TRUGLO Replacement Fibers .060X5.5 Optic, Multiple


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TRUGLO 5.5" replacement pack includes: red (1), green (1), yellow (1), ruby red (1) and orange (1).

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  • Item model number: TG05

Great product! I'm a machinist so I did measure them with a micrometer and they where a tad small. They measured .0585. I'm sure within spec. I drilled with a #53 drill bit (.0595) and it was a perfect fit.

Also, for anyone using these, they definitely were more vibrant when I sanded smooth with 1000 grit and buffed BEFORE melting the tip for the flare on the end to keep them in the mount. It made a noticeable difference.

Fit my Springfield-Armory XDs perfectly. Very well made so that you don't have to get extensively close to the filament to balloon the tip and lock it in. This is better because you end up with a much cleared filament in the end. Of the set of colors, green is by far the brightest. The orange is the dimmest. Red trails green only by a little and the others are just a mix between the red and orange in the power.

Simple installation, simple working. First remove the old one by cutting it some how and pulling it out of both ends. Be careful to not destroy your front sight because it will look bad! We don't want that. Next, use a flame or heat source to balloon the bulb slightly at the end, at this point, I didn't cut anything off. Be careful to NOT touch the filament to your heat source or it will cook the inside of the filament. This will cause clouding, and that basically means that light will not travel through it, and rather than an fiber optic that gathers light and sends it to the ends, you are looking at green plastic sights. Don't do that. After you balloon one end, slide the whole filament, still uncut myself, into your sight hole. Mark a small amount over the edge of the sight mount. I used about 2 mm or so, it doesn't have to be large, just enough to provide material that will fill the whole once ballooned. You can score the filament at that point, then remove it from the sight. Give it a little more cutting in the score and you should be able to bend and snap it at that point. A flat cut is most unnecessary, when you heat that side it will just round off anyway. Again, not touching the filament, reinsert the filament and balloon the second end, thus locking the filament in place. If it has a little wobble, apply ever so much more heat and do so patiently, or just let it go. Finally, look through the filament and ensure it is bright and not clouded. Then, you are done!

Oh, and I didn't say to clear your weapon to start this thing, but if you don't do that and end up dead, you really shouldn't have a weapon in your hand anyway.

I used this to add fiber optics to the front sight on my Walther PPK/S .22 with a suppressor. With the suppressor, you basically have to sight "through" the suppressor, and the black sight can get "lost" in the black suppressor end. The front sight is plastic, so it was easy to drill the hole and cut the light window. Turned out nice and works great. This kit has enough rods to do plenty of sights, and having different color options is nice so you experiment with different ones for different guns and light conditions. I also used some on my Sterling MK-IV with an aftermarket sight. Really helps make the front sight more visible.

I had broken my front fiber optic sight on a shotgun and needed a replacement. This truglo package was inexpensive and included 3 colors. Each color is a long strand that can be used for several sight replacements. They are easy to install, check youtube for any of the short instructional videos. I used a lighter and it worked fine. Any easy gun repair without having to pay a gunsmith!

Took all of 3min to install this replacement optic into my lovely sidekick (judge public defender poly). Fits perfectly and so much brighter than stock. It's ladies night at the range and I can't wait to try it out.

Correct size for my Walther PPQ-22 5-inch barrel 22LR. .060 light pipe replacement.
Note : I tried to flare the end with holding a flame NEAR the end of pipe...Seemed to deminish the brightness as the end doesn't stay FLAT.
I found that cutting as straight as possible and then using a FLAT soldering gun tip (on low setting) to lightly touch the end (Multiple light touches) to slightly flare...gave me the best results.

These replacement fibers worked like a charm on my M&P Pro. Simply cut off a piece that is slightly larger than your sights, hold a flame to one end to form what is essentially a knot in a rope, then perform the same action on the other side. It's basically like sewing but instead of tying a knot on the end of the thread, you're melting an end of the fiber rod to form a blockage.

Last time I took my 1911 out I ended up losing the fiber optic bar out of the front sight. After some research found the correct size and Truglo was the fastest/easiest replacement. You get a good selection of colors with enough length to replace the sight many times with whatever color you choose. Bar installed fast and melted down easily.

Good replacement, fits my M&P 9 front sights.

Great product easy to install and nice and bright.

Exactly as expected, they are a good product


Very good product. Very easy to replace old fibre element

perfect for CZ 75 SP-01


All Good and arrived on time