Field Bags


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  • 100% Cotton, Canvas
  • Military Specs
  • 100-Percent Cotton Canvas
  • Overall dimension: Approx. 10.25"W x 10.5"H x 4.0" D
  • Total Volume: Approx. (350 cu in) (5.7 L)
  • Brass buckles and rivets


Brand: Rapid Dominance

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The Military Field Bag is an authentic military bag for carrying your personal items in a safe, secure and unique way. The sturdy canvas is strong yet flexible. A front flap covers three of the pocket and is held closed by hook and loop. There are a total of 4 pockets: Front pocket, Main pocket, Small zippered pocket within main pocket and Back pocket, hook and loop closed. The front pocket is great for holding maps, tickets and any other items that you may need quick access to. The main pocket is large enough to carry everyday items, including keys, bottle water, MP3 player, etc. The small zippered pocket is great for holding important items, such a coins, passport, etc. The back pocket is useful for holding any item that you may need quick access to. The strap is fully adjustable and the 2" width makes the bag comfortable to wear. Antique brass details are used on the strap, which not only look good, but also adds to the durability of the bag.

Product details Color:Olive
  • Item model number : R34-BLK-p
  • Department : Mens
  • Date First Available : July 22, 2010
  • Manufacturer : Rapid Dominance
  • ASIN : B00DR7H5EC
  • Best Sellers Rank: #447,149 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #401 in Hunting Backpacks & Duffle Bags
    • #18,471 in Women's Handbags, Purses & Wallets

Just received and opened the item today, anything that could rust did i.e., a small chain on the dog tag. Also, any other metal shows signs of corrosion due to moisture. It just concerns me because mildew can compromise fabric, and weaken it. I'm going to keep the product because I need it for my work. I don't want to go through the hassle of returning it. It did not smell bad or like mildew. There was a moisture absorption packet inside (so they are trying). Somewhere along the distribution channel, this item was not stored properly. I have one just like it, but it's worn out after using it rigorously for about a year. Nylon, would hold up better, but I do like the canvas feel. In addition, the layout of this bag is well thought out, pockets, pocket size and locations, etc. When I opened it, I did not get that feeling of a fresh and new product. All of this being said, I would buy the product again due to its usefulness via my needs.

Rapiddominance Heavy Weight Field Bags, Black

The bag I got is as seen in the photo. I loved it at first except for that it sheds profusely! Everything within my bag was always COVERED with tiny black, fine fibers. These fibers got into everything, including closed Chapstick. I dealt with that, Tho found it very irritating. Then recently I noticed that the stitching along the bottom side, about an inch long, was undone. I don't know if it came like this or if it had unstitched with use. Now over the past couple weeks, the bag has been ripping along the sides where the straps attach, which looks like shredding on one part of it. The bag is falling apart and I haven't been using it for very long! It seemed like a heavy duty bag but I've had basic bags made out of thinner fabric hold up better, with years of use! I will see if I can get some photos to show you what I'm talking about, as far as the bag but I'm no longer using it so I don't have it with me. I will upload some photos of the black fibers I'm talking about. Note that I have recently washed the top of the lotion so these black fibers have accumulated in a small about of time. The black fibers on the hand sanitizer have had longer to accumulate. I would not recommend this bag and would not buy this bag again.

When I got my bag, I liked it. It easily fits my iPad, a keyboard, a Kindle, and my 3DS (albeit not much more than that.) It looks good. It's reasonably sturdy. It would have been five stars if the review ended there.

Nope. There had to be a downside to this bag.

As sturdy and reasonably good looking this bag is (and it IS handsome, especially for the price I paid, although unfortunately, it's no bigger than my mother's purse) I started noticing that there's a lot of black dust on my iPad, which has a white edge.

Yup, since the bag has no liner, the canvas just dumps the black lint from it right onto whatever is being carried in it. Some dust even got onto the Kindle, which actually has a cover magnetically attached to it. Oops.

Maybe I'm being harsh. Maybe it'll all go away if I washed it (apparently I'm not supposed to actually wash them by submerging it fully in water, as it loses its strength--good to know) or if I decided to wax it. What's really upsetting, though, is that this is the only type of bag there is for this type of design, and I would actually have paid extra dollars for it to have a lining that doesn't shed.

At this point, I don't think it's worth returning it. That's silly.
I do like the design of it, and it is pretty sturdy, so I'll try and find a way to stop it from dumping black lint all over my things.

