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The RCBS RC Supreme Master Kit 9354 ammunition press made by RCBS is a top of the line ammunition press. The reloading presses & kits manufactured by RCBS make a great addition to your gun-smelting workshop.

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  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 10 inches ; 2.2 pounds
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  • ASIN: B00T9YKW60
  • Item model number: 09354

When I bought this kit I was new to reloading and got this based on a recommendation from my reloading instructor. However, after a little experience I've found these are not the items I really needed. The RC Supreme press is absolutely awesome. I also use the powder drop and case load block. But instead of the scale provided, I found a digital scale easier to use. I also bought carbide dies which make the lube unnecessary. I found a different priming tool better (Frankford Arsenal), and bought caliber specific loading books instead of using the book provided. The quality of the kit is terrific, but just be sure you really need / want the items contained in it.

I've had this press for about 18 months now and run about 2000 rounds through it. Mechanically, it's awesome. It works consistently and accurately, and plays well with other manufacturer's dies, though some hornady shellholders are tight on mine. The powder measure is ok, but you will need the baffle to get any kind of consistency out of it. The balance is slow and tedious, though extremely accurate. The kit would be better with a digital scale for starters. The hand primer tool is pointless in my opinion, as it is faster and as just as accurate to use the priming arm on the press. Changing out the shellholder on the hand primer is likewise slow and tedious. The only benefit to using it I can figure is priming away from the bench, like watching TV. Honestly, I would rather have gotten a case trimmer instead. The hand tools all work fine. A primer pocket brush would have been nice. Is it worth the money? Sure, but buy just the press and the accessories you want, instead of a grab bag of things you don't.

I got this one because of the rebate that came with it. Well after two months after I submitted my information and this is what I got back:

Thank you for participating in the Bucks Or Bullets Program. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request for the following reason(s):

A copy of the receipt detailing store name, completed payment and shipment of eligible productsdated between the start date shown on the form and the end date shown on the form is required.
Thank you for your interest in this offer.

As long as the offer is available, you may resubmit online.

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I love that last line how can I resubmit after they take down the rebate and the deadline past.

Don't get me wrong, the product is great and no issusss with that, just the rebate process sucks. And as usually no one to call or email.

So now I am out the rebate. Thanks RCBS.

This kit is a great value, the powder thrower and press alone make this a great deal. Press will last a lifetime

This isn't my first purchase of reloading equipment and I have had formal training so take this review from that perspective.

Press: I've never used a Dillon but aside from that this is right up there. Negative would be changing the primer arm size if you prime on the press. Also the primers tend to fly around randomly when decapping vs the Lee press that reliability deposits them in a little tube. Quality is equal to the Hornady that is to say heavy and supurb. -0.2 stars for the priming functions.

Dispenser: as good as any I've used. I have an electronic powder measure for max loads, but for cowboy or Target this is fine.

Scale: it's a little touchy. Also the major scale is in five grain increments which takes a bit of getting used too. If SHTF and there was no power this would be ok but for now I'd recommend an electronic scale.

Hand primer: best I've used hands down. A bit complicated to set up but much better than the Hornady.

Book: unless you are really in to Nosler this is terrible. Hardly any pistol loads, limited powder, limited bullets. Stinks. Two stars for vaguely interesting articles on several calibers. If this is your first kit grab a Lyman manual with it.

The misc other items included are nice to have and adequate for the purpose.

I sold my Hornady L-n-L single stage and picked up the RCBS RC, then I install the L-n-L conversion bushing. The RCBS RC is heavier and sturdier, but its not as ergonomic. Overall I'm happy and would not go back for my purpose. If you are not reloading large difficult to resize cases, the aluminum Hornady it great and maybe a bit cheaper. The Hornady kit comes with MUCH better powder measure, the RCBS only sells the better powder measure by itself or in the master kit (not in the regular or deluxe kits).

Very good tool set, it needs a few items like dies, case trimming, measurement and a case cleaning system too, then you should be all set for reloading. IS IT WORTH THE INVESTMENT???? I think so... it's fulfilling to be able customize for specific purpose and you can save about 60% on rifle reloads.

This kit got me started reloading. Even now that I've added a lot more tools to my bench I still use pretty much all of these from time to time. You will need a more informative reloading guide. I suggest lyman

I needed a good single stage for precision reloading. I bought this kit since it wil MOSTLY set me up to start reloading.

Quality 5/5
The press is a beast! Same with the primer and powder throw. The press is heavy and is easy to manipulate. Im not crazy about the primer catch. Only press better than this i find is the coax.

Price 5/5
The best thing to do is get this near years end when they have the buy green get green promotion. 175 off 500. Search other prices on amazon as well. Its 300.00 as we speak.

I'll probably use everything here..even the scale. Unless you buy a gempro those 40.00 scales wonder off quite a bit. The funnel isnt the greatest.

If you think this kit is a one stop shop..it isnt. You will need calipers, dies, case machining tools but you probably all ready knew that. This kit will save you alot of money and will setup the novice to experienced reloaders money

Time to get tight groups

RCBS makes a great, well built, solid product. Easy to set up, easy to follow instructions. If you are looking for a reloading set you will not be disappointed with the RCBS.

High quality product. Very well built and arrived ahead of scheduled delivery date.

Le produitest arrivé intact et en très bon état! Je suis impatient de commencer à travailler avec mon kit!


resivi mi kit de recarga en perfectas condiciones y me llego antes del tiempo estimado , recomiendo ampliamente este kit