Touch Screen Running Gloves for Men & Women - Thermal Winter Glove Liners for Texting, Cycling & Driving - Thin & Lightweight Warm Hand Gloves - Touchscreen Smartphone Compatible - Super Grippy Palm


  • KEEP RUNNING: Cold mornings shouldn't keep you from your run. Crafted with a reinforced nylon/spandex blend, these running gloves add a nice layer of warmth without the bulk. These athletic gloves fit...well, like gloves—snug and flexible. Use them on their own in the fall, or as a liner for thicker winter gloves.
  • TOUCHSCREEN READY: Swipe, snap and send messages in a flash with these reliable texting gloves. The touchscreen-enabled finger and thumb combo work exactly like your own fingers while keeping them warm and toasty. Use smartphones, tablets, car touchscreens and other mobile devices without taking the gloves off.
  • FORM-FITTING PERFORMANCE: These glove liners deliver form-fitting performance without sacrificing dexterity. You hands will move naturally thanks to the 4-way stretch fabric. Nothing will slip through your fingers thanks to the super grippy silicone dots. Grip your phone, bike handlebars or shovel with confidence. You’ve got it handled.
  • VERSATILE SIZING OPTIONS: Choose from 3 sizes to get the right fit and grip: X-Small/Small (fits most women), Medium/Large (fits most men), and X-Large. Please refer to the sizing chart to find the right fit.


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  • Made with premium abrasion-resistant fabric that withstands everyday use.
  • 4-Way stretch fabric stands up to long-term use and won't lose their shape.
  • Hand wash and air dry for best results.

Lightweight Touchscreen Gloves Liner

  • These athletic gloves fit …well, like gloves—snug and flexible. Perfect on their own for cool weather bike rides, or to add an extra layer of warmth under your favorite gloves or mittens.

  • The moisture-wicking fabric keeps your hands clean and dry during your workouts.

  • The embossed silicone pattern makes these liners ideal for holding your phone during daily activities.

  • Touchscreen Ready - Swipe, snap and send messages in a flash with these reliable texting gloves.
  • Made with a nylon/spandex blend, these form-fitting glove liners are easy to put on or take off.
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These are great gloves with a variety of uses especially at the low price. So far, I have used these in 45 degree weather during a 3 hour bike ride. The gloves are comfortable and kept my hands warm so I didn't experience numbness or pain despite the longer ride. I would recommend these mostly for above freezing temperatures or only for lower temperatures for shorter durations.

The grip is a nice feature as gloves usually have less grip than your hands so it makes these gloves easier to grip and hold things compared to most gloves. The gloves do work on a touch screen, but they are not the most responsive. I can start apps like pandora or exercise apps for tracking, but I wouldn't want to do something more complicated such as texting with these.

Overall these gloves have a lot features for the low cost. As these gloves were an improvement over the last touch screen gloves I bought in terms of comfort and usability, I would especially recommend these to runners and cyclist looking for a low cost touch screen glove option. I also use these as my daily glove as well so they can be used as sports and/or general gloves depending on the temperature.

Bang for your buck. I ordered this the day the winter storm hit the southeast. My area got 10 inches of snow (unheard of in the south)! These gloves were shipped so fast. Got them in 2 days so I'm able to use to them in the snow. Took them for a spin - works great. A lot of people are complaining that its "not waterproof like it says". Well duh dummies. Read the materials. That is not waterproof material, BUT it is water resistant! The snow doesn't stick to the gloves and does not seep through thus keeping my hands nice, warm, and dry. My sister has similar gloves that she got for $16 so I'm really happy I only got these for $9. I ordered the size small (tiny hands like Trump). Only con is that the finger tip of the index and thumb are a little bulky at the seam, but thats honestly not a big deal to me. Touch screen works fine (I am still able to take pretty photos in them), they keep my hands warm, out the snow and dry and thats really all I need out of a pair of decent gloves.

Thin but warm. Wore these things while doing nighttime and early morning photography in Utah National and State Parks in temps at or just below freezing. Never felt the need to put on a much heavier extra pair I had just in case. I was able to use the cameral controls and navigate through menus with virtually no problems. Using my smart phone screen was effortless. These gloves are a good bang for the buck.

These gloves are great. Exactly what I wanted. They are not gloves to keep your hand super warm, but they allow flexibility, mobility of your fingers and does add some warmth to it. It allows me to do almost anything without much of an issue while wearing the gloves. The most important thing is that they fit. I have big hands and hardly find gloves that fit, and I have no fitting issues with these gloves. Works well with cell phone too. Highly recommend.

Ordered these a size smaller than I’d wear, on purpose. Few things are more frustrating than attempting to use your gloved fingers only to find the length of the glove protrudes so far beyond your actual finger that to grasp an object is made difficult. As the tip of the glove folds and crinkles, it prevents you from finding the object you seek to grasp. I did the right thing. These gloves fit, well, like a a glove should. Consider down sizing a tad and allowing the natural stretch of the glove fit to form. These are comfortable, warm, streamlined, take up little space in the pocket, and allow you to actually use your fingers.

The fit, range of motion, flexibility is my main reason for an other pair of gloves. Though not a sports person I needed a pair of gloves that fit the demands also for sport use. I’m a law enforcement & 1st Responder Chaplain who needs a awesome grip, “fits like a glove fit” additional warmth than my driving gloves when running Code 3 to an Incident. I took a gamble by buying internet without trying on. I’m throughly impressed beyond my expectations.
Thank you for your dedication to customer service and feedback.

I give them two stars because they fail for me as an electronic device controller. (Yeah I changed the rating midway) The gloves are fine as gloves. They are warm. They fit fine. I bought an extra large because of reviews. They run a bit smaller but I could have easily worn a large. I'm a guy with medium sized hands, so yeah, maybe they do run a tad small but nothing ridiculous. I like the grip coating on the palms, they help pick up stuff and hold stuff. I like the material they are made of and like I said they are warm. I guess I'll change the rating to three stars because they are "okay." The fail is on the finger's ability to be recognized on an electronic screen. I bought a different pair of gloves that are from Croft and Barrow. The tips of several fingers have a woven coating on them that allows screens to react just like to your fingers. Outstanding. These gloves index finger has a sewn in ridge in them. If you hold your finger just right and put your tongue sideways, sometimes the screen reacts, sometimes it doesn't. Frustrating. The price was good and I'll use them for gloves and in an emergency I can use the screen. Of course in an emergency I'll probably take them off. Your mileage may vary but I doubt it.

They keep my hands warm and fit great. Good for trapping in body heat and keeping the cold wind at bay. Really great product for the price. They fit very good and I like the snug thin feel of them. The ability to use touch screen devices works well with these. Don't expect to be typing a paper but I was able to get in and out of things on my phone with no problem. I would like to make an important note in purchasing these. I had read a number of reviews before buying and am glad to have taken the advice a few people gave about buying a size short. I have big hands but my fingers aren't long and I hate gloves that leave space at the end of the finger. I went with the M/L size instead of the next highest and am glad I did. They are stretchy and fit me perfectly with no finger space at the end.