I love this bag. I'd been looking for an everyday bag that wasn't too huge, wasn't too expensive, and, most importantly, would hold my Kindle Keyboard easily. Most purses I looked at I liked but they were too small, or else they were big enough but I found them ugly or overpriced. This simple field bag fills the bill perfectly. I had previously bought a Rapiddominance messenger bag to use for carrying my 15" laptop, and I'd liked that one a lot, so I was pretty sure I'd like this smaller bag, too.

It's very sturdy, and even empty, it stands up on its own (some have reported that their bags are floppy and of lightweight canvas; this hasn't been the case with mine). My Kindle fits in the main compartment easily with plenty of room for other things, such as sunglasses, credit card wallet, hand lotion, etc. My bill & coin wallet fits in the zippered pocket inside the main pocket, but I carry a "taxi" style wallet which is quite slim; a larger wallet with a clasp-closure coin compartment and many card slots would not fit. I also put a pair of "emergency" earbuds in the zippered pocket, and could fit a few other small, non-bulky items.

There is a front pocket in front of the main one, under the flap. I keep my keys and keyring store discount cards in that with a couple other small items. The pocket is deep enough that I don't worry about the keys falling out. I've even slipped my smartphone in that pocket with no problems.

The velcro that holds the flap shut is heavy-duty and long enough to hold the flap closed very securely. The rear pocket, which also closes with a strip of velcro, I find handy for slipping receipts, outgoing mail, and other slim items into.

The strap is nicely wide and heavy-duty, but not too stiff to be uncomfortable. It adjusts to fit well either over the shoulder or across the body. The brass fittings seem quite sturdy to me.

This is a very nice alternative to a purse, particularly if you need to carry a fair amount but don't need a full-sized messenger bag, but it would also work well as a "man-bag" for a guy who needs something to tote his tablet or ereader and other stuff, but doesn't want something that looks like a woman's purse. It could also be personalized with decorative touches if you're a crafty sort.

My sister liked my bag so much, she bought one for herself, also in khaki, and plans to buy another in black.

I am not sure whether I would use this bag if I still commuted by subway in a large city -- because of the velcro closure on the flap, it would be theoretically possible for someone to raise the flap and grab something from the main pocket -- however, I think it would be okay if worn cross-body and with the flap towards you (and also, don't carry it in a press of crowds with the bag behind you -- keep it in front of you if you're packed like a sardine in a can with other train riders).

I love this bag, recommend it highly, and would purchase it again. This bag will NOT fit most laptops, but tablets should fit fine. If you're looking for a bag big enough to carry a laptop (15" or less), then check out the larger Rapiddominance messenger bag.

reseña del 2 de agosto.

añado este comentario un mes y cinco días después de q adquirí está bolsa pues ya se desbarató
y por completo se descocio, se hizo pedazos. además mancha cualquier cosa q le metas, la tela se hizo horrible como si estuviera dañada por efectos del sol, la tocas y se razga horrible, no la recomiendo en lo más mínimo. le sale polvo negro y te manchas cuando metes las manos dentro de la bolsa, no sé si pueda exigir un reembolso

reseña del día q la recibí el 27 de junio.

Esta bien la bolsa pero lo q no me gusto es q las hebillas q tiene a los lados q sujetan la correa paacolgarte la bolsa vienen medias oxidadas no la regreso por que no afecta tanto pero si deben de tener cuidado con eso

I had purchased this bag once before and it was amazing. It lasted over two years with everyday use, but I eventually had to say goodbye when the threads wore bare around the straps. I was pleased to find it was still being made; however, it certainly isn't the same. The differences were immediately noticed when the new one arrived, first when I was greeted with a strong chemical smell, then by the half-rusted zipper and strap buckles that left a reddish residue on my hands and anything else they touched. Additionally, there was an excessive amount of black lint and fabric "dust" inside all the pockets, including the one that is zipped shut, and it managed to coat anything and everything that went in the bag. A really good rinse and three months later and I'm still finding black gunk on any items that go in the bag. On top of that, the inner edges started fraying within the first week, adding loose threads to the decaying mess. Overall, the bag is on it's last legs and I haven't even had it half a year. I think it's safe to say I will not be ordering another once this one bites the dust - or chokes on its own.

Comfortable to an extent where it is often forgotten that it is being worn.

Zippers can stick sometimes, however the price is indicative of that.

Sufficient organisation for my needs.
Drink bottle, notepad, phone, wallet, keys writing utensils and a DSLR with spare batteries and memory cards and room to spare

Fantastic Velcro, almost to a fault.

Good size and strong material